The Safe Haven from Stagflation

Featuring John Butler

John Butler continues our Commodities series with The Safe Haven From Stagflation, exploring the logic of holding defensive commodities to guard against economic decline in the course of the business cycle.

Published on
22 April, 2015
Monetary policy, Hard Commodities, Soft Commodities
13 minutes
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  • DP

    David P.

    20 7 2015 10:18

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    Excellent commentary on the developing stagflation and how to best manage it. John's style is concise, cogent, and information-dense. Thanks for having him as part of your regular presenters.

  • DF

    Dominic F.

    28 4 2015 00:40

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    It is great to watch these videos and get a theme. What is clear is that no--one has the answers, esp the 'when'. But there are definite themes that connect these people who understand capital flows.

  • CY

    C Y.

    27 4 2015 21:06

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    Concise, well thought out, actionable. Great piece...

  • JW

    John W.

    26 4 2015 13:54

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    PS..E.G., How to invest in PMs, GLD.? If so when to exit, etc etc

  • JW

    John W.

    26 4 2015 13:52

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    I echo Maurice.....dont pull punches, its vital that rv speakers not come off as simply talking their book or steering new clients to their fund, not suggesting john is doing BUT..

  • GW

    Grant W.

    26 4 2015 07:49

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    ..not everyone will like or appreciate every piece we do and we understand that, but there is tremendous value in getting smart thinking from people who understand their corner of the financial world

  • GW

    Grant W.

    26 4 2015 07:48

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    Joel, we read every comment. All we are looking for on RV is 'smart'. Not 'bullish'. Not 'bearish'. We are agnostic and leave it to the viewers to take what they can/will from the wisdom on RV....

  • JC

    Joel C.

    23 4 2015 08:53

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    i'm sure the guys at RV don't let these comments influence them too much ..i am paying for insight and thoughtful content that i dont see elsewhere matter whether i "like" the conclusions or not

  • SP

    Steve P.

    23 4 2015 07:13

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    An RV gem . A well thought out presentation, concise and with clear audio. At the end we ask "did I learn something from this?" The answer to John Butlers videos so far is an unambiguous YES

  • MA

    Maurice A.

    23 4 2015 06:55

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    I enjoyed it and much better camera framing on this one.

    Would like to see suggested investment strategies. E.g., how best to go long agricultural commodities.

  • BD

    Bruce D.

    23 4 2015 02:59

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    Clarity of thought is a beautiful thing, great commentary and thoughtful discussion, thank you!

  • db

    don b.

    22 4 2015 18:48

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    If only commodities were priced based on a price signal due to supply -demand. But as we all know commodity pricing is controlled HFT goons and the banks in collusion with the "Deepstate" Yawn

  • TL

    T L.

    22 4 2015 18:34

    2       1

    so good, bring him on!

  • LP

    Lynn P.

    22 4 2015 17:13

    14       1

    Hardly worthless. The best investment is a bad one you don't make. This guy is cogent and informative.

  • BB

    Brian B.

    22 4 2015 16:36

    15       1

    Too many secrets revealed! Damn you Real Vision! That was brilliant! To Jeronimo: you have no idea the value of the info just giving here. As they say, you can lead a horse to water...

  • AD

    Anthony D.

    22 4 2015 16:22

    6       1

    Brief, to the point , well worth the time watching

  • JP

    Jeronimo P.

    22 4 2015 14:40

    6       29

    It's a shame we've had to sit through these 98% pointless market updates lately. At least we got our moneys worth with Kyle Bass, John Burbank, Mark Hart and Alex Gurevich. Oh well. Patience.......