What Will Robotics Disrupt First?

Published on
11 October, 2017
Fund Structure, Investment Framework, Technology
30 minutes
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What Will Robotics Disrupt First?

Featuring Jonathan Cohen

Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence represent the fourth industrial revolution and a potentially seismic opportunity for investors. Jonathan Cohen’s Robocap Fund covers applications from smart factories, self driving cars and robotic surgery and in this Expert View, Jonathan explains where – and how – these disruptive technologies will matter most. Filmed October 31, 2017 in London.

Published on
11 October, 2017
Fund Structure, Investment Framework, Technology
30 minutes
Asset class


  • RS

    Ryan S.

    24 1 2018 20:26

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  • DH

    Dale H.

    15 11 2017 14:05

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    Nothing new said here..

  • SD

    Stephen D.

    13 11 2017 04:55

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    I have to agree with the critics. If Jonathan Cohen claims to be a finance guy with knowledge and expertise of investing in robotics companies, he should talk in detail about investing in robotics companies. If Real vision wanted to give us an introduction to Robotics it would have been good to have had a robotics expert. Which given the superficial exposition here Mr. Cohen clearly isn't. He claims to have experts as advisers, it would have been good to hear from them in depth rather than this sadly vacuous piece.

  • DF

    Dominic F.

    10 11 2017 22:26

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    In a consumer based economy #RobotsDontGoShopping :-)

  • KA

    Kristian A.

    10 11 2017 01:38

    11       3

    Yeah this type of content is minimally helpful. How about some specifics. I could scan twitter and find articles covering this in greater detail for free. Where's Mike Green?

  • BP

    Benton P.

    10 11 2017 00:16

    14       2

    No companies? No thoughts on current value v hype? Just more narrative that we have all heard...

  • PD

    Peter D.

    9 11 2017 22:59

    9       0

    AI and robotics are coming?
    We got that much in the first Terminator movie 35 years ago.
    This guy needs a better intro. and needs to make a clear point.
    After three minutes I started looking around.....
    Good subject, and possibly a good speaker.
    But I'd send him back to the drawing board.

  • MB

    Matthias B.

    9 11 2017 16:16

    12       0

    I was looking forward to this video but walk away a bit disappointed. The theme as such just offers so much more. I reckon that Jonathan has some expertise in the field but the format, ie presentation style, surely did not help him. Maybe this broad theme / topic of AI, digitalization, automation etc is in a first phase better explored with some leaders in the industry to get a grab about trends, impacts, implications etc? but thanks a lot for the effort!

  • BA

    Ben A.

    9 11 2017 12:28

    8       0

    We have the choice to either take or leave these productions! Personally for me it's just more noise we can hear on the usual bla, bla, bla, bla, bla stations (free) so I guess I am going to leave it.

  • SP

    Sat P.

    9 11 2017 11:52

    7       5

    This was very informative and the reason I signed up for RealVision. I would not come across this information in the mainstream media. I really find that these videos useful, the first one from Orbital Insights on RealVision was awesome too. Contrary to the comments below that this is just an advertisement, I think it's important to know about new companies such as this because otherwise how will you find out about them? OK, these companies could advertise in the FT or something, but then you don't have the trust factor. At least if they have been through RV's filter, there is some level of trust there which you wouldn't get from an ad in the FT or something like that.

  • CL

    Cameron L.

    9 11 2017 11:46

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    For the people that need spoon feeding, here: goo.gl/pLr6XF
    For the people that aren't afraid to work, here: goo.gl/WRvRVL

  • RN

    Robert N.

    9 11 2017 10:22

    12       0

    A gentleman I used to know in Hong Kong does a great job of debunking some of the more overhyped aspects of AI in his presentations and LinkedIn articles. His most recent amusing presentation is "Demystifying AI Hype". https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/key-note-beware-deep-learning-eberhard-schoeneburg/ Although it may seem quite technical at the start, the lessons learnt over 35 years in the field are soon told in an amusing manner. Make sure you understand the relevance of the the Clever Hans horse to the current follies of both Stanford and MIT AI research findings. Note that he is not debunking the field just some of the reckless enthusiasm. Oddly enough we had the same Clever Hans issue in military work on tank detection in the 1980s.

  • PJ

    Peter J.

    9 11 2017 09:37

    4       0

    I thought it was a good introduction and wasn't expecting much more given it was posted as a 30 minute session. I agree that some mention of some of the main players would have been useful as a start point for follow up. However, given the complexity and breadth of the subject area I think any specific recommendations in a vid of this length would have been irresponsible and would leave him open to future recriminations

  • ii

    ida i.

    9 11 2017 07:42

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    it is like Sesame Street

  • RS

    Raman S.

    9 11 2017 07:19

    3       1

    I agree with most of the comments on this production. It is a good start! I have been thinking about AI / Robotics for quite some time. In fact, recently I attended a conference on Robotics and future, however with specific emphasis on back office automation (so, not really 'real' robotics' but some bots).
    For this piece, it sounded like Robocap's promotion.... pretty much like reading an article in a good magazine. I expected more. Jonathan could have included some examples of success stories with company names and their background...small or big with niche products . I am more than happy for the piece to be 1 hour as long as I feel that a solid ground has been set for my further research. And I could tell that he has the knowledge but was not willing to share

    Perhaps a follow up in depth analysis, with some expert who is willing to share, will be really helpful. Just a constructive suggestion!

  • PC

    Peter C.

    9 11 2017 06:09

    4       9

    Real Vision TV, I am very disappointed in this Robocap Fund advertisement. I felt I was on Facebook and watched some Russian political advertising that portray to be RVTV and didn't find out till the end / my time was wasted. RVTV, please do as Facebook will, clearly label & disclose it upfront as advertising. We can then skip, if we do not want to watch advertising.

    Another issue is that I did not sign up for this - some content & some advertising like TV from CNBC, Bloomberg, BNN...?

    Please address,

    Thank you

  • DH

    Daniel H.

    9 11 2017 03:55

    1       0

    Look at botz and robo etfs for broad exposure. Breakdown the original holdings for individual picks. Look at supply chains, materials, software etc. lots of ways to gain exposure

  • CM

    Chris M.

    9 11 2017 03:13

    12       0

    See some liked this video. Found it almost painful to watch and Jonathan's presentation brought forth very little new info about AI or its application that you don't read in the business press on a weekly basis. Just this week, Barron's has two articles relating to this topic and actually names companies that may benefit. Much more insightful than this video. This video seems more like filler to hit a weekly video upload schedule than something that meets the quality standards of your other videos. Sorry.

  • DG

    Don G.

    9 11 2017 02:35

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    I was going to complain about no specifics. But, after looking at the website, there's plenty of info there. I can't tell if it's a British hedge fund of a mutual fund. I liked it.

  • ST

    Scott T.

    9 11 2017 01:03

    12       1

    A technologist with actual insights would be more interesting than a finance guy promoting his fund.

  • RA

    Robert A.

    8 11 2017 22:41

    11       0

    Really enjoyed this one and would like to find the right investment vehicle for AI and Robotics. He makes an excellent point to try and laser ones approach and not invest in large known companies that might only have a few percentages points of their effort and capital allocated in this direction. THIS is the wave of the future.....all aboard!

  • PU

    Peter U.

    8 11 2017 22:13

    4       7

    Is this an advertisement for Jonathan's fund?!!!!!

  • PU

    Peter U.

    8 11 2017 22:10

    19       10

    How about some details! So 36,000 ft level. Why not provide some tangible information like company names and why they have a competitive edge or head start in robotics. This is complete crap. We new all of this.