Important Message from Raoul Pal

Published on
17 November, 2018
9 minutes

Important Message from Raoul Pal

Featuring Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision, explains the exciting new changes to our video platform and how this new approach will help us further democratize financial information and allow you to easily find the content that’s personally important to you, whether a seasoned or budding investor.

Published on
17 November, 2018
9 minutes


  • F

    Floyd .

    4 12 2018 22:21

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    Raoul, good overall message and I appreciate what you are trying to do but please continue to focus on quality as well as quantity.
    Also please don't emulate the CNBC ,talking heads,game show and useless banter formats. I have been a subscriber for some time and have noticed and appreciated your willingness to try new things and focus on continuous improvement please continue that journey.

  • TC

    Ted C.

    27 11 2018 09:08

    2       0

    Raoul Pal please promise that as you guys get bigger your quality content stays that same and that is professional's "honest" opinion of the industry and markets. The bigger you guys get, eventually all your guests have to be even more careful to watch their wordings in interviews for all kinda of reasons, that may lead to the possibility of the standardised for the mass opinions like CNBC or other current media news that provides a glimpse instead of insight to current finance and economic events. Gotta balance this well Raoul!

  • MR

    Matt R.

    27 11 2018 04:52

    0       0

    What about doing an edited short version of the in depth interviews. I know its not perfect and ideally one would invest the hour to listen and learn from these Jedi’s but thats not often practical. Love real vision but I’d like to see snap shots of the interview series. I’m not a trader so the fast trade ideas dont really apply to me. Great work guys keep pushing forward. Batman

  • TJ

    Tracy J.

    25 11 2018 08:41

    0       0

    Thank you, Real Vision team.

  • AS

    Andrew S.

    22 11 2018 17:47

    0       0

    As always, Raoul the man.

  • DF

    Dominic F.

    22 11 2018 11:26

    0       0

    This is Brilliant Raoul and much appreciated.
    Your goal of Democratising the Financial Media and offering people the chance to better understand it is very noble and generous.
    Thankfully old structures are breaking down and change is here.
    People out there know something isn't right and soon it will hit them hard.
    Now they will have an amazing resource to turn to in order to help them better understand what is happening around them.
    All News is Economic News :-)

  • GS

    GRANT S.

    22 11 2018 01:46

    1       0

    I have been with RealVision since the start....It has given me the leg up over my peers in every metric. Introduced me to Cryptocurrency in 2014 and because of that I have been directly involved with 3 major blockchain projects (DASH, PIVX and now VEIL. RealVision has been the catalyst that taught me that #1. People are the key #2. The guests and hosts all want us to succeed and #3 Their guests are real people. .....This platform has been an equalizer. I will remain a lifetime subscriber.

  • CS

    CMC S.

    21 11 2018 23:01

    2       0

    10 thumbs down for this message? Really what did you disagree about? That is the best mission statement i have heard in finance for a very long time. Raoul and Co and the IEX - guys Brad etc showing the way.

  • TR

    Thomas R.

    21 11 2018 20:12

    0       1

    Ok, so where is all the new content? Or have I just become a member to see you letting a lot of freebies in, so that you could make an extra buck?

  • RR

    Ralph R.

    21 11 2018 19:37

    0       0

    Thank you for presenting the content and profile. I am a novice investor, "Babyboomer with no money/Capital"
    Did not have exposure to Capital Investments in a 3rd. World Country. Willing to learn, I am very interested at looking at Crypto Currencies.

  • CW

    C W.

    21 11 2018 16:00

    1       0

    I appreciate you sounding us out on what's coming. Your idea of 'democratizing' financial content by offering parts of RV for free on numerous platforms is laudable and makes sense business-wise, as a great marketing tool to get more subscribers. On the latter, if only the consumers of the free content know how much they are missing, not least the nuggets of wisdom to be found in the comments by RV subscribers after each video ... :p

  • CG

    Christine G.

    21 11 2018 05:07

    0       0

    Can I email this message to my niece and brother who might be interested in this web site?

  • ss

    sid s.

