The Kyle Bass Interviews: Stephen K. Bannon’s China Warning

Featuring Stephen K. Bannon

Stephen K. Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, sits down with hedge fund giant Kyle Bass to discuss America’s current geopolitical landscape regarding China. Bannon and Bass take a deep dive into Chinese infiltration in U.S. institutions, China’s aggressiveness in the South China sea, and the potential for global conflict in the next few years. Filmed on October 5, 2018 at an undisclosed location.

Published on
2 November, 2018
China, Geopolitics, Macro
56 minutes


  • JH

    Joseph H.

    13 11 2018 19:15

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    Good stuff. I do think "reorienting the entire world's supply chain away from China" is easier said than done and more of a boast than achievable. And lets' be honest, is Jockey underwear bringing back factory jobs to Kenosha, Wisconsin anytime soon? Much as I'd like better made underwear Mr. Michael Jordan. As for IP theft, currency manipulation, disregard for international law, human rights and environmental violations, guilty as charged. Thanks for pointing me to the Kurt Campbell piece that he and Ely Ratner penned for Foreign Affairs. Well done RV but one suggestion, next time a F-150 or Ram-1500 in the background.

  • GC

    George C.

    13 11 2018 00:36

    0       1

    Interesting albeit nothing new. Most of all, a pretty obvious pitch to get back into the White House or the 2020 campaign. Hard to imagine he could have kissed up more to DJT.

  • WM

    Will M.

    12 11 2018 00:17

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    Just look at the margin of thumbs up here......says a lot!

  • YB

    Yair B.

    11 11 2018 23:08

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    Hate the guy, but this was very interesting.

  • pd

    preston d.

    10 11 2018 18:48

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    What I LOVE about this interview: The segment from 32:45-31:07 remaining. EVERYBODY needs to hear this sobering bit.

  • CW

    C W.

    10 11 2018 13:10

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    Mr Bannon's disdain for the "elites" are understandable and justifiable. His ideas on how China should be viewed and dealt with are controversial but do make some sense.
    I wonder if he hopes the American President who shares these controversial ideas and who will seek to realize them is himself less controversial in his own personal conduct and behavior. Will it help the cause if Mr Trump does not add to the anger and divisiveness among a large part of the American people?

  • DC

    Dan C.

    9 11 2018 22:17

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    Pity Trump seems to have reneged on his rust belt voters and not drained a single litre from the swamp. Is this why Bannon got fired because Trump needed to play BS DC politics and appease the Elites to ensure he was not impeached!?

    Bannon is clearly a genius but the wretched neoliberal corporatist owned media is out to defile him on every turn in order to keep Davos Man front and centre.

    This planet is screwed. We are heading to war. Never mind global arable soil depletion at 1% per year!? If the Chinks don’t get us then Mother Nature will.

  • OS

    Oliver S.

    9 11 2018 15:32

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    A great interview. From the comments below, it still amazes me how character driven politics have become for some people.

  • CH

    Colin H.

    9 11 2018 08:39

    2       8

    I understand where Bannon is coming from in terms of geopolitics and economics.
    However with regards to his support of a pathological lying, avaricious, orange turd who espouses populism, racism, sexism, everything that the human race has been rising above for the last 2 thousand years in order to achieve his political desires because "the ends justify the means" he can go fuck his fat self into the ocean.

  • PS

    Patrick S.

    9 11 2018 02:40

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    80% of uranium requirements for US nuclear fleet is coming from state owned enterprises. And 85% of enrichment happens in Russia or via Tenex (russian enrichment company). They have us by the balls if anything we should start with Energy security . Colder War Marin Katusa many parallels to this China situation .

  • bf

    bart f.

    8 11 2018 14:23

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    I am far from being a DT supporter but I agree with all these comments which in my view are common sense. The main issue of western democraties is the systemic corruption and moral laziness of team elite and I am not sure Trump would be any different. The extreme materialism and individualism which we call freedom is preventing any single individual of making any sacrifice for the greater good. China on the opposite work as a group for the long run.

  • PV

    Peter V.

    8 11 2018 12:33

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    Vladimir Lenin quote:
    “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

    Lenin got the timing wrong. Not the Soviet Union communism succeeded but China style might. Who is to blame for the rope trade? The money grabbing seller or the buyer that can only get what is offered to him?

  • RT

    Ryan T.

    8 11 2018 08:04

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    Kyle is a rare talent-- both a fantastic interview and interviewER.

  • sa

    santosh a.

    8 11 2018 06:26

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    Bannon may see things clearly with China, but does Trump?

    He's got neocons like Bolton & Pompeo in key national security and foreign policy roles. The same folks that created such a costly mess by advocating endless wars in the Middle East that cost the US several trillion dollars and destroyed relatively stable & secular countries like Iraq, Libya & Syria.

    He's got Steve Mnuchin at Treasury who is totally Davos Man. Yeah, another Davos Man in Cohn as his top economic advisor until Cohn started bruising his ego by saying Trump is a complete idiot.

    IMO, China is far too astute and know how to deal with the "barbarians" as Bannon calls the west. It's easy because the western elites, Davos Man, only cares if he's a billionaire and has his own jet and yacht. They are easily bought. Look at the wealth folks like the Clintons, Al Gore, Tony Blair and now Obama are amassing in such a short period of time. They too have all become Davos Men. The bottom line is that Wall St, the managements of a few top corporations, Silicon Valley, and the Medical & Military complex have a symbiotic relationship with the leading politicians and the "technocrats" they hire when they're in power running government. The bottom line for them is how they can become extraordinarily wealthy. They don't care a rats ass about the Deplorables. Although they may claim to when they run for office.

    How much real influence does Bannon have with Trump and his Administration?

  • MC

    M C.

    7 11 2018 17:47

    11       0

    ya know, when you read the transcript (as opposed to the constant shouting during the interview), not much to disagree with. Except - as my 86 year old immigrant father who has a grade 3 education (at best) taught me - it's not what a man says that counts it's what he does (Taleb says the same & my dad grew up in the Fat Tony school of hard knocks i.e. life). For all Bannon's talk about elites, GFC and how no CEO went to prison, middle class, jobs, wall street etc...Trump et al's domestic fiscal policy has been ALL about enriching the elites! Where are the middle class tax cuts? Health care? DJT's has done the EXACT opposite of what Bannon is talking about. Also - too much confirmation bias going on with Kyle and China right now.

  • SS

    Simeon S.

    7 11 2018 17:40

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    If an authoritarian regime is under control of the US (Saudi) it’s fine, but if it engages into a fight, it becomes a scandal.... I understand RV gives air time to all kind of opinions, which makes it interesting. Thanks. But Bannon can brass a lot of hot air... and it seems he is the actual president of the US, he has a big influence on Trump... and knows all the details, they must speak daily like husband and wife...

  • RP

    Ryan P.

    7 11 2018 12:15

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    “Undisclosed location”... because Kyle doesn’t want his address blasted out there haha.

  • OD

    Orin D.

    7 11 2018 10:38

    6       6

    This was a good insight into Bannon who has had an enormous role in Trump becoming president

    RV- Just be careful to not become too politicized. Kyle has presented a rather republican biased view of the world the past couple episodes. I would hate for this platform to develop any bias to either the right or left of politics.

  • TH

    Timo H.

