View From The Peak – Global Outlook, Part 2

Featuring Paul Krake, Neil Azous, Robert Savage

Paul Krake of View From The Peak is with Robert Savage (CEO, and Neil Azous (Founder, Rareview Macro LLC)
for the second part of a wide-ranging and highly nuanced in-depth discussion about Emerging Markets and China.

Published on
14 November, 2014
China, Portfolio Management
27 minutes
Asset class
Currencies, Equities


  • lD

    lance D.

    17 1 2016 11:36

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    surprised at the lack of comments on this . This is smart stuff. thanks

  • RP

    Raoul P.

    15 11 2014 15:54

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    Love this - open access to three very smart minds debating issues in detail.