    21 11 2018 03:48

    0       0

    good for you man. America needs financial literacy. my full support. tell Grant I really enjoyed his grey wolf presentation..

  • FS

    Fernando S.

    21 11 2018 02:38

    1       0

    New layout on the website is much less usable for me, personally.
    Still waiting on the ROKU app.
    Definitely dropped Adventures in Finance after the switch.
    Not a finance professional and never have been / will be, but I liked the 'classic' content much better than the stuff that's been added.

  • HA

    Heikki A.

    20 11 2018 19:28

    1       0

    You should have cut the chase on the free content. I think everyone gets the need for free "business card" content to establish yourselves.

    The 1st bit sounded like the typical corporate BS of giving bad news wrapped as a good news.
    You didn't really have bad news yet you had me waiting for the "BUT..." until the end. You brand is kind of cut the BS, stay "on brand" with these announcements. Good luck with the mission and the business.

    Your friendly subscriber

  • JG

    John G.

    20 11 2018 16:53

    0       0

    I am so happy with what you have done with Real Vision since I first subscribed to the Real Vision idea before there was anything to watch. It was my high respect for Raoul and Grant that gave me confidence that this service would be great. I am very excited to what the future of Real Vision will bring. Congratulations to all who work at Real Vision.

  • LS

    Leo S.

    20 11 2018 09:09

    0       0

    love Raoul

  • KD

    Karl D.

    20 11 2018 07:19

    0       0

    lol great story Raoul.

  • JB

    James B.

    20 11 2018 03:27

    0       3

    Hope you will cover crypto currencies and block chain development.

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    20 11 2018 03:17

    1       0

    Great golf anecdote Raoul. Thanks for the explaining the exciting new changes to RealVision and success!

  • JM

    James M.

    19 11 2018 23:52

    0       0

    Nice one guys! As a weathered financial professional its great to hear there will be more content for people starting to want to think about making their own financial decisions. I always encourage friends and family to own a part of their investment and economic decisions by asking questions like where are we in a business cycle? and how does behavioural science play a role in my decision making? Introducing them that lighter content would really help. Shows like the knock-on-effect are fun and clever ways to just question how things are all interconnected with that global macro overview and practice first principle thinking. Looking forward to referring more future realvisionaries !

  • RA

    Robert A.

    19 11 2018 21:20

    2       0

    Raoul has previously given these much appreciated updates when RV has revised their strategy. One of RV’s strengths, IMO, has been to experiment and tweak their growth plans based upon the loyal RV’ers feedback. I have no idea what RV is going to look like in 2-5 years time, but am firmly convinced that the RV founders, based upon our continuous feedback, will put forward an amazing product. In RV I trust.

  • PC

    Philip C.

    19 11 2018 20:20

    1       0

    Sounds good. I certainly think it wouldn't hurt to provide for less experienced investors by having presentations on things like how capital markets work, or how to evaluate companies as an investor, or how to avoid common investment pitfalls.

    It would also be nice to see more women interviewees, in what is clearly a male-dominated industry. How about asking Gwen Preston to do an in-depth presentation on how to evaluate mining companies. Maybe have Pippa Malmgren back again, too.

  • CB

    Chuck B.

    19 11 2018 19:41

    5       0

    I’ve found RV to be one of my top learning experiences. I’m very grateful for the knowledge you bring to those of us who are more looking through the window of investing than sitting in the room of investors.

    I also want you to know that I’m pleased my subscription is going to help fund what I’ll refer to as “scholarships” for a broader student base. The world doesn’t need more experts. It needs more knowledgeable people. Thank you for that.

    All the best to everyone.

  • WM

    William M.

    19 11 2018 17:13

    1       0

    Very worthwhile and ambitious mission! I hope you accomplish it all!

  • KP

    Kyle P.

    19 11 2018 17:00

    1       0

    what i look for from Real Vision is the gym experience as opposed to the golf one. There are usually huge dudes walking around, and mostly willing to offer assistance when asked for, jump in with a word of warning where safety is an issue, and give a word of encouragement because they know the work involved.
    thanks Raoul et al. and keep up the good work.