    7 11 2018 05:26

    6       1

    In the 1930s, we allowed Germany to build their military strength for way too long. Are we making the same error now with another authoritarian country, China?

  • FL

    Flavia L.

    7 11 2018 05:13

    6       5

    I don’t agree with Bannon on a lot of things, but that’s exactly why we need to hear him. (But his repeated praise of his old boss is unbearable to me). Overall, the views are too US centric, of course, both are Americans, so they are understandably and rightly so. But, don’t base all your arguments on moral grounds.

    I do not think it’s a good thing for the world if China wins the fight, but please don’t put yourself on a pedestal and paint China as the devil. Yes, China has tried to take all the advantages they can, but you don’t think US will have a problem with a stronger China if China played by the rules? Bannon hates the idea of China being a hegemonic power because he wants US to remain one. At the end of the day, it is all about power and interests.

    Globalization has its beneficiaries and victims. The government is supposed to take care of the people that are left behind. US government clearly has failed to do so, because it is too busy cuddling the rich. Standing up to China is right, being a proponent of freedom and justice is applaudable, but please spend at least equal amount of energy and indignation taking care of your own people. Don’t just shift blame and stoke resentment so you win the next election.

    If you want to distance yourself from your bias and have a more intelligent understanding, pretend to be Swiss.

  • ML

    M L.

    6 11 2018 21:12

    4       3

    Interesting and informative interview. The problem is that the interviewer should have been someone with an antithesis view on China, so it can be a more balanced discussion. What we have is a China bear interviewing an anti-China ideologue. Overall still a thumbs up, but we need to have more objective interviewers. Or perhaps Bannon agreed to an RV interview only by Bass. Who knows?

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    6 11 2018 19:41

    8       0

    At the very least it was entertaining. As I'm listening I'm hearing some things I agree, some I don't. Then he has to go to one of his "72 hour" comments which makes me then rethink everything else he has said and reevaluate those that I agreed with. Please tell me he doesn't really believe that ultimatum would work! This isn't the school yard where the dog with the biggest bark wins. It's a bit more complicated than that.

  • KJ

    Kelly J.

    6 11 2018 19:33

    5       3

    Thanks Grant, Kyle and Realvision for this interview series on China - On the one hand, I think it's great to hear - and that far more people should hear - this articulate and coherent presentation of the anti-globalist, new nationalist perspective held not just by Bannon and Trump, and now to a degree, Kyle Bass, it seems, but making in-roads in many countries globally. A ‘globalist’ vs a ‘nationalist’ approach is a spectrum –not a black and white choice, IMO. Collaboration based on enlightened self-interest has been the basis of world commerce for ages – and of all free markets and societies, for that matter. As the current illusory financial world one way or another collapses back toward a competitive reality limited by real returns and real resources - I expect nationalist perspectives to continue to come more to the fore, in both productive and dangerous ways.

    I agree with a lot more of what Bannon says than I would have thought regarding his description of the 2008 Wall Street rip off and how American corporations (and government) have to a degree been bought off by China. On the other hand, the bottom line is, though, Bannon, Trump and other right wing nationalists in Europe may or may not believe the populist baloney they tout, but either way, IMO, as practiced by them, it's only a means to power for Trump and wealthy buddies here in their battles with elites in China and elsewhere. As Travis commented below, the private jet and Merecedes in the background make a suitable stage for this discussion. Knowing Trump, his intentional divisiveness, and Bannon’s statements that you should wear the ‘racist’ epithet as a badge of honor, and what they and the current corrupt Washington crowd are doing and intend to do, the idea that they will really improve the lot of the average person is the same old laughable joke it always is historically with these types of populist demagogues. If there are benefits to an economic war with China, then you can be certain they'll keep right on going into the accounts of the 1% here. It’s worth noticing these folks don’t support voting rights, workers rights, public education, free press, training, adequate regulation of Wall Street and the banks to keep them from ripping off the public and individual investors for the unteenth time. To the contrary, they support acceleration of the loss of free press, permitting the environment to be trashed for the almighty buck, including global climate disruption, and loss of the basic social supports that were established by the New Deal after capitalism’s rampant corruption and horrible monetary policies crashed the global economy into the Great Depression, just as it’s increasingly likely to do once again. Meet the new boss, same as the very old, very greedy boss. I hope we start the process of booting this lying administration out today, and replace it with a new one eventually that shares some of Bannon’s perspectives on China, and powerfully advocates for US interests vs. China, but on behalf of the whole country, and not just the Davos/Western world 1%.

  • CM

    C M.

    6 11 2018 16:49

    4       0

    Bannon makes a number of good points, it is the solutions that I struggle. There are no easy answers to the South China Sea issue. But the 72 hour solution is unrealistic and would lead to war. If Bannon wants revenge against the Wall Street globalists, he would get it as the market would crash. I commend RV for airing these interviews, but one needs to sort through all the political rhetoric from both Wengui and Bannon to pull useful info out of the interview. As I stated with Wengui, my takeaway is a longer and stronger economic war with China than many expect. If China is truly a "paper tiger" and settles quickly with Trump, then it is a statement on how weak their economy is. Crashing China will collapse many global markets and will not be good for US investors.

  • TB

    Tim B.

    6 11 2018 12:45

    5       1

    Compelling arguments, but not as compelling as the nation's character. Let's hope that today's election brings out people's more thoughtful nature.

  • WS

    Will S.

    5 11 2018 23:57

    5       10

    I think Kyle Bass just flipped from Hillary to Trump. The Dems have no ideas beyond screeching about racism and pushing socialism. You don't need to like Trump and his style, but any rational thinker can see there's actual substance and ideas behind the MAGA movement. I'm a libertarian and have no love for the Republican party, but they are so, so much better than the Dems. Vote Republican tomorrow please. PS: Not American. We all need Trump way more than we need Dems.

  • TL

    Tianyun L.

    5 11 2018 22:35

    17       5

    Automation was making manual jobs obsolete starting in the 80s. Trade with China just held back the automation revolution for a bit. Many automated assembly lines went back to employing people once the outsourcing trend happened back in the 90s. Stop pretending poor Chinese workers making $2/hour back then was taking advantage of the Americans making $20/hour who were manufacturing shoddy products the rest of the world did not want such as in Auto. American companies and elites significantly under-invested in education and infrastructure and did not provide strong safety nets to its workers, and is now scapegoating China as automation drives further wealth inequality in the US, if it was not China, It would've been Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India or somewhere else.

    The whole defense thing is a complete joke, China is spending on its navy because it is worried about having its oil choked off by the US which controls the sea lanes. If you depend heavily on oil imports (which the US doesn't because it produces so much now), would you be comfortable with another power holding all the choke point in your trade routes and could embargo you at any time without a thing you could do about it.

    Bannon operates with the type of cognitive dissonance that is more common in entitled juveniles, who believe themselves to be the center of the universe and nobody else should have any legitimate interests.

    Yes the communist party is corrupt, yet it brought hundreds of million of people out of poverty. Yes the Chinese SOEs have overcapacity but we quickly forget how much pork barrel is spent on the Iraq/Afgan wars, how much overcapacity does the defense spending/post-911 intelligence complex spend? That is about 700-900 billion a year, almost an entire mid sized economy flowing to contractors around DC. Democracy was not the savior of countries as India is showing us and dictatorships are not all evil as Singapore and Rawanda is showing us.

