Europe’s 1.25 Trillion Euro Opportunity

Featuring Andrew Irvine

Europe appears to have lagged the tech booms of the U.S. and Asia. But the revolution is coming, and it’s led by start-ups. With so few listed companies, how can investors take part in an opportunity that Europe can’t afford to miss? Andrew Irvine, founder of Basinghall Partners, outlines a European landscape in which venture capital is bridging the divide between start-ups and the slower moving incumbents. Filmed on August 22, 2018 in London.

Published on
5 September, 2018
Technology, Europe, Sentiment
27 minutes
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  • GF

    Gordon F.

    5 9 2018 19:49

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    Excellent content, but let me repeat: I prefer to LISTEN to these presentations, and for this I plead: VOICE OVER THE QUESTIONS!! All we get is that little "chirp chirp" indicating that a question was flashed on the screen, but which is effectively hidden from listeners. We need to be able to HEAR the questions to keep up with the answers.

  • TS

    Timothy S.

    5 9 2018 15:39

    18       0

    This is not a comment on Andrew Irvine's fine presentation but on RV's programming in general. RV's content is radically different from the original. I understand and support the changes to address a shifting audience, but, in my opinion, there is less and less rigorous exploration of critical issues such as those explored recently on Eric Townsend's Macrovoices. Besides Macrovoices, are there other podcasts of value? Thank you. And thank you've make a difference.

  • HC

    Howard C.

    5 9 2018 14:36

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    Interesting subject matter but not really a "where no man has gone before" analysis as there were few, if any, concrete examples of the future hotspots of innovation/disruption in the European context.
    "Digital intensity", "cultural dilemma", "frameworks" .... consultantspeak.

    Let's hope the RV founders will grab a hefty chunk of the 1.25 trillion opportunity.

  • ns

    niall s.

    5 9 2018 13:05

    4       0

    Now we need another presentation from someone else to suggest a few European companies that help large companies digitize ,
    I am sure that RV will find such an enlightened soul.