Rising Rates and Sandy Tracks

Published on
24 May, 2018
Macro, US Economy
22 minutes
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Rising Rates and Sandy Tracks

Featuring Justine Underhill, Alex Rosenberg, Roger Hirst

Why will rising rates leave tire tracks on the world’s great beaches? Alex, Roger and Justine discuss. Plus, a high-pressure debate over whether stocks will fall 20% within the next year. Filmed on May 21, 2018.

Published on
24 May, 2018
Macro, US Economy
22 minutes
Asset class


  • DY

    Damian Y.

    21 6 2018 03:09

    1       0

    Haven't been watching RV lately as I'm not a fan of the changes. I was always a big fan of Adventures in Finance but this is really strange. The first minute turned me off. This is a common theme I'm seeing in RV. Have a great concept that works then screw it up. What age group is this meant to be targeted at?

  • yd

    yon d.

    3 6 2018 01:42

    0       0

    Good for RealVision to try new venues! Watched two episodes. May appeal to other younger viewers? Thanks for keeping the wheels of innovation rolling, RV!

  • PC

    Peter C.

    29 5 2018 20:27

    5       0

    Can we please have GW's podcast back? Big reason why I subscribed to RV was, if a free podcast is this good, the paid TV must be seriously good. This new podcast is a different story.

  • AF

    Andrew F.

    28 5 2018 15:15

    1       0

    Not sure if we the audience for this. But there was some valid points made to get to the tires on the beaches. Won't be following this.

  • TM

    Todd M.

    26 5 2018 18:17

    1       0

    Having to check out on this as the Host is playing with his little cars....they just go on way too long about too little.
    Different strokes and I am certainly not offended by different shows.

    How about rotating in some of us hilarious RV subs as one time guest to script and provoke an episode with your Hosts?

  • DH

    Daniel H.

    26 5 2018 17:27

    3       2

    This is ridiculous. Get serious.

  • GP

    Gero P.

    26 5 2018 16:34

    2       1

    I didn't watch the first episode, because of the huge amount of devastating comments, but watched this one. And I have to say I love this show! This show is very refreshing. Please keep it.

  • RH

    Rick H.

    26 5 2018 02:33

    11       1

    Really miss adventures in finance

  • SB

    Soham B.

    26 5 2018 02:12

    4       2

    multiple cringe inducing moments in this one...

  • PW

    Phil W.

    25 5 2018 19:47

    3       0

    Sorry guys, I'm trying and will watch but it is sure a struggle for me to get though it!!!

  • SS

    Sophocles S.

    25 5 2018 19:32

    1       0

    Ayla Napa is in Cyprus (not Greece).

  • MN

    Michael N.

    25 5 2018 12:32

    12       1

    I watched the last one entirely and that was a struggle.... lasted seven minutes into this one. Hard to believe that this is what replaced GWs podcast. That podcast was my second favorite to Macro Voices Anna looked forward to it every week. Just unsubscribed to it now...RV really needs to reconsider this format. I won't watch another one.

  • BG

    Benjamin G.

    25 5 2018 12:23

    13       0

    The Adventures in Finance podcast with Grant Williams and James was a warm, weekly cup of polished financial entertainment. And by polished I mean at times off the rails, but in the best possible way. As an RV paid subscriber for years the free podcast was still a must listen. If this new format was an entirely new show rather than attempting to replace a classic, I believe more positive comments would ensue. Instead it takes an established audience and attempts to live up to the large shadow cast by original. Hopefully James reaches 600 twitter followers, but we may never know now.

  • FG

    FundamentalAnalysis G.

    25 5 2018 11:09

    3       2

    I think the original RV suscribers need to understand, this isn't catered for us, this is an attempt to try and cater for the masses who are not in the know. This means topics need to be discussed in a manner which is less formal yet educational whilst being more applicable to their lives in order to grab their attention/pique their interest, so that they can see why these big picture topics are important as effects their lives in ways they may not have expected.

    Original RV suscribers (who are presumably more knowledgeable in finance/politics etc... then the average person) need to watch this with a different lens,

  • PP

    Patrick P.

    25 5 2018 10:54

    4       1

    This was very painful to watch.... all time low for RVTV.

  • JM

    Johann M.

    25 5 2018 07:53

    11       1

    Such a shame that the Real Vision podcast, which was brilliant with Grant Williams, got replaced by this show.

  • EA

    Edward A.

    25 5 2018 02:32

    2       2

    poorly produced and edited; unfortunate for a topic that is top of mind in mkts at the moment

  • WP

    William P.

    25 5 2018 02:24

    1       0

    Too long, there's brilliance in brevity!

  • BS

    Bill S.

    25 5 2018 01:25

    2       2

    Another bomb

  • NJ

    Namit J.

    24 5 2018 23:22

    2       1

    For the main segment, this episode was interesting relative to the first episode. For the second (last 5 mins) segment, liked the last segment from the prior episode relative to this episode. It's starting to get better with this format! From a content strategy perspective, could you try making the main segment more educational (teaching a market concept etc.)? Thx.

  • SC

    Scott C.

