Benefiting From Emerging Market Mayhem

Featuring Simon White

Simon White of Variant Perception takes a look at the underlying causes of weakness in emerging markets. There are many parallels with previous crisis, but some of the best opportunities will be in timing the turnaround rather than chasing the sell-off. Filmed in on August 22, 2018 in London. A link to their research paper ‘Understanding EM Crises’ can be found at

Published on
3 September, 2018
Emerging markets, Debt, Global Outlook
24 minutes
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  • MC

    Matthew C.

    10 9 2018 15:02

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    Brilliant !

  • CT

    Christopher T.

    8 9 2018 19:12

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    What leading indicators do you look for in Asia?

  • JS

    Jens S.

    5 9 2018 05:18

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    Awsome interview from a great company. Please make this a regular apperance

  • nb

    nicholas b.

    4 9 2018 00:54

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  • MS

    Mitchell S.

    3 9 2018 21:52

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    Thoroughly enjoyed.

    Based on the linked report and the comments made, changes in reserves and M1 and M2 can help identify the bottom in the markets. However, several online sources for this data (e.g. FRED) have very delayed reporting. Often more than quarter or two.
    Does anyone know of more real time reporting.



  • TH

    Truman H.

    3 9 2018 20:37

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    White says, "saying that higher interest rates leads to inflation is like saying that umbrellas lead to rain" -- what a terrific observation. And now I want to read "The Volatility Machine" by Michael Pettis.

  • DR

    Daniel R.

    3 9 2018 19:51

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    VP is always a treat to listen too. Bring them all back regularly. Give Simon twice the time to go further into his explanations and give examples. I’m sure RV is a great source for VP to gain new customers. Please come back.

  • GF

    Gordon F.

    3 9 2018 19:05

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    Just one complaint! Could you PLEASE have someone, Justine perhaps, speak the questions, rather than just having them flash on the screen. I usually just LISTEN to these interviews, and it's sometimes a challenge (and distracting!) to try to figure out what the question was that he is now answering. It would be a trivial additional effort to have someone with a distinctly different voice add the questions to the audio track, and would make the interview much more satisfactory to those of us who prefer to listen.
    Having said this, the content was GREAT!

  • ag

    amin g.

    3 9 2018 18:14

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    that LFC comment got me outta my seat !

  • DS

    David S.

    3 9 2018 18:03

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    Very well done. Since FX crises seem to have similar causes and predictable consequences, do you advise any governments? For confidential reasons a yes or no would be interesting. DLS

  • ii

    ida i.

    3 9 2018 16:45

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    He suggests buying South Africa, and yet some analysts like Chris Macintosh are signaling that South Africa is confiscating land and giving handouts just like Zimbabwe and Venezuela.... and so should end up the same, I wish we had more debates between analysts with different views

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    3 9 2018 11:48

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    Excellent video. Feels like one of those I will be referring back to over time given the sober, well thought out, and very clearly articulated process he uses. I can definitely see how combing his fundamental analysis that ticks all the boxes (short, medium and long term indicators being aligned correctly) in combination with some basic medium to long term technical analysis, along with some patience and ability to withstand some short term vol could vastly improve one's probabilities of catching EM rebounds and the following runs.

  • NG

    Nick G.

    3 9 2018 09:51

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    Excellent. Many thanks, Simon.

  • CY


    3 9 2018 09:40

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    Simon and RV,
    Thank you for making sense of the EM topic - cutting away the madness that is the regular financial media and offering an explanation that is both insightful on the causes of such crises, yet understandable for the viewer.