  • WM

    Will M.

    19 11 2018 14:59

    2       0

    Who were the 3 thumbs down folks who didn't appreciate a great update to a great service?

  • RJ

    Ryan J.

    19 11 2018 14:38

    5       0

    Great job Raoul. I'm also rubbish at golf, so the analogy was not lost on me ... Totally support your plans to broaden the service (and diversify the content) for new audiences. But hope you can 'double, triple' the scale of RV without compromising on quality. Netflix is not a good benchmark for this, given the amount of "original" content they produce which is average at-best and rushed through production. I love the insight we get from Druckenmiller, Sokoloff, Bannon, Mervyn King, Mark Cuban, Scott Galloway, Jim Rickards etc etc and really hope the Series C funding is invested first and foremost into scaling-up this segment of the service, so as not to sideline your core followers... some announcements around this would be great. Perhaps some 'coming soon' trailers ...?

  • LH

    Lloyd H.

    19 11 2018 13:35

    4       0

    Love RealVision and happy you are growing, just one thing as you ramp up your viewer numbers please don't say we are going to end up viewing adverts?

  • SS

    Sam S.

    19 11 2018 13:33

    8       0

    Like Steve S below, I too jumped on the $997 lock for 3 years and now it's $180/$540!!? Also was a charter member but not really after payment issues not from my end. I dropped Macro & Think Tank as it just didn't change or up my view/understanding on investing or trading. Trade Ideas are dangerous when the presenter already has a invested position in the sales pitch and like listening to Jim Cramer---late to the party. Golf is the toughest game out there and relates to every day life. I grew up on golf since a child and th kind of people saying those negative things were never tolerated. But back then people were more gracious. Would you quit the financial world if someone said the same thing about your efforts in finance or building RV TV? The only easy day was yesterday. If the outside media world gets a hold of RV TV, it's doomed and then polluted. Young people will be totally confused. It's damn hard to put together/understand all the components of finance in the first place and they're constantly changing. Maybe add an Educational Series on how to start, what's next, then lastly how to grow oneself in the financial world. How to manage a money manager, how to keep up on regulation, how to protect principle, etc. On the Bright Side----the incredible effort and personal touch by the founders is friggin awesome! Idea conception to reality then to success is a monster task. The subscribers are super intelligent and way above my pay grade. I learn a lot reading comments. Would have loved as an early member to have participated in the future returns by RV. To be honest, I feel like a mole on Marilyn Monroe-----I'm just happy to be here!

  • RS

    Robert S.

    19 11 2018 13:20

    13       0

    All I really needed was Adventures in Finance. Unfortunately, Adventures in Finance has changed. It's now called "The Knock-On Effect" and instead of a former industry insider talking to current industry insiders we now have a couple of financial journos who are doing their best but they aren't as credible. They've never managed other people's money and for all I know they don't even manage their own. I've no reason to listen to them, so I come here hoping to find something relevant to me, but not at all sure what I should spend my time on. RV is a real hit and miss experience for me. I humbly suggest that adding yet more content is not what you need to do. Bring back the real Adventures in Finance and put it in RV if you don't want to give it away.

  • SL

    Socrate L.

    19 11 2018 13:14

    0       0

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us Raoul. I fully agree on avoiding being an exclusive club. Being a Finance professional myself, I want more people to understand our field and share our passion for it.

  • AL

    Andrew L.

    19 11 2018 13:13

    1       0

    Please don’t water down the value your current subscribers love in the effort the produce more content. I understand as a business the need to scale and grow, but when advertises get involved, businesses start to pander to them. I am a huge fan of what you guys do. I wish you could support and grow the business through continued subscription model, but understand your ambitions. Keep the good stuff coming.

  • tc

    t c.

