Charting the Dollar

Featuring Bob Iaccino

Bob Iaccino, chief market strategist for Path Trading Partners, is bullish on the U.S. dollar. He reviews the key technical levels and discusses how to effectively trade the currency now. He also provides an update on his crude oil trade. Filmed on August 21, 2018 in Chicago.

Published on
23 August, 2018
Technical Analysis, Trading, US Dollar
11 minutes
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  • DR

    David R.

    29 8 2018 18:21

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    I look forward to his next dollar update. Good analysis and trade plan, even if it didn't go exactly his way this time, he had an exit plan and well defined technical levels. That's the best anyone can do really. Hope he's back soon, and good luck on the oil trade.

  • RR

    Raj R.

    25 8 2018 19:30

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    Dollar closed below 95.5 this week. Is the dollar going down then?

  • SL

    Stephen L.

    24 8 2018 11:35

    0       2

    For trade ideas, shouldn’t we actually get a product to trade? An off handed suggestion to sell EUR or JPY doesn’t necessarily encapsulate the DXY.

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    24 8 2018 10:14

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    hmmmm; Seems a well-thought-out thesis, but the crude oil trade targets and stop-loss just seem to be well within the "noise" of the average-trading-range. Thus I put forward that this makes it a low probability trade... Discuss.

  • my

    markettaker y.

    24 8 2018 02:24

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    RV has something for everyone.

  • MN

    Michael N.

    24 8 2018 00:25

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    Second video from Bob and just as good as the first.
    This should be the format for every trader that comes back. Spend a few minutes on the previous recommendation (why it worked or didn't work) then into the next one.
    I really think having folks come on and continue to put forth trade ideas without ever revisiting their previous idea is a missed opportunity. Maybe even a whole segment called The Redux... or something...

  • PW

    Phil W.

    23 8 2018 23:41

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    95.58 as of close Thur Aug 23

  • DR

    David R.

    23 8 2018 23:03

    6       1

    Best video ever in the trading series. Get this guy back please! Covers fundies and, more importantly, an assortment of key technicals more comprehensively than others here. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusion, but we both agree that key levels dictate the action (we just differ on some key levels due to some different methodology - but that's great!). His level of 95.5 on DXY has been exceeded so let's see whether it goes on up above 97 & 98 now.

  • CT

    Christopher T.

    23 8 2018 17:31

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    interesting analysis. I see a china deal being very yuan positive and dollar negative. Dollar following yields lower

  • MM

    Mike M.

    23 8 2018 16:29

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    Great presentation. Very well done. Make him a regular please.

  • MM

    Mike M.

    23 8 2018 12:45

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    Very impressive analysis. Much appreciated. Good stuff.

  • SH

    Scott H.

    23 8 2018 11:31

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    Very good Bob, clear, concise and well argued.