Short-Term Oil Opportunity

Published on
23 November, 2018
Technical Analysis, Trading, Oil
12 minutes
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Short-Term Oil Opportunity

Featuring Bob Iaccino

Bob Iaccino of Path Trading Partners walks us through the recent price action in oil and reviews the best way to play the trend. He highlights key charts, specific technical indicators and fundamental catalysts for this short-term trade. Filmed on November 20, 2018 in Chicago.

Published on
23 November, 2018
Technical Analysis, Trading, Oil
12 minutes
Asset class


  • DR

    David R.

    27 11 2018 07:54

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    Really good. Please keep coming back. The detail and analysis including charts blows away some of the other analysts and value added, at least for real traders IMHO. Thx.

  • JM

    Jan M.

    25 11 2018 18:11

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    Very bad bla-bla-bla

  • AA


    24 11 2018 08:38

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    considering that geo political uncertainties with Iran, continuous reduction in Venezuela are not causing an increase in price, and already highlights of global economic slow downs expected in coming 6 to 18 months due to demographics globally with an aging population + Raoul's identification of the retirement bubble popping, it seems Oil prices are forecasting the story ahead of time...

    i think on such an expected downtrend, going long for the short term might be a high risk move

  • RK

    Robert K.

    24 11 2018 00:53

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    We've puked today to 50 level (7% lower).
    It seems to me Trump managed to use the Khashoggi case to work on MBS and make this happen. I'd jump on this on the long side only after see a proper bottoming process. When I last traded this it was 2017 and CL was in it's 40s. Would not be surprised if we revisit some levels much lower.
    Too many factors aligned against oil right now: 1. stronger dollar, 2.US political pressure, are turning down 4. Saudis like to take market share .

  • MS

    Michel S.

    23 11 2018 21:15

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    Here is a golden opportunity : Canadian oil ETF CCX (Canadian Crude index) trading today @ $4.69. Canadian WCS is selling for $12.63 a barrel,, yes a barrel. But the Canadian light oil as been hit to by discount, never happen before.. Trudeau policies when elected destroy the oil patch at a even worst level then his father did in the 80.. It's all political motivated as oil as a bad rep. So the price are kill but it won't last for ever. Remove $15 on the crazy discount of $40 and CCX is over $9. Note that around may the Asphalt season begin and WCS bitumen gain for that season so if $9 is not reach in December it should be around that time. Call from RV subscriber: Buy and hold for a target $9-$10 or hold until it reach +$20 in a 3-4 years target. If you ever do the trade and make $ send me a bottle of Chateau neuf du Pape wine ;)..

  • KL

    Ken L.

    23 11 2018 20:48

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    Would be nice to hear what Bob has to say after today's price action.

  • IO

    Igor O.

    23 11 2018 20:17

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    It sliced through 51.
    Would be nice to be able to get an update from author in comment section. With fresh chart even better.

  • RH

    Rick H.

    23 11 2018 19:13

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    Love the detail and explanation!

  • TB

    Tim B.

    23 11 2018 16:42

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    Looking forward to another piece in the near future.

  • CM

    Carlos M.

    23 11 2018 10:58

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    even though the trade is clearly not going to work now. it was still good insighton technical analysis. and I do agree with the fundamentals he mentioned.