The Fall of IPOs: Why It’s Happening and Why It Matters

Published on
17 January, 2018
Financial System, Macro, Technology
32 minutes
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The Fall of IPOs: Why It’s Happening and Why It Matters

Featuring Michael Moe

It’s no secret that the number of companies offering their shares publicly has been on the decline. But why? And with so many of America’s fastest growing companies staying private for longer, are investors in the public markets missing out? In The Big Story – The Fall of IPOs, four experts approach these critical questions from different angles and predict what the future will bring for private companies and for public markets.

Published on
17 January, 2018
Financial System, Macro, Technology
32 minutes
Asset class


  • DR

    Daniel R.

    24 1 2018 14:22

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    I found plenty to think about in this video. I'm pretty saturated with macro debates on treasuries, high yield debt, dollar, oil, gold etc - all interesting - but not much discussion on this fundamental structural change in how companies raise capital through sale of equity. In a world where so much investment is passively allocated or sector allocated via ETFs, a lower supply of public equity is indeed a big story. I've certainly seen another dynamic (not discussed in the video) that low interest rates and high profit margins have made it easier for big companies to acquire competitors than compete with them. This is not healthy, but I guess isn't sexy so doesn't get much air time. So excellent job RTVT.

    BTW also appreciate that you don't have that annoying guitar riff playing every 30s as you had on previous Big Picture videos. Next step, replace it altogether :-).

  • JW

    J W.

    24 1 2018 08:17

    1       0

    Nothing new here for me.

  • BS

    Bill S.

    20 1 2018 14:34

    1       0

    Not much new content. Perhaps more about the internal plumbing of the private investors, exchanges and how they interact with comoanies to avcomplish the risk transfers from employees to investors

  • EF

    Eric F.

    18 1 2018 22:12

    2       2

    Good video, good content and good speakers. At the end of day I learnt some things new.

  • GB

    Grant B.

    18 1 2018 10:59

    6       3

    I am not even half way through. Low value add.

  • JC

    Ja C.

    18 1 2018 06:06

    4       3


  • TM

    Todd M.

    18 1 2018 04:35

    1       3

    Mediocre piece for sure and overly focused on VC angle. The vast bulk of the IPO slowdown is because companies (mostly non-tech) are selling repeatedly within the Private Equity chain (not per se VC). There are a large number of companies going to Blackstone, Carlyle and the non public PE gangs roving the markets. That's far more impactful than some Silicon Valley Glam companies.

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    18 1 2018 04:15

    1       2

    Umm, errr, is, aarrmm, is there a - urrmm - a local Toastmasters chapter for you to self-improve?

  • PS

    Paul S.

    18 1 2018 02:17

    4       1

    Most of these private unicorns are warm garbage that will get destroyed in the public space
    They can be kept private as pension funds can mark to fantasy their portfolios and have zero vol

  • PL

    Pierce L.

    18 1 2018 00:13

    5       2

    Loved it.

  • BA

    Ben A.

    17 1 2018 19:48

    2       8

    This is exactly why I cancelled my subscription! The interviews are coming across as empty recently. This is real vision, not the pub!

  • dj

    daniel j.

    17 1 2018 18:17

    2       2

    Nothing materially new here, would be interresting to hear about the chinese IPO market,

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    17 1 2018 13:19

    6       3

    The first gentleman could have helped himself, and his audience by preparing better what he intended to say. A shame as he definitely had some useful insights. The rest of the video was much better and highly informative on a subject I know little about. Thank you.

  • FV

    Fredrik V.

    17 1 2018 13:16

    3       1

    This left me empty... It is a big story but the interviews failed to put forward the meaning of it... I think with some more maturity in blockchins, tapered liquidity and hunt for reward vs yield, it

  • MT

    Michael T.

    17 1 2018 12:56

    7       1

    For all of us here at News Center 4, I'm Ron Burgundy. You stay classy San Diego!

  • PU

    Peter U.

    17 1 2018 12:46

    30       5

    way too basic for this audience. This was a filler piece with a lot of bromides.

  • RT

    Rune T.

    17 1 2018 11:59

    7       5

    Errh.... difficult to errh ... stay ... ahm focused on the first guy... maybe the rest will be good...