    19 11 2018 11:06

    2       0

    thumbs up no. 434. After a few months of RV tv. i realized I don't have to watch everything to get my money's worth. As long as content is relevant to my needs I'm hooked because you guys do it the best. But I hope trying to be all things to all people doesn't stretch you too thin. I'm planning not to continue Think Tank. It's just too much macro, Different sources but same story over and over. If Raul says a big change is coming to it I'll hang in there. My one big suggestion. Build up a tech channel. Rv has missed so much of the cloud, big data, IoT, robotics fintech, sharing . It should be a regular feature. I think it's where your young audience is working.

  • MW

    Matthew W.

    19 11 2018 09:53

    0       0

    Woooooooo!!! Great shirt, i was expecting a beer assistant at the end to hand you a beer!

  • CL

    Charles L.

    19 11 2018 09:49

    3       0

    Thanks for the update Raoul. Fully in tune with RV's financial democratisation goal. I've been with RV since 2015 and the evolution has been fantastic. One thing sticks out, at least for me, above everything else in your content, and that is Grant Williams. All considered, to me he is the main source of knowledge and provides the highest quality content on the platform. For instance, his interviews on the Exchange (i.e. with Simon and Dan as the broadest possible scope in finance one can get), his Master Class with Jim Rogers and his Conversations with G.Williams series are to me the absolute core of your content. Just throwing out my view in the hope of this core being maintained, not even needed to grow in order to maintain the quality :)

  • JA

    James A.

    19 11 2018 02:36

    10       0

    Hey Raoul + team,

    Few recommendations (for what its worth):

    * A volume control would be useful vs just a mute.
    * The new version makes it harder to hover over a video and obtain the quick synopsis before clicking. Be great to have this back.
    * A recommended list based on viewings (a la iPlayer) would really help lead others to uncover some of the fantastic content that is on the site, but from a few years back.
    * There has been some excellent content on trading and charting (PLB, trade ideas). If you were able to do similar for fundamental equity analysis and macro it would be really great content for opening up the content (and educating) the younger masses.
    * Some deep dives into HFT, Quant Investing (how it works, who the players are, how it impacts you as an investor and trading on exchanges) could be some insightful stuff. The presentation Steven Bregman did on ETFs was excellent example of this.

    Thanks a lot for the product so far. I have been in finance front office for 18years but find I am still learning from RV. Best James

  • KC

    Kenneth C.

    18 11 2018 23:38

    2       0

    I just hope we dont see the wonkier, in-depth interviews dont disappear for the more stylistic video material thats grabbing but light in content. Thats going to be tempting and if you hire from the other content providers, theres going to be a real chance that it seeps in. I still think the universities is a great subscriber universe. My son is home from IU and hes upstairs reading Barrons, Ed Yardeni, etc., services provided to him by his school.

  • SH

    Stu H.

    18 11 2018 21:07

    2       0

    It's the right thing to do, everyone has to start somewhere. I spend years scratching my head trying to understand what all the financial jargon meant in my quest to be be a better investor, it was simply overwhelming and frustrating listening to the professionals speak, I'd have appreciated simplified content aimed at beginners as i learned and built up from there. Fortunately I stuck with it and have a reasonable understanding these days, thanks in no small part to being a RV subscriber from the very beginning, you guys got me into macro, I love investing with the big picture in mind, I'm sure my kids will appreciate it even more.

    Thanks again and don't forget those who were with you from the start!.

  • PT

    Patrick T.

    18 11 2018 19:19

    0       0

    Your golf analogy rings so true for me...we were all beginners once and everything can be learned. Thank you,

  • KE

    Kathryn E.

    18 11 2018 19:05

    0       0

    Great ideas guys!

  • ph

    peter h.

    18 11 2018 18:41

    0       0

    Well done guys! This is awesome. Free content is a great idea to bring your message to the world (and will likely get you a ton more subscribers!)

  • JZ

    Josh Z.

    18 11 2018 18:17

    2       9

    I’m glad you find yourself approaching the Jim Cramer approach at long last. He’s much ridiculed on this platform by many members but offers just as good as advice in a more engaging fashion for less.

  • JD

    Jeff D.

    18 11 2018 16:10

    0       0

    You guys rock. Full power!

