Finding Support in Emerging Markets

Published on
January 17th, 2019
5 minutes

Finding Support in Emerging Markets

Technical Trader ·
Featuring Christian Fromhertz

Published on: January 17th, 2019 • Duration: 5 minutes

Christian Fromhertz, founder and CEO of the Tribeca Trade Group, takes a technical look at emerging markets. He deconstructs the components of $EEM, reviews key levels to watch out for, and discusses how to make the trade. Filmed on January 16, 2019 in New York.


  • DC
    D C.
    24 January 2019 @ 21:49
    What is the "value area" that he is using on his charts? Is it a technical indicator?
  • F
    Floyd .
    22 January 2019 @ 23:22
    I think Ms. Stockton makes a better case for ILF and you avoid the China risk even though she specifically didn't make that point. Mr Fromhertz made a compelling presentation,I just don't like China here.
  • DR
    David R.
    17 January 2019 @ 15:37
    Simply speaking, his chart exhibits a double bottom, and the fundamentals like PE and CAPE are much better than US stocks. The choice is, do you buy A) stocks with low CAPE that are rising in a breakout higher from a low level, or B) stocks with high CAPE in a breakdown lower from historically stretched levels? Also, the FX for choice A is rising significantly against the FX for choice B. Seems an obvious choice with a medium-to-long term horizon.
    • ZY
      Zheng Y.
      17 January 2019 @ 19:04
      so called double bottom volume speak everything, even neednot both to check dirivative data.
    • ZY
      Zheng Y.
      17 January 2019 @ 19:06
      btw, sounds people donot know economy anffinancial condition.
  • SS
    Steve S.
    17 January 2019 @ 11:24
    Why are we keep hearing this EEM trade idea? We heard the same idea from Thomas Thornton a few days ago. My reply is the same. I'd much prefer owning the Brazilian ETF EWZ than EEM - Having exposure to Chinese financials, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductors doesn't appeal to me at this time. I'd also rather buy Tencent outright rather than through an ETF.
  • ZY
    Zheng Y.
    17 January 2019 @ 10:51
    everyone know what is for EEM next, the only thing is that some one step in earlier and wanna save the ass of themselves.