    24 5 2018 22:35

    2       1

    Gave this concept a second chance, couldn't get through it, unbelievably annoying. You don't make something simple by drawing out a five minute concept into a 20 minute bore-fest. (and yes I do understand that is just my opinion).

  • BC

    Burton C.

    24 5 2018 22:25

    7       0

    When was the last time you ever saw more thumbs down than thumbs up? .... maybe never

  • TG

    Tyrel G.

    24 5 2018 22:21

    0       0

    I agree there is still not enough meat here. AIF had more wit and the interviews were amazing... maybe we could find a happy medium with the young blood bringing in credible experienced guests in an interview segment?

  • MH

    Michael H.

    24 5 2018 22:13

    1       0

    This podcast reminds of HBO's experiment with a show titled John From Cincinnati. A short-lived series about a surfing alien didn't decrease the value of The Sopranos or The Wire. HBO didn't force anyone to watch it. Yet consumers did watch it, at least at first, because they trusted that HBO was a strong curator of content. I recall many consumers were very frustrated with HBO when it let them down.

    That reminds me of a quote Simon Mikhailovich shared in his recent interview about history and forgetfulness. Now that was a video worth checking out!

  • JS

    Jason S.

    24 5 2018 19:40

    14       0

    I agree with some of the comments here that this has a place for intro-level finance. I just wish it didn't replace AIF. For AIF listeners, there's just not enough meat on the bone here guys. Is there a world where both exist?

    One of the things I appreciated most about AIF was hearing from *other* professionals who actually run money, not journalists. And we got an opportunity to hear from them in a long-form. It was incredible. The bite-sized, shallow thesis style here just can't compare with that.

  • EF

    E F.

    24 5 2018 19:37

    0       0

    Better than the last episode, not sure about this whole guessing game... The timed argument was solid but you should know the first thing chess teachers do is ban kids from playing 1 min bullet games online as it's considered counterproductive ;) If you want to make this real give them 5 min each with an unknown question and a random bull/bear draw with the professor as arbiter of a legit discussion.

  • SH

    Steve H.

    24 5 2018 16:31

    5       1

    I guess if it keeps Millenials happy there might be some merit in this. Perhaps there should be an RV Millenials Channel??? Not for me, though. If I want a laugh I'll go Comedy Central or listen to a Mark Carney speech.

  • DS

    David S.

    24 5 2018 16:09

    1       1

    Better, "but miles to go before you sleep." I am glad to see that some viewers are enjoying this. If it were not on RealVistion TV, I would turn it off during the first 15 seconds. Humor is very difficult to maintain, so shorter, more focused is better. I would try to do the same show in ten minutes and see if you like it better. Good Luck. DLS

  • DF

    Dave F.

    24 5 2018 15:54

    3       2

    Nicely done....I like the banter back and forth and there is actually some good nuggets in here. Well done....keep pushing the envelope.

  • RD

    Ryan D.

    24 5 2018 15:25

    10       1

    I gave this a second chance but this series is really making me feel like a Grumpy Gen'Xer. I understand the Millennial Angle but this isn't really adding any value.

  • CS

    Colton S.

    24 5 2018 13:52

    1       0

    Only watching here because my the podcast didn't load.

  • PV

    Peter V.

    24 5 2018 13:31

    13       3

    Could not bear to watch to the end. For finance professionals, totally stupid, for others, definitely not good education. Hope these two presenters, who speak poorly and act like comedians that could never fill a theater, will soon be removed from this site. If this service wants to be different from the likes of CNBC, now you have succeeded with this program. Far worse!

  • DS

    Dan S.

    24 5 2018 12:37

    4       4

    Enjoyable, entertaining, and educational. Great work guys. I'll be watching every Thursday.

  • Nv

    Nick v.

    24 5 2018 11:47

    5       1

    I like it. Especially the first part where we learned some spending stats. Not of fan of arguing bull or bear case on market much as its similar to CNBC.
    You can differentiate by teaching us facts

  • V!

    Volatimothy !.

    24 5 2018 11:38

    0       3

    Blinded by the banality. That’s how I feel about long term growth thesis.

  • DS

    Dragos S.

    24 5 2018 10:30

    5       1

    Loved the first part as it referenced some of the things I love which are islands and Greece. In addition to the thinking game that turned wheels in my head. Great work and a massive improvement!

  • SS

    Steve S.

    24 5 2018 10:26

    9       6

    This was truly terrible and made no sense. Raoul gave a great presentation on how there is a retirement crisis and people don't have enough money saved. Yet this video suggests retirees/savers are going to start going on beach holidays. Seriously?

    The new 'Your Move' Segment, it was so obviously scripted and rehearsed it was cringeworthy.

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    24 5 2018 09:56

    15       2

    I actually enjoyed watching this. Now I know where Milton wants to take this show, and the type of typical audience (presumably the non financial services employed millennial), that RVTV is looking to attract. I shall definitely be suggesting to my adult daughter and son that they start watching, as a way for them to get a better feel for what happens on Wall Street, and in global economics etc. RVTV is definitely pushing the educational envelope, which is to be welcomed in this grotesquely over-indebted world.

  • DH

    Damian H.

    24 5 2018 09:36

    9       2

    I may be biased but this is HUGE improvement on last week's episode. I feel that this show is just going to get better and better.