Understanding the Real Value of Gold in Today’s Market

Featuring Greg Weldon

Greg Weldon of Weldon Financial shares a special edition of Weldon Uncensored with Real Vision where he discusses the real value of gold in today’s market.

Published on
17 August, 2016
Financial System, Monetary policy, Gold
34 minutes
Asset class
Bonds/Rates/Credit, Commodities, Currencies


  • JF

    John F.

    30 10 2016 00:59

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    Maybe the surge in metals in the first half of 2016 is just to give relief to commodity producers who are on the verge of bankruptcy. And, maybe we shall resume lower gold & commodity prices as the Stock Market corrects into a bottom target of March 2017. Watch the Australian dollar fall also at that time.

  • DR

    Debra R.

    23 10 2016 08:37

    1       0

    Greg absolutely nailed to gold/silver call. Very impressed.

  • SS

    Sebastien S.

    6 10 2016 05:35

    2       0

    The buy moment is coming closer. Consistent forecast with gold at 1264 as I write.

  • SS

    Scuba S.

    30 8 2016 01:04

    1       0

    Greg comes off as the Eddie Van Halen of investing. Love the rapid fire presentations or maybe it's the hair...

  • SB

    Stewart B.

    29 8 2016 20:14

    0       0

    Great work. Hope to see more of Greg's research and analysis.

  • MB

    Michiel B.

    24 8 2016 17:38

    1       0

    Watched this a second time.. love Greg's analyses. Just spot on! One of my favs on RV.

  • RO

    Riskis O.

    22 8 2016 19:30

    1       0

    funny but logically informative

  • DS

    DAVID S.

    22 8 2016 10:14

    0       0

    cool and straight forward. Loads of insightful information . Greg, what are your bets on Shorts in your spread with gold(and Silver)?

  • AE

    Alex E.

    22 8 2016 02:08

    7       0

    To the whiners who don't like Mr. Weldon's style, go back to CNBC! This is the best you'll find anywhere. Good for pros and rookies both. If your a rookie, there are plenty of websites that will help you learn what Greg is saying. For my money, I'm very happy to have Mr. Weldon school me on whats what financially! Best money ever spent...

  • M

    Mark .

    21 8 2016 20:08

    2       0

    I like Greg’s delivery / style. You just have to freeze the video every so often. The last time he broke down GDP his delivery made it way more interesting than anything I’ve ever heard.

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    21 8 2016 03:56

    2       0

    Love the 2x speed option; perhaps a 0.5 option for Greg's Videos?

  • KE

    Kenan E.

    20 8 2016 13:13

    4       1

    Hey guys, I think Gregg is great. BUT IMHO he should go A LOT slower, that would make the videos even greater. If you have a chart with 5 to 8 lines on it PLUS a big chunk of text above you cannot expect your viewers to get all that information in 3 seconds. Especially if Greg is talking at the same time and giving EVEN MORE information on the audio-track...


  • TM

    The-First-James M.

    20 8 2016 06:51

    2       0

    Greg, you rock! Thanks. :)

  • CL

    Chewy L.

    19 8 2016 13:46

    4       1

    Would be nice to see actionable ideas in a time horizon as opposed to broad bearish views

  • GA

    Greg A.

    19 8 2016 03:08

    2       0

    Love you information and data Greg. Now just help us retail investors make some money so we can subscribe to your service. :)

  • SM

    Sergio M.

    18 8 2016 22:53

    2       0

    What I would give to be mentored by Dave Floyd and Greg Weldon. They both so elegantly give you fundamentals plays combined with the technicals in "easy" and understandable fashion.

  • DH

    Dale H.

    18 8 2016 22:38

    1       0

    Great! I enjoy all of Greg's presentations. Like how he often ties his information with great visual themes. Good for showing family members. He is passionate and never boring.

  • AH

    Andreas H.

    18 8 2016 22:29

    2       2

    Gee, there is no equity bull left on RV (and the S&P just made one ATH after another)! I am bullish on Gold too, but stocks and gold move up together (look at 2003 - 2008 and 2008 - 2011) as long there is no recession. Central Banks only chance is inflation and they will do everything until they get it to deflate debt. Only then they will be able to rise interest rates. Until then asset prices (e.g. stocks) and hedges for inflation (gold, bitcoin) will rise. The US Economy is relative strong and will be very strong due to a strong generation Y, and big time innovation forces. As long there is no recession (and it is not here even all the 99% bears at RV said it would be in 2016!!!) US Stocks will outperform! I am Long since Feb Stocks and a small hedge with bitcoins and I am up 30%. Nevertheless kudos to everybody, who really grabbed the bottom on gold and is up the 150% on the miners!