    The inability to see things in shades of gray and the forced digestion of the world into good and evil should preclude one from having so much power.

  • TT

    Travis T.

    5 11 2018 21:43

    5       0

    Best stage for this conversation, private jet and Mercedes in the background inside hangar.

  • RM

    Robert M.

    5 11 2018 21:31

    6       1

    Interesting that Steve Bannon mentioned the opiod crisis, but made no mention that China supplies fentanyl to the Mexican cartels along with the pre-cursors for meth whose volume of production would not be possible without the precursor chemicals they receive principally from China. The British used narcotics to devastating effect in China to gain a trade advantage. It is quite plausible that China allows supplying of the Mexican cartels to enable the industrial production of narcotics to flood the US. Just another tool in the CCP/PLA toolbox to weaken the US. China has no problems building concentration camps, calling the Dalai Lama a terrorist, using debt as a strategic tool, imprisoning any Chinese citizens they don't like etc. etc. etc. Overall, Bannon's interview was not wide of the mark when filtering out some of his political agenda.

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    5 11 2018 17:49

    5       5

    So China's economy is "built on sand" (might be true, but if banking sector fails their infrastructure still stands). But the US Treasury having to borrow $276 billion in a week is on sound footing? Please.

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    5 11 2018 17:43

    2       27

    The Breitbart clown is just rambling on about Davos. I can't listen to this anymore. A shame to give this idiot a platform.

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    5 11 2018 17:39

    10       5

    "The elites in the West have financed China" -> LOL, remind me again how many Treasury bonds China holds? Who is financing whom?

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    5 11 2018 17:38

    3       4

    "Export of Chinese overcapacity and deflation" -> isn't this what international trade is about? Exchanging products based on who can produce them most efficiently? Is anybody talking about Germany exporting its "overcapacity" in luxury cars? The US's overcapacity in aircraft? Ok, you could say that Chinese SEO are able to sell below cost due to, maybe, subsidized energy. So what? Let them have their pollution to produce subsidized energy. It's like exporting pollution to China. Why do we insist on keeping such industries alive at home? Aluminum is "strategic" and needs to be protected by tariffs? If you want to play that game why not have government purchase domestic aluminum at inflated prices and sell to Boeing at a loss? It's done for the farmers (to compensate for losses due to tariffs), so why not Aluminum?

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    5 11 2018 17:28

    4       4

    "doubling down on OBOR" -> how is building infrastructure something bad? Oh, because now there is a train from Shanghai to Hambug, Germany that takes only 14 days (shorter than by sea) and suddenly the US's overwhelming control of the oceans does no longer matter?

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    5 11 2018 17:27

    3       4

    "to be a hegemonic world power" -> LOL, pot calling kettle etc.

  • VS

    Victor S.

    5 11 2018 15:30

    6       2

    Bannon was always the best in the White House till he went off the wall.... the interview was terrific ...

  • GW


    5 11 2018 13:05

    12       3

    It is very difficult to argue against most of the points that Bannon makes.

  • MM

    Mike M.

    5 11 2018 12:48

    0       0

    Excellent. Any chance Kyle can interview Michael Pillsbury, author of the 100 Yr. Marathon? Much appreciated.

  • PJ

    Peter J.

    5 11 2018 09:38

    11       2

    The research from both Bannon and Kyle is unimpeachable. The interpretations by them were from my 'subjective' viewpoint 50% spot on and 50% b*ll*cks. Obviously as both participants in this conversation are US citizens, the discussion and views are extremely US centric. Simply blaming the US elites (and other western counterparts) for being compliant in supporting the growth of China at the expense of the US is far to simplistic IMO, surely the the picture is far more complex. Overall, definitely worth the listen and Bannon makes some good points, but very narrow view of the state of play IMO.

  • SD

    Stephen D.

    5 11 2018 07:05

    3       0

    Powerful stuff. What's the investment conclusion? I think it has to be that the Trade War with China will not be as easily resolved as the NAFTA one. A lot of people saw all the noise about Mexico and NAFTA and the contents of the new USMCA to replace it and concluded that Trump is happy to settle for small wins to tout on the election stump. I know some people who think that the trade dispute with China will go the same way. This interview should make them think again. Bannon is no longer part of the administration but Peter Navarro is and his Death by China book and Youtube Video agree with a lot of what SB says here. Don't bet on a quick or easy resolution to this trade dispute. Stay very cautious on Asia (ex India which is insulated).

  • JS

    Jerad S.

    5 11 2018 05:30

    7       1

    Great interview. I am enjoying this series with Kyle Bass about China.

  • LB

    Louis B.

    5 11 2018 03:26

    15       1

    Great to see Steve Bannon on RV.
    Like him or not, he's a central figure to understanding today's reality.
    Unfortunately, both him and Kyle Bass are Americans...
    I say unfortunately, because it still unfortunately colors their perception of what's possible.
    That should not be the case, since they are both clearly very intelligent and well informed.
    There IS a revolution going on and it's global. The pendulum is swinging back and accelerating.
    It will traverse the equilibrium position so quickly, we won't have tiime to truly experience it.
    It's moving from it's extreme American hegemonic position to the next extreme position.
    What wiill it be? China hegemonic power? That could well be the case, but History disagrees.
    I actually like Steve Bannon a lot, believe it or not. America needs him, as does the free world.
    I actually like Kyle Bass also, believe it or not. But deep down I think he just wants to make money.
    Or he is more than happy to just play the game of money, without ever addressing the elephant in the room.
    That is disapointing, because we all know that he sort of understands what gold is and what role it may still have.
    You kind of sense this during the interview when Steve Bannon says the Chinese will flush the world with RMBs.
    Kile Bass then says something like (can't remember exactly) "nobody wants to take RMBs".
    Very interestingly, Steve Bannon with a twink in his eye, then says that may change and we'll just have to wait and see.
    To which, immediately, Kyle Bass says "that's the key". Well, if it is the key, why not engage a conversation on why it is?
    To conclude, after hearing Steve Bannon during this interview, i expect major currency wars down the road.

  • JS

    John S.

    4 11 2018 21:28

    9       1

    Great interview well done RV

  • hz

    herbert z.

    4 11 2018 21:20

    3       0

    it's difficult to see how this could be resolved amicably. both countries want to be "great again" (whatever that means) - both countries spend exorbitant sums on their military. money neither has - so each one runs their printing press a full tilt (America, printing a reserve currency, has the advantage to extract goods and services from the world at no cost.) the elites of the world prosper and thrive in this environment. the "little" man will be crushed in the process - but "collateral damage" is sometimes unavoidable when nation building, right? AND besides we will honour the efforts of the average person in due course, at a war memorial somewhere! in serval thousand years of human history we seem to have learned nothing!

  • DS

    David S.

    4 11 2018 20:50

    17       6

    "72 hours or we're going to invade your bases"... lol, who they going to send in, the A-Team...? The lack of understanding of the ramifications of China saying "go fuck yourselves" to an ultimatimum like that says a lot about Bannon...

  • GG

    Gary G.

    4 11 2018 20:20

    7       5

    Real vision: IF this interview has not been made public, it should be and “right now”!

  • RA

    Robert A.