  • BC

    Bryan C.

    18 11 2018 15:44

    0       0

    Awesome vision, Raul. I love the work you are doing. Keep it up.

  • MP

    Maxim P.

    18 11 2018 14:56

    2       0

    I don’t know about others, but I mainly consume the videos on your app. And the iPad version is sorely lacking some TLC. I see that you’ve introduced new comments functionality on the web version, but the app comments are still sorted by date (and the thumbs up/down at the top of a comment is odd). Also, if I download content for later use on a plane, I can’t seem to sort by date downloaded. Similar to the search function. Otherwise, the videos are fantastic - particularly the past few weeks. I am still waiting on your opinion of the Bannon interview!

  • PD

    Peter D.

    18 11 2018 13:55

    15       0

    Democratizing? Maybe. But one implication of the broadening RV content has been a move away from the truly independent thinkers. We haven't seen much of Martin Armstrong, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Simon Hunt, Harry Dent, and their like in a while. Even Grant Williams' two best pieces of work, - his presentations at the Stansberry Investment Conference during the past two years, weren't rebroadcast on RV. In the past, the edgier guys kept the RV bulls honest. They'd also provide healthy counter-narratives to the Bassian/Banonian China-bashing. Suggestions? Haven't seen Bill Bonner, Erik Townsend nor Spengler (Asia Times) yet. Getting Gromen and Johnson back a little more often (possibly as an interviewers) might also work. Gee, criticizing is so much easier than doing!

  • DG

    David G.

    18 11 2018 11:39

    3       0

    I love the golf story! I've been there.......... I have also loved every minute of my time watching RV. But I do worry with all your fund raising through VC's etc.. that you may become biased/influenced in the long run, how do you go about protecting your independence?

  • RS

    Richard S.

    18 11 2018 10:13

    0       0

    Real Vision is fantastic! Thank you Raoul & your team for your wonderful work!

  • BT

    Brian T.

    18 11 2018 04:41

    0       0

    Great stuff Raoul & team!

    Thanks for the heads up on the RV transformation.

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    18 11 2018 02:10

    1       0

    Ie. A business with a social mission rather than having profit as its main focus. Wow, what a trajectory you guys are on! Glad to be a part of it!

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    18 11 2018 02:09

    2       0

    I love this concept Raoul, especially in the sense that you are really scaling RV to make it a financial education tool, which seems so vital these days. It is becoming more of social business - ir. a

  • DI

    David I.

    18 11 2018 01:43

    0       0

    Awesome Raoul, love your work

  • AW

    Austin W.

    18 11 2018 01:37

    0       0

    you're 8-)

  • AW

    Austin W.

    18 11 2018 01:37

    3       0

    Raoul, your a boss. Just don't become a sell-out.

  • WB

    William B.

    18 11 2018 00:20

    0       0

    Great strategy! I can now tell family or friends “Go watch RealVision” on their streaming device for free to get started on the financial learning curve.

  • SJ

    Sophie J.

    17 11 2018 23:51

    0       0

    I like the addition of subtitles

  • RK

    Robert K.

    17 11 2018 23:18

    10       0

    I understand the motivation to grow. But of course, I am afraid there will be a push towards entertainment because of that.
    I've subscribed to all the three of your products as an early adopter with the hope to get deep actionable ideas.
    The crowd is already entertained enough with CNBC and similar gambling channels. They do not want and I honestly think the do not do not seek depth.

  • GO

    Gary O.

    17 11 2018 22:53

    3       0

    Raoul, Please don't ever sell out. It will be the end of REAL Vision, the one place where things are REAL.

  • AP

    Alfonso P.

    17 11 2018 22:35

    0       0

    Peter V you are rigth, trying to please everybody is something I want to see if it works.

  • GT

    Guillaume T.

    17 11 2018 21:24

    2       0

    Straight In! I've never been a big fan of golf either.

    Just as a note, I know it's a pain and time consuming to get updated on all those platforms, but it will be great to get "playlist" and "My shows" available as well on our phone (if not already in the todo list tasks)

  • TB

    Tim B.

