View From the Peak – The Disinflationary World

Featuring Paul Krake, Neil Azous, Robert Savage

Paul Krake of View From The Peak discusses inflation, deflation, and the disinflationary world we live in with Robert Savage (CEO, and Neil Azous (Founder, Rareview Macro LLC).

Published on
5 December, 2014
Monetary policy, Financial System
35 minutes
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  • S

    Simon .

    23 2 2016 09:39

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    A challenge I have is that the answer is always for authorities to 'do more'. Demand has collapsed it seems so how does more interference help this?

  • GT

    Graham T.

    4 10 2015 18:09

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    Permanent destruction of velocity of money is exactly the same argument of Lacy Hunt and his long term call for buying US 30Y bonds

  • PB

    Paul B.

    22 12 2014 23:23

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    Thanks, an adult conversation that frames well the macroeconomic landscape and investment struggle we face today.

  • FS

    Fred S.

    7 12 2014 01:15

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    I liked the discussion of macro strategy going forward in a disinflationary environment with a focus on trend following.

  • JH

    John H.

    6 12 2014 18:18

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    glad to hear the discussion tease apart "good" deflation from "bad." also the short clarification about the role of gold in a deflationary environment.

  • TL

    T L.

    5 12 2014 19:34

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    very interesting, the format is great for these guys.