  • LV

    Luís V.

    18 8 2016 22:21

    1       0

    Breathtaking! Great Job! Hope to get those DKZ.

  • SR

    Steve R.

    18 8 2016 02:54

    13       1

    Great piece Greg. I've been following Greg's for a while now and he really knows his stuff! Ignore it at your peril! Keep up the great work Greg, just love the way you present!

  • JD

    Josh D.

    18 8 2016 02:23

    12       0

    One of the best on rv at giving actual actionable advice

  • CH

    Calvin H.

    17 8 2016 23:33

    7       1

    Harry, it must be your first Weldon Uncensored? Or your just the sensitive type. You risk filtering out good advice with your superficial bias.
    I've tried Weldon's service and agree with another that it is too professional for me. If I was trading full time, maybe I could digest 1/2 of it. Wish there was a Weldon Lite version. Really appreciate the DKZ prediction. Hope I can convince my dad and brother to buy some miners. Thanks RVTV

  • AK

    Anthony K.

    17 8 2016 22:27

    3       2

    Basically, the video version of the audio version he just did a couple weeks back for his subscribers. I think Greg does a great job and his 30 day trial is a ridiculously generous trial and well worth the test drive. Its not inexpensive unless compared to Raoul's.. Are you listening Raoul.. LOL..

  • RP

    Ron P.

    17 8 2016 21:29

    4       1

    He understands money flow...stocks bonds currencies

    All roads lead to gold

  • MA

    Maurice A.

    17 8 2016 19:11

    5       2

    Thought this was great the first time I saw it in 2005. Less good after I watched it in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011...

  • JL

    Jose L.

    17 8 2016 18:11

    5       0

    Very interesting, I tend to agree with him. The speed of the presentation was a bit fast. is there any way to get the Powerpoint file for this presentation??

  • LA

    Linda A.

    17 8 2016 16:21

    12       0

    Brilliant as always! Greg, your hard work, energy & passion is greatly appreciated! You have the best themes and you are smart as hell. Chart work is one of the best. We are starting to see confidence wane in central banks' forward guidance. They keep threatening to raise rates.

  • RM

    Richard M.

    17 8 2016 15:59

    26       0

    Greg W. - super video as always!!! You covered a lot of ground here and did it superbly. I like your take on the possible pullback zones in both gold and silver, and I will be looking to add to positions if they hit those numbers (~1250 and 17). Many thanks for sharing your wisdom (and thanks RVTV for having Greg on regularly)!

  • fc

    frank c.

    17 8 2016 15:57

    4       0

    I used his trial and it was very good, just too pro for me.
    Very accurate analysis, sound advice, I recommend everybody to try his services.

  • JM

    James M.

    17 8 2016 15:27

    12       8

    I think Harry has a point, in that presentation makes a lot of difference. This guy knows his stuff, the content is great, but it does have the "youtube video" feel. Likewise you can find many of the same good messages on other "you tube" videos/channels as you find on realvision, but the presentation is way inferior and that affects the perceived credibility and so your confidence to act on the message.

    I am all for more 3rd party videos on RV as I think there needs to be more recently filmed content in this fast paced environment. Brexit was a great example, for weeks after you saw videos filmed pre-event and so those lost much value due to release time.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    17 8 2016 14:48

    41       2

    Gee Harry, give the guy a break and spend your time believing in CNBC. Greg has to get a lot of info in a short video and he's very passionate about his work. Put your own video up and we'll grade you on it. Greg backs up his work with facts and figures---------Go Greg Weldon! All the Best.

  • RR

    Robert R.

    17 8 2016 14:48

    8       0

    My take is he's passionate about informing investors.

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    17 8 2016 14:07

    8       68

    Frothy and should be taken with a bit of salt!
    This guy needs to calm down!
    He sounds like he's desperate to get some more money. That's fine just not mine!!!