    17 11 2018 21:19

    0       0

    Nice touch on the sort dropdown add. I'm sure everyone will like that. (Perhaps that was added a while ago, I've been incognito for a while.)


  • jd

    john d.

    17 11 2018 19:50

    18       0

    One suggestion with the new format ... previously when I scrolled over an image for a show, a little summary of what it was about would appear and I could decide if I wanted to watch it or not without any further investigation ... you have eliminated this feature in the new format. Now, I need to actually click on the Show and be directed to it before I can see what the Subject Matter is ... this, IMO, is a backward step. Cheers John.

  • DS

    David S.

    17 11 2018 19:38

    1       0

    Well Played! Thanks for sharing your vision. It is easy for me to give you carte blanche, as RVTV team has always moved the ball forward. Although finance is the major emphasis, RVTV provides me with a lot better understanding of world politics and economics. Love the worldwide interviews and the comments. Keep up the great work! DLS

  • CQ

    Colin Q.

    17 11 2018 19:24

    2       0

    Firstly, great explanation. Both in terms of the what and why. Secondly, completely agree. I’m a learner and would appreciate some context sometimes. We can all learn from each other via comments. More content. Same price. What’s not to like?

  • PU

    Peter U.

    17 11 2018 19:17

    2       0

    love the golf analogy

  • MG

    Michael G.

    17 11 2018 18:59

    4       0

    Clear and transparent strategy update. The Netflix of Finance?

  • KA

    Kristian A.

    17 11 2018 18:15

    2       0

    Raoul - nicely stated and genuine update. Let’s grab lunch next time you are golfing in pebble beach ;)

  • TD

    Thomas D.

    17 11 2018 18:14

    1       0

    Brilliant plan. Well said. Here’s to your continued success. Thanks, T

  • LM

    Lawrence M.

    17 11 2018 16:58

    5       0

    Wish I could invest in you guys. Unfortunately, I'm not accredited, nor meet the financial requirements....

    The Investors Podcast is something I stumbled on, for free, years ago. From their free content my interest in finance was sparked, I heard your Real Vision add and there goes history (one of the best decisions ever). My point...I'm sure that without a free service I wouldn't have taken the step to a paid service. Real Vision has been enormous, I'm so thankful I found you guys. I think it's great that novices will have an easier time getting drawn into something this important, with you as a resource.

  • PG

    Philippe G.

    17 11 2018 16:40

    0       0

    Great stuff Raoul & Co...keep up the great work!!

  • SS

    Steve S.

    17 11 2018 16:39

    5       2

    Real Vision provides great content no question.

    But...It is time someone called out Real Vision for what I would say is some disgraceful marketing/business practices.

    In Mid-2017 Real Vision subscribers were offered the opportunity to become ''Real Vision Partners' and lock in a 3 year membership for $997USD before they were going to go up to $597USD per year. I stupidly leapt at the offer and took it. I have saved all of the emails that were sent out.

    Yet, now Real Vision memberships are $180USD per year, Think Tank is $365USD per year.

    @Real Vision and Raoul Pal. How are you going to make it up to ''Real Vision Partners'' Giving us free access to Think Tank would be a great start

  • MM

    Mike M.

    17 11 2018 16:21

    0       0

    Thank you for the info on the journey. Much appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • as

    andrew s.

    17 11 2018 16:02

    1       0

    Yes Raoul that is why i deleted my tweet to you about preferring the old format !

  • YB

    Yuriy B.

    17 11 2018 15:58

    1       2

    Raoul, great message! But what the heck is going with your shirt? I'm all for dressing down (I'm a physician and am grateful to wear glorified pajamas at work every day) ... but "Gas Monkey"? When I see someone wearing words on their shirt, I assume they are branding themselves a certain way. Thankfully, you see fewer people these days using their clothing as large "Abercrombie and Fitch" billboards. Just curious what "Gas Monkey" means to you? Care to elaborate?

  • as

    andrew s.