    4 11 2018 19:03

    7       1

    Awesome interview and enlightening for me as I'm not a guy who likes Bannon. At all. I do think there was a bit of missed opportunity however. I would have liked to hear Bannon discuss the cost of bringing our supply chain home and the fact that the Chinese now purchase far more gold than treasuries and it is becoming reflected to rates along the U.S. Treasury curve and where he thinks that could go. I think a great deal of the infiltration commentary regarding China also applies to Saudi Arabia - whom the administration readily embraces - and I would love to see a 2nd round for those type questions.

  • jb

    joon b.

    4 11 2018 18:50

    1       0

    wow just wow

  • CL

    Chris L.

    4 11 2018 18:41

    6       3

    The reaction on social media about this is somewhat funny considering the most probably aren't subscribers. I particular give no damns what people think of Bannon because I'm indifferent. Even if I disagree to my core, I want to hear.

    For those that revolt are the sound of a differing opinion, remember to defeat your enemy (in debate, in sports, in war) you must know your enemy. Study your enemy.

    In regards to China, I agree with a good deal of what Bannon says. The problem is, it's not really insight. I never was like "oh, damn. I didn't know that."

    I just feel like Real Vision is trying a bit hard to fit that "alternative media" niche.

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    4 11 2018 18:07

    11       7

    The best interview I have seen to date on RV. Kudos

  • BA

    Bruno A.

    4 11 2018 16:23

    7       1

    Great interview.

  • KK

    Kathleen K.

    4 11 2018 16:06

    5       2

    Thank you RealVision for this interview. Keep them coming!

  • SS

    Saif S.

    4 11 2018 15:38

    10       4

    America wants things to be fair? Priceless!!

  • JJ

    JJ J.

    4 11 2018 14:42

    18       4

    Who thinks KB should disclose he has big bets on China tanking it prior to these interviews? Regardless whether or not you agree or disagree with content, part of quality journalism and media is disclosure around self interests related to topics reported on.

    Also, I think an interview with KB and a pro China expert squared off would be much better than these people just feeding Kyles point of view.

  • DK

    Dennis K.

    4 11 2018 11:14

    4       0

    Sparta didn’t accept being the declining power. They stood up against Rising Athens/Pericles/Xi. And in the end they won. For what it was worth. Both lost. Along came some obscure Macedonian third party guy, who nobody had heard of and these guys went home with the price. Conquering the world.
    War can have some unpredictable outcomes.

  • DK

    Dennis K.

    4 11 2018 10:33

    1       2

    I think Sparta was “the declining power” and Athens the rising one. Please have your history right

  • GR

    Guido R.

    4 11 2018 07:10

    23       0

    The deindustrialisation of Western industrialized nations was not brought about by China. China certainly exploited the phenomenon. But deindustrialization was uniquely brought about by a centralized monetary system and perpetual fiscal deficits.

    Perpetual fiscal deficits bring about increased fiscal pressure.

    Increasing fiscal pressure manifests in gradually more complex legislation.

    As fiscal pressure increases and legislation becomes more complex, barriers to entry in industry and business rise.

    As barriers to entry rise, the real economy is stifled and corporations monopolize business and trade and, necessarily, will off shore industry seeking fiscal and legislative advantages.

    This was our own doing. China is merely taking advantage of our fiscal weakness.

  • JM

    James M.

    4 11 2018 03:58

    15       3

    Equitable fair trade and free movement is this what the USA has done since it took the imperial mantel from Britain after the Second World War? The hypocrisy is repugnant. The USA , Russia and China are like any other Empire, delusion propagandists.

  • JC

    Joe C.

    4 11 2018 03:50

    34       2

    The controversies in the comments are almost as interesting as the interview. Everyone wants disruptive financial media, not everyone wants their world views disrupted. So it would seem.

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    4 11 2018 00:56

    8       2

    This is another extraordinary interview! Kyle and RealVision, massive thanks!

  • MV

    Mark V.

    3 11 2018 22:48

    4       4

    I think Steve is a very important voice and as opposed to the Miles Kwok and the earlier interview he has a credibility for me. Needless to say I was alarmed by the idea of a "kinetic" war in the South China Sea, not only because massive human suffering is hidden behind the latest slang term but also because (as even Bannon admits) it would potentially destroy global trade for a sustained period. This is the "pain point" which will make "winning" extremely difficult and suggests to me stalemate is a more likely outcome.

  • GF

    George F.

    3 11 2018 22:30

    0       0

    The Chinese nationals in American university are not stoop laborers like Central Americans typically are. Americans are not prepared to take their place. You could work towards that, but it will not happen overnight.

    The pension crisis in the US means that resources are being transferred from the young to the old. A consequence of austerity for the young is they are unprepared for high-level university work.

  • MW

    Myron W.

    3 11 2018 20:55

    26       0

    I'm an American who spent much of the 1990s living in China -- largely among ordinary Chinese folks, not in an expat enclave. I don't claim to be an expert on all the broader issues, but I had many substantive conversations with educated Chinese who were not fans of their own authoritarian government. Everything Bannon, Kwok, and Bass are saying aligns with what I was hearing from the inside 20 years ago regarding the long game from the Forbidden City.

    Thanks Grant, Raoul, and team for bringing us this perspective, and for positioning it as you did: not that RV is taking a side but that RV wants all sides to be heard.

  • WM

    William M.

    3 11 2018 20:04

    21       1

    Outstanding interview just from a geopolitical perspective alone. Steve Bannon's worldview is much more comprehensive and convincing than I expected. That's the great value of these in depth RV videos. The take away, from an investment point of view is that Trump is very unlikely to merely settle for some minor modification of the current status quo with China - which means a lot more stress and uncertainty for financial markets everywhere...even in the US. There's certainly an loud echo of Reagan vs. the Soviet Union, and even Churchill vs. the Nazis. That said, this interview also is extremely disturbing. Bravo, Kyle and real vision!

  • DH

    Daniel H.

    3 11 2018 20:02

    8       1

    My understanding is that Kyle believes China is headed for an economic collapse similar to Russia in the 1980s. Why was there not one word about that? China is not an all powerful adversary that can defy economic gravity forever. They have huge problems. I wonder if we might not be better off just waiting out their collapse, while getting our own house in order.

  • BP

    Bryce P.

    3 11 2018 18:42

    17       5

    Bannon says a bunch of good stuff. However, what he and Kyle think in regards to China is exactly the same shit going on in the US as well. Does anyone believe the bullshit US gov economic lying statistics they produce? As if China is any different and worse than the US or any other lying western nation in this regard. Another huge difference is China and its citizens are buying gold hand over fist and its citizenry is Not in debt past their eyeballs as in the US. While western nations continue to sell all their gold. Russia & China continue to massively accumulate. The Chinese are far from stupid. They will definitely have the last and very very long laugh in the end. They’ll laugh so hard they will piss their pants laughing as they continue to watch the US and western nations continue to circle the drain. And all engineered on purpose of course.

  • CB

    C B.

    3 11 2018 18:36

    4       1

    Jim Rickards gets the psychology of these “leaders”. He took some flack from RV viewers though. In the end, it would appear as though Chris Martenson is right, that humans are just like bacteria expanding to the edge of their pitri dish, consuming all until it is exhausted. How terribly uncivilized. Ooga Chaca!

  • dm

    dan m.

    3 11 2018 17:29

    2       0

    Roaul, Grant- get Kyle to interview Larry Lindsey.

  • SD

    S D.

    3 11 2018 17:18

    10       4

    I think China wants to be a regional hegemon more than it does a global hegemon and their economic global agenda is dictated by national concerns not a desire to be a global unipower.
    He's right that China views the US as a tributary state. They think that the US and the West more broadly is stupid and that it deserves what's on the way. They're not wrong.

  • Kv

    Kristian v.

    3 11 2018 16:48

    9       1

    I’d love to see a debate between Bannon and a globalist like Richard Haass. Haass is a frequent guest on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS but I don’t. think I’ve seen a debate between a preeminent globalist and a nationalist. That would be some must see TV.

  • BP

    Brandon P.

    3 11 2018 16:48

    6       5

    Beginning to wonder if Bass is a CIA asset or something of the like. Keep the interview series going, fascinating!

  • JC

    Justin C.

    3 11 2018 12:45

    16       1

    One thing that occurred to me during this discussion was the part Russia plays in all of this. The Obama Administration had fostered an incredibly hostile relationship with Russia/Putin that culminated in the Mexican standoff in Syria. It seems to me that Obama and his crowd were focused on fighting with Russia to secure America's newfound dominance as an energy exporter. Specifically, they wanted to cut off oil/gas options to Europe in favor of our production. It seems Trump's crew views that as secondary in importance to cutting off the broader industrial strength of China, which they view as the bigger prize. Russia is in fact not a significant competitor to the U.S. in any way other than military technology. By favoring detente with Putin, the U.S. is able to limit the kinetic war threat to the U.S. that a joint Russia/China contingent will pose. I think the U.S. learned in Syria that Russia is far more capable than we thought of handling themselves in a hot war. Not that anyone wins in that situation, but the U.S. knows Russia has more than a puncher's chance to win or seriously cripple us in that fight. As a result, it cannot afford China and Russia military cooperation, especially to the extent that it threatens the objectives to re-craft the trading relationship with China.

    Thank you RV and Kyle Bass for brining Bannon on. He's a controversial personality, but I've always found him to be incredibly well spoken, read and able to defend his world perspective.

  • JW

    J W.

    3 11 2018 12:40

    11       0

    I have enjoyed the realpolitik interviews over the past couple of months. Bass on China is always interesting, and I greatly enjoyed Bannon giving him a hard time about the earlier interview on RV. What is unique about this video, and the one last week, is it is a story that we don't hear in the rest of the "news" and is an excellent answer to the question "what am I not thinking about" or "what information do I need to consider that is not front of mind". I also quite enjoyed the anecdote of Trump coming back to the G7 and saying "OK no tariffs, and no subsidies", and then having the other six go into fits.

    I don't have a good feel on how to handicap this information, and I'm not a big fan of the 72 hours move Bannon recommended. What is clear, though, is we have not had enough Machiavelli in our foreign policy recently, spending much time wanting to be loved but not much on being effective.

    Thanks to Raoul and Kyle for putting this together!

  • JM

    Juanfranco M.

    3 11 2018 11:46

    0       1

    Trump offered zero tariff to Europe. Europe then came back and said no tariffs on cars. Why did Trump not accept. He said that traditionally Europeans don’t want to buy American cars. Poor excuse to me Trump was bluffinf he does not want free trade
    No mentioned of this fact on this interview.

  • B

    Bojo .

    3 11 2018 10:54

    7       3

    A very interesting and thought-provoking interview. All this makes a lot of sense from a real-politik and America’s national interest point of view. Fair enough. Still, speaking from a standpoint of moral superiority and invoking international law is highly amusing and psychologically fascinating, coming from a nation who has weaponized the dollar, defended it with violence and couldn’t care less about international law.

  • hj

    henrik j.

    3 11 2018 10:24

    0       0

    trying to find the book Bannon recommended is it this one ?

  • Kv

    Kristian v.

    3 11 2018 08:16

    9       1

    I found it interesting that he argued against the whole Thucydides trap crowd and their premise and then proceeded to prove their point when he threw out his 72 hour ultimatum in the South China Sea.

  • PW

    Peter W.

    3 11 2018 08:08

    8       1

    Many thanks to RV for bringing us interviews of this quality and ambition. You have greatly exceeded my expectations since I signed up. And with Bass and Bannon, what a contrast in personalities!

  • SR

    Steve R.

    3 11 2018 07:44

    6       0

    To those that say this is just 'China bashing' - if you haven't known about this for at least a decade then you've clearly had your head buried deep in the sand, seriously, it's so obvious and blatant.

  • SP

    Sat P.

    3 11 2018 07:10

    12       0

    This was an awesome interview. The day the mainstream media starts reporting on things like this is the day this world will start taking a turn for the better

  • PK

    Patrick K.

    3 11 2018 07:03

    6       0

    Thank you Kyle & Steve, as always a great informative interview. Hopefully it helps in bringing the "real" Chinese position into the light and out of the Neoliberal dark screen.

  • MS

    Michael S.

    3 11 2018 05:10

    11       3

    I agree with about 50% of what he said. A couple of comments: 1) "Their grand strategy is to be a hegemonic world power" complains the American!?; 2) We should worry about naval "choke points"? How many aircraft carriers do they have?; 3) I love Kyle, but are these three last interviews (all on China) what Kyle is doing because his call for China busting in "July" (on RV) hasn't gotten moving?; 4) the Chinese can "respond", they can just monetize their superior gold position, as a last measure; 5) most of all, this just reminds me of 1989, when everyone was freaking out because Japan built everything we bought and was going to take over the world. How did that turn out?

  • mh

    matthew h.

    3 11 2018 04:44

    2       7

    i have huge respect for bass, so its hard to watch bannon constantly talking over him, its not very two way, and makes for awkward dialogue and can see it in bass' face.

  • GO

    Gary O.

    3 11 2018 04:43

    5       0

    Another incredible interview. Get ready for WWIII.

  • mh

    matthew h.

    3 11 2018 04:38

    11       4

    hard to get past the feeling that this is more sensationalist vs the original way real vision had informative, logical progressions to an investment thesis/perspective... that im choking down the negative china story vs letting viewers comfortably come to a consensus, which almost makes it less believable given the force behind it.

  • NI

    Nate I.

    3 11 2018 04:32

    16       0

    Thanks Kyle. Good interview and a very important message for all Americans. Thanks also to RV for airing it.

  • TA

    Trevor A.

    3 11 2018 04:31

    16       11

    Steve Bannon is a legend. The populist movement is just starting. When the Everything Bubble pops I believe men such as Steve Bannon will rise to power. Thank you RealVision

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    3 11 2018 04:04

    9       3

    Thank you RVTV.
    Now how can we get this information out loud enough and often enough to show the actors publicly?
    This thought maybe foolish on my part but this needs to be a loud drum beat that informs our nation and gets serious attention moving.
    Last time the US faced a threat of this magnitude was 1937 or 38. I think we all know how that played out.
    Trump needs all the help he can get to respond to China and their plans. I’ll vote for a program that really puts teeth in programs and procedures to reverse China’s efforts to undo America’s international stature as well as our security.
    No more bullshit call it what it is lets get to work.
    Two more decades of self dealing and treasonous behavior will have us all speaking a different language.

  • GT

    Gavin T.

    3 11 2018 03:54

    14       0

    Certainly not ideas presented by the mainstream media. If you don't agree, that's fine but being open minded to new viewpoints is important. This is cold war 2.0 and the Chinese wrote the manual on it (Unrestricted Warfare, by Liang and Xiangsui). Heck, it may have been going on for the past 20 years and the West may just be waking up to the fact we're losing. Fantastic content RV.

  • DS

    Darryl S.

    3 11 2018 03:44

    8       0

    You get the feeling with these focussed China interviews that an unexpected window appears for the US. A window that really cannot be lost. As always, timing is everything.

  • WB

    William B.

    3 11 2018 02:30

    14       2

    It may take several days before I can lift my jaw off the floor. Stunning interview!!!

  • TH

    Timothy H.

    3 11 2018 02:29

    6       4

    My goal out of watching was to learn something new and I wasn’t disappointed. Due to my IT profession, I knew that nearly everything was a “state secret” in China, but truly “thought a second time” about the nature of the CCP from a human and, separately, it’s totalitarian perspective - especially when combined with the recent news of of the concentration camps in Xinjiang Province.

    What does the human perspective of one million prisoners, Guo Wengui (Miles Kwok), workers in the Upper Midwest, and Steve Bannon have to do with making money? A lot, if there is significant internal Chinese strife to attack the CCP or a “policy error” by the PLA Navy.

    Final point: The Guo Wengui (Miles Kwok) and Bannon interviews should be viewed together to understand the the parts individually. It’s very disappointing that people on this thread are just as dogmatic and ugly as the equally strident Bannon.

  • SD

    S D.

    3 11 2018 02:15

    8       0

    That's a valuable interview.

  • RP

    Raoul P.

    3 11 2018 01:36

    218       0

    Finally watched this will a glass of wine...its incredible and incredulous for me. This comments section is not the place, but if anyone one wants my personal takeaways from this, give me a thumbs up. If there are enough, I'll send out an analysis of my thoughts. Now, bear in mind, my thoughts matter not and clearly don't matter to Real Vision's content strategy because i personally disagree with more than 60% of all content on Real Vision. I am also not an America so my views will differ greatly because I dont have the same skin in the game. If you are interested, give me a thumbs up and I'll do something special because all of this entire China narrative is very, very important.

  • CM

    Carl M.

    3 11 2018 01:20

    4       3

    What to glean from this argument?
    "money talks, bullshit walks." I guess?
    More questions than answers, for me.
    Some of the sub-arguments have been rendered too simple or vague for me to consider them, Prima facia.
    I think I agree with the China/Hegemony theme as valid.
    Then I start to think about a "democratic" China and the adage, "careful what you wish for!"

  • ML

    Michael L.

    3 11 2018 01:05

    3       2

    is the goal to hurt China or make America great again? sometimes i can't tell the difference.

  • ml

    michael l.

    3 11 2018 00:49

    8       4

    What an eye-opening interview. Couple of comments - Bannon's view that China can't respond to tariffs because we import a lot more from them than they import from us, well, that's a really simplistic view of the issue that seems to get repeated by a lot of people. China can respond via US Treasury sales, "spontaneous, bottom-up" boycotts of U.S. brands in China, Yuan devaluation, stopping the export of rare earth minerals to U.S. tech firms, blocking M&A transactions requiring Chinese approval a la NXPI, and looking into the activity of the subsidiaries of US multi-nationals (however baseless the reasons). Second, regarding the 72 hour ultimatum to China to abandon the South China sea islands, please...he can't really believe that it would be prudent to make this kind of ultimatum that we wouldn't follow through on (and no rationale person would think we should follow through on it), so I chalk that comment up to his penchant for being provocative as a means of getting attention (just like his former boss). Lastly, after watching this, I have greatly reduced in my head the odds of a trade deal getting done as I am assuming that Trump's view of the situation matches up fairly well with Bannon's, and Bannon seems to have little interest in trying to find a solution, whatever it might be and however hard it might be to get to it.

  • SS

    Swagotom S.

    3 11 2018 00:26

    10       0

    Although S Bannon is controversial figure, the likes to dislike ratio of this video is a clear indicator that Trump is probably going to get reelected if you can just hold the economy till 2020.

  • DW

    Dave W.

    3 11 2018 00:25

    28       2

    Wow! This is a totally different picture of Bannon than the media is portraying. This has been one of the most powerful videos RV has done yet.

  • RP

    Ryan P.

    3 11 2018 00:06

    6       0

    Amazing stuff RV. Absolutely incredible.

  • SB

    Sean B.

    2 11 2018 23:57

    17       0

    Great interviews, I had never heard an interview with Steve or Miles before or read any of their work. Just heard what the media has painted them as. Great to hear true interviews where they were not talked over in a combative manner or rushed to answer questions before a commercial break. Thank you Real Vision and Kyle.

  • HH

    HODL H.

    2 11 2018 23:52

    4       0

    Wish he would have said why trump gave ZTE a pass

  • AM

    Andrew M.

    2 11 2018 23:49

    8       0

    'its not about tariffs. what this is about is human dignity and self-worth' - great quote. I may just re-quote this to the next fund manager that says Trump will strike a deal bc it's in everyone's "mutual interest". perhaps.. but he'd be betraying massively betraying his base (remember millions of Obama voters voted for Trump). I think those shouting this is some flash in the pan will be rudely surprised.

  • HH

    HODL H.

    2 11 2018 23:48

    20       1

    Best week of real vision ever. The more truth said about China the better. Blackstone and schwarzman are exactly what bannon is talking about

  • RM

    Ritamarie M.

    2 11 2018 23:47

    9       0

    Bravo!!! 55 minutes worth of fabulous schooling!

  • BL

    Brian L.

    2 11 2018 23:43

    20       0

    Now that was epic...I have listened to Bannon many times before and have known he is very sharp with a deep understanding of history. Not the ignoramus the MSM portrays him as. Kudos to Kyle for taking a risk. This should not even be controversial really but as Bannon says, it's the Davos crowd that make it so. Kyle is on point and ahead of the curve. Hopefully, this can be turned back around without kinetic activity. I think China knows they are not ready for that.....yet.

  • PN

    Panos N.

    2 11 2018 23:32

    6       5

    Interesting choice of an interviewer. Bass already showed biased on this matter in previous interviews.
    Plus Chinese held USTs, huge topic- would love to have seen that included in the discussion.

  • JS

    Justin S.

    2 11 2018 23:12

    11       5

    These should be freely available for the public on youtube. Both videos with Miles and Steve would illuminate many things that few are aware of.

  • ZH

    Zayd H.

    2 11 2018 23:08

    4       31

    Bass and Bannon. The 2018 version of neo-con warmongers.

  • DS

    David S.

    2 11 2018 23:03

    3       0

    If Mr. Bannon were Chinese and advising President XI with the same initial conditions, I believe he would agree with most of the moves that China has made so far. China today is not Russia of yesterdays. It is impossible to tell if the US in a trade war alone will be able to improve China's trading policies. It will, as Mr. Bannon wishes however, develop a North American Market and reduce the US interest and power in global trade. DLS

  • AD

    A D.

    2 11 2018 22:38

    10       2

    What an incredibly powerful brain on this man, powerful like the toys in the background, yet more like brutal force and no finesse or diplomacy. Rare opportunity to be this close to such "power plant", although some, undoubtedly, may need earmuffs.

  • DF

    Dominic F.

    2 11 2018 22:35

    5       2

    Great interview.
    Nice to have a knowledgable guy such as Kyle asking the questions instead of an outraged journo, which is mainly what we see with Bannon interviews.
    I totally understand what they are saying but just to see it from the other guys perspective, aren't they just copying again?
    "USA just want a fair shake", with a private jet and a merc in the background ;-)
    I think China's idea might be that the USA have had a 'privileged shake' for a few decades and maybe China are sick of it, esp the USD hegemony.
    Thanks for the insights with this interview. Very revealing.

  • SK

    Sebastian K.

    2 11 2018 22:20

    7       31

    I love the controversial views you guys bring in. The setting is quite sensationally, but ok. As a european I ask myself, why listen to a well known rasist? What are real visions intentions on this? Is this anti Chinese propaganda or the wake up call for Western democracies? Is Kyle following his own agenda? I dont trust the chinese goverment at all but what are you guys up to?

  • JE

    James E.

    2 11 2018 22:09

    14       0

    Mind blowing interview. RV has lifted the bar yet again.

  • MO

    Mike O.

    2 11 2018 22:05

    18       3

    Would you be able put this out on youtube for general consumption?

    There are many out there who may have an inkling as to what is going on (but who do not have the wherewithal to subscribe to RV, or who may not be aware of this service) and who would (likely) benefit from this discussion (I believe).

    You would be doing a service to humanity.

  • PW

    Paul W.

    2 11 2018 22:03

    12       16

    I love when Bannon talks about elites. He and Bass are the definition of elites. Bannon was a big wig at Goldman and Bass is a multi-Billionaire. Worse they became rich from investments, and not from starting a company like, Ford, Jobs, and Gates. Bannon needs to stop blaming GS and other firms from doing business in China. That is their job. The US Gov. should have put restrictions on them if it was so bad.

  • WP

    William P.

    2 11 2018 21:11

    12       23

    Great interview. I think Bannon believes far to much in what Trump has and can accomplish. He's a weak President, thus far unable to grow his political base and unable to overpower the US Congress due to his personal legal jeopardy and honestly his inability to plan and execute through the administrative bureaucracies. It's not even clear to me that he has control of his Treasury. Their FX report from last month was completely status-quo.

    Contrary to Bannon's enthusiasm I just don't see the horsepower from Trump that would be required to defeat 'Davos Man' and 'Big Finance'.

  • rr

    rlw r.

    2 11 2018 21:07

    2       9

    Kyle for President, no ... really. Just Do It.

  • RK

    Robert K.

    2 11 2018 20:47

    2       0

    'mazing stuff.

  • DR

    David R.

    2 11 2018 20:47

    6       38

    Propaganda noise. The guy who dotard Trump fired for being an even bigger dotard.

  • NH

    Neil H.

    2 11 2018 20:44

    15       0

    too bad many have to way in on their political views rather than listen to the content. would have been good for kyle to ask steve why larry kudlow is wrong for wanting free trade and a stronger dollar.

  • TR

    Travis R.

    2 11 2018 20:32

    7       1

    POTUS DJT to G7: "Ok, I thought about it last night; no tariffs, absolutely no tariffs, but no subsidies". This is what it is all about. Free trade does not exist in the world today. American companies have been fighting an uphill battle for decades. Thankfully, American companies are superior, and find ways to thrive in the face of unfair competition ie. Boeing vs Airbus. A level playing field and intellectual property protection is all that is requested. This is an absolute must. I sincerely hope we can come to terms with all trading partners.

  • GR

    Garey R.

    2 11 2018 20:28

    15       3

    My full subscription cost to RealVision just paid for itself 5x over! Amazing job by the RealVision team in providing a direct and unbiased view into the thoughts, perspectives, and motivations of Mr. Bannon!
    In a world of crafted sound bites and manipulated excerpts, it was truly helpful to hear Mr. Bannon's perspectives without the interviewer trying to steer the context of the conversation to fit their own agenda and narrative.
    Keep up the great work!

  • PW

    Peter-Mikael W.

    2 11 2018 20:24

    0       0

    The speech given by vicepresident Pence, is that the speech given at the Hudson Institute?

  • LN

    Lucy N.

    2 11 2018 20:22

    2       0


  • SD

    S D.

    2 11 2018 19:57

    0       0


  • JB

    Jason B.

    2 11 2018 19:47

    23       4

    From reading some of the comments below this interview, it seems that people are not aware of their confirmation biases. I didn't vote for Donald Trump, but because American coastal, economic and political elites didn't listen to people in the Midwest is one of the major reasons why Trump won the 2016 election. The global economic pie is shrinking. After accounting for a real inflation rate, how many economies are still growing in real terms? So there will be bigger fights over a shrinking global economic pie. This means tariffs, trade wars, etc. And the global economy slowing down will only make things worse.

  • cr

    cc r.

    2 11 2018 19:44

    35       2

    I've always questioned why Steve Bannon is so hated by the media and so on. Now I know. He understands whats happening in the relationship between China, US and the South China Sea. If the talk between Xi and Trump don't have any resolution then there has to be a kinetic conflict.

  • GN

    Gordon N.

    2 11 2018 19:40

    6       22

    Interview in hanger with private jets? Really? that's tacky

  • MC

    Minum C.

    2 11 2018 19:32

    4       3

    Steve has nice hair.

  • JB

    Jason B.

    2 11 2018 19:14

    1       6

    So the same set location where Kyle Bass interviewed Miles Kwok? Hmm...

  • my

    markettaker y.

    2 11 2018 19:09

    16       1

    Congratulations to Real Vision for pushing the envelope yet again. Big fan. Very impressed.

  • CQ

    Colin Q.

    2 11 2018 19:08

    12       67

    This isn’t an interview. It’s a conversation between two people who agree with one another. Nor is it controversial. It’s mostly the ramblings of a self constructed intellectual. Giving a platform to someone likeBannon isn’t brave. It’s Fox News . Except we are paying a premium for it. Poor show all round.

  • MB

    Matthias B.

    2 11 2018 18:50

    14       35

    born and raised in europe with democratic values, listening to such nationalist rhetoric is rather scary

  • SS

    Steven S.

    2 11 2018 18:38

    7       1

    correction for Bannon: It's not unconventional warfare it's "Unrestricted Warfare", a book on military strategy by two senior People’s Liberation Army officers impressed Bannon when he read it in 2010.

    The book by Qiao Liang, a retired military theorist, and Wang Xiangsui, who now teaches at Beihang University, was first published in Chinese in 1999 and translated into English 10 years later.

  • BM

    Beth M.

    2 11 2018 18:37

    32       2

    This is truly fantastic. This interview reveals so much...where do you start?! While I don't necessarily agree with Trump's style...I often agree regularly with what he DOES. Our nation needs this type of "backbone". The TRUE intentions of China are fully on display in this interview...loved Steve and Kyle. Please have Klye do as many interviews on China as humanly possible! TIA

  • GS

    George S.

    2 11 2018 18:33

    15       1

    Masterpiece on grand strategy, regardless of which way one is leaning.

  • RW

    Richard W.

    2 11 2018 18:23

    11       0

    Appeasement always ends in calamity

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    2 11 2018 18:21

    37       1

    Wow! I have been a subscriber since day one and watched most RVTV videos but this is simply the best yet for me! While I subscribed to RVTV to improve my knowledge as an investor, I was aware that I would inevitably encounter political and geopolitical views that would challenge and frustrate my own libertarian views. In an ideal world we would have Ron Paul as the US President, abolish the Fed and return to a gold based monetary system. As a realist I realise we may never see my ideal world. However Steve’s passion for nationalism and anti globalist beliefs has at least for now restored my faith in the Trump anti deep state movement. I have consistently had concerns about whether he was possibly another puppet, albeit cleverly tricking us into thinking he was a genuine new JFK prepared to take on the deep estate of the Fed / Wall Street investment banks, and the industrial military estate. I could still be disappointed but for now this extraordinary interview has restored my hope that an honest capitalist system may yet prevail. Well done RVTV for never stopping to push the envelope!

  • AG

    Asim G.

    2 11 2018 18:17

    45       1

    Very insightful interview. Bannon is completely mis-quoted by the mainstream left-leaning media. Intelligent guy with strong grasp of history.

  • JS

    Jaco S.

    2 11 2018 18:12

    10       0

    Excellent interview.

  • TM

    Timothy M.

    2 11 2018 18:06

    9       1

    Great interviews with Bannon and Miles Kwok. I have been a skeptic of China's ambitions for many years. The CCP has one goal and that is to get as many US dollars as possible. The WS banks who help Chinese companies list on the US stock exchanges are very culpable. The CCP will get the last laugh with so many US investors giving their hard earned dollars to buy shares of BABA.

  • SD

    S D.

    2 11 2018 18:03

    5       0

    Yes! China views the US as a tributary state. Finally somebody spells it out.
    China understands the US so much better than the US understands China.

  • BB

    Benjamin B.

    2 11 2018 17:56

    3       1

    Most interesting and informative interview I've seen on R.V to date.

  • DR

    Dick R.

    2 11 2018 17:46

    8       51

    I think it's nice of RV to squeeze Stephen K. Bannon in for a session between his lengthier interviews with Robert Mueller. Everybody should have his First Amendment rights, even psychopaths and criminals....... Since none of the films Mr. Bannon produced ever broke even, he's a fairly dubious choice for an investment channel. Since our President squandered his 400+ million dollar inheritance and went bankrupt six times, somewhere along the line we seem to have altered the definition of financial success....... Mr. Bannon recently held a Town Hall and not one of the politicians he invited showed up. He has won his pariah status the old-fashioned way, he earned it....... Seriously, if this is indicative of Kyle Bass's contact list, welcome to my kill file. While the Right constantly whines about media censorship, I've not noticed any difficulty in making their voices heard.

  • AR

    Abishek R.

    2 11 2018 17:44

    10       62

    First Real Vision video in the last 12 months that I could simply not get by watching; 20minutes.

    Come on RV. Create a separate domain for this new category of videos (maybe , such content doesn’t sit well on the same shelf with masterclasses from Raul, Jim, Grant, Kiril and Co.

  • gm

    gregory m.

    2 11 2018 17:34

    8       2

    Amazing. Two exceptionally bright people. Easily one of best ever RV interviews.

  • MC

    Minum C.

    2 11 2018 17:17

    1       11

    Mr. Bannon has nice hair. Geopolitical biases adversely impact investment returns.

  • CC

    Christopher C.

    2 11 2018 17:12

    13       1

    I am going to go on record and predict that Real Vision (Directly and staff etc.) will begin to see censorship, de-platforming attempts, search result deoptimization, as well as other "soft" misdirection/resistance etc. by Twitter, Google, FB, etc. Would also not be surprised to see backend IT infrastructure issues for hosted services etc., video delivering ability, etc.

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    2 11 2018 17:11

    11       0

    RV, this was an exceptional interview.

  • MS

    Michiel S.

    2 11 2018 16:58

    5       0

    Thank you RV although it can hardly be called a conversation Grant! 'Our' establishment media do not present us these sort of views that are so important to at least be able to give a better judgement on why, how and whereto in today's world! Love it and not saying I agree! We probably all need to abstract from our day to day lives and the businesses we run even so if they are threatened in their existence by and with printed money subsidized Chinese dumping practices, like mine is, and ask ourselves how we want to be led going into the future as that is what this is all about. As far as I am concerned I don't want to be ruled by communists nor by the fascist - to be read as authoritarian and highly connected with extreme forms of corporatism - leaders in today's Western world who give their people the illusion of having a democracy!

  • SC

    Steve C.

    2 11 2018 16:53

    14       0

    That was a brilliant interview. SB is extremely compelling in his reasoning

  • MT

    Matthew T.

    2 11 2018 16:23

    28       2

    Wow back to back Friday blockbusters! Phenomenal. Would love to see Steve Bannon as a regular guest.

  • SY

    ShaoXi Y.

    2 11 2018 16:15

    3       29

    he is too extreme

  • PD

    Peter D.

    2 11 2018 16:08

    12       0

    The China-bashing wave, which VP Mike Spence formalized in his speech at the Hudson Institute is unstoppable, because few Americans can speak or read Chinese, and they will thus never be able to get the other side of the story. The key takeaway is to divest everything that is exposed to good US-China relations and to re-balance towards the military industrial complex. We are heading into a new Cold War. BTW, as in the previous one, learning the adversary's language will pay huge dividends.

  • NP

    Neetha P.

    2 11 2018 16:05

    11       14

    Friday’s are for bashing China!!🤔🤔

  • TH

    Timo H.

    2 11 2018 15:59

    7       0

    This interview, albeit possibly quite a biased one, is an essential component in the big picture.

  • CS

    C S.

    2 11 2018 15:42

    8       5

    Ok, on the one-hand we have an aggressively merchantilistic state, dumbass leadership and demi-leadership ('globalist') leadership in the US, and the suggestion of an oppressive and authoritarian regime in China. That possibly poses a danger to the world. On the other hand we have a country, that has been progressively occupied/humiliated by western powers in the 1800's and the Japanese in the early 1900's. This expediated the demise of the last dynasty/emperor and enabled the rise of a communist regime. This communist regime was not expected to win the battle against the Nationalists, which the American favoured. Neither of which the Chinese in general were particularly keen on. Post WW2, the primary beneficiary/victor, the US had won island fortresses throughout the western pacific and also Japan, S Korea and the Philippines. A contrast was made between good-guy Deng, and current day Xi. The net result of the lost 20C is a pretty backward population in China. Under-educated. Some could argue similar with recent American generations, but that aside. I could argue that such a vast and under educated population will not easily be able to transition to, what is to us, more free and fair forms of governance given the state of personal and economic development. So the Chinese are surrounded by adversaries and are still, appear to be, relatively weak. It is in the globes interest to see a general rise in the standard of living of the Chinese people, and stability in China. Clean up your own house for sure. But a full court press and most certainly the '72-hour' idea of annons, if not just a rattle of the sabre, I find extremely provocative and dangerous. I can foresee the US losing ground