The “Brandt Approach” to Moving Averages

Featuring Peter Brandt

Celebrated technical trader Peter Brandt, founder of Factor Trading LLC, explains why moving averages are a key component of his trading process. Filmed on May 15, 2018.

Published on
5 July, 2018
8 minutes
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  • DI

    Dabangg I.

    6 7 2018 17:29

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    and so why 18?

  • JG

    John G.

    6 7 2018 09:00

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    so basic. absolutely nothing new here! Expected so much more from somebody who has traded for 40 + years!

  • MS

    Mitchell S.

    6 7 2018 03:26

    5       2

    Not much that is helpful here.
    Based on the charts shown, it is not obvious when he would enter or exit a trade.
    I would prefer to see the actual trades based on the charts and see if they were actually profitable.
    In some of them, it appears that you would be whipsawed. Perhaps that is the price you pay. But is would not guarantee letting your winners run as was stated at the beginning of the video.

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    6 7 2018 00:21

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    Very helpful brief discussion of MAs. Would be great to have Peter speak more about when technically he gets into trades and what key factors he normally considers.

  • PG

    Pablo G.

    5 7 2018 22:53

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    I like MAs but using only one MA to enter and exit trades should not profitable as MAs are lagging indicators. I think Peter meant to use one MA as a guide especially to stay in trades (e.g. don't exit if your MA is still moving in your direction). What I find tricky is what to do when price crosses your MA in the opposite direction. In the video, Peter seems to be suggesting to stay in the trade until the MA rolls over.

  • DR

    David R.

    5 7 2018 20:06

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    Short and sweet. One of the better videos I've seen on RV. Thanks.

  • JH

    John H.

    5 7 2018 18:33

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    Elaboration on how 14 and 21 DMAs are used in combination would be interesting. Thank you!

  • EL

    Elizabeth L.

    5 7 2018 16:56

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    Thanks Peter, very helpful

  • RP

    Reinaldo P.

    5 7 2018 13:13

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    Thanks Peter, I understand you spot your trade opportunities mainly on a weekly time frame, so do you suggest a lower time frame for following up your winners? Thanks in advanced!

  • KJ

    Kulbir J.

    5 7 2018 12:19

    13       1

    Love Peter, He's great