    17 11 2018 15:57

    2       0

    At first i did not like the change of format so thanks for clarifying your reasoning, makes more sense now.

  • DD

    Darrell D.

    17 11 2018 15:54

    4       0

    Two things you can't find anywhere else in the financial media. Clarity and Sincerity.

    Thanks Real Vision!

  • JQ

    Joseph Q.

    17 11 2018 15:50

    0       0

    Please Keep the in depth content going! It’s the only place you can get it. As for access to everyone you should go buy Cheddar and have a platform to launch a tv channel.

  • BM

    Barry M.

    17 11 2018 15:49

    2       0

    Great stuff ! I am particularly pleased to find out that you can be crap at golf but still successful in the business world, I have the "crap at golf" bit covered, I believe RV will help greatly as I tackle the other bit, many thanks !

  • SH

    Steve H.

    17 11 2018 15:07

    4       0

    Really clear explanation. Thanks for caring enough about your subscribers to spend the time explaining where you're headed. I'm confident about very little these days, but I do believe you guys are onto something and will succeed. Good luck to you all.

    Incidentally....I've got to admire the cojones of anybody prepared to deliver an eight-minute monologue to camera wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with 'Gas Monkey'!

  • JG

    Jory G.

    17 11 2018 14:21

    1       0

    Two comments: WOW! and Yea!!!

  • MR

    Mathew R.

    17 11 2018 13:56

    0       0

    Very happy to see you guys expanding and seeing some success.

  • YB

    Yair B.

    17 11 2018 13:25

    2       0

    Hearing Raoul talk, saying things like this, I just don't understand how it's 2018 and something like this doesn't exist yet. You are creating something that should have been created long ago. Thank you for interrupting the business of financial knowledge!

  • JB

    Jason B.

    17 11 2018 13:05

    1       0

    Great Work Raoul and RV Team....Keep it up....

  • MF

    M F.

    17 11 2018 12:37

    1       0

    Raoul...congrats on the expansion...anything that broadens your foot print, increases your attributes, grows your company and its content is a good thing. RV is the best value for money product out there in this field. If you are going to further widen the audience, that is fine and true to your mission, and if so, I would then agree with Brendan J's comment below about perhaps rating the level of content like beginner, intermediate, advanced so people can focus on the level of discourse suitable to their level of understanding, given you will be broadening the audience and its content to be even more inclusive. Also love the golf story...I am terrible at golf as well (but good at tennis), and agree with your experience of the irate golfers, like the are the sole owner, and never understood why golfers are so impatient/angry about wanting to play through...its not like they are trading FX on the course!...(apols to the friendly golfers) keep up the great work!

  • XP

    X P.

    17 11 2018 11:31

    7       0

    Hi Raoul,

    Thank you for all the efforts to make RealVision accessible to everyone. The level of access that you get with RealVision is spectacular and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.

    After subscribing to RV for a few months I decided to give a go to Thinktank with a 2-year subscription. It is ok but it is currently a bit empty there. It seems like you have been focusing a lot on tv and macro insiders, so could you give us a quick update on whether you are also working on improvements in thinktank?

    Thanks again,


  • MS

    Max S.

    17 11 2018 10:35

    1       0

    Excited to see the new content, I am sure the quality will remain as good if not even not better! Thank you for all the work you have been putting in in order to improve the platform and increased content

  • MS

    Matt S.

    17 11 2018 09:44

    24       1

    Well.... I know Raoul! How about a 10-part series really explaining macro, such things as interest rates, bonds, yields, treasuries, how they all interrelate and how they affect the stock market and the world economy at large!

    A way to introduce "young people" like myself (cough cough) to the larger more in-depth topics, so we can actually have a chance of understanding them?

    PS - Druckenmiller was on RV? I had no idea.

  • BJ

    Brendan J.

    17 11 2018 09:33

    13       0

    Indeed, it's good that there's entry level stuff on RV, I wish I had access to this growing up.
    I do see people complain in the comments when something is too beneath their knowledge, perhaps there needs to be some indicator of how advanced something is? - like College course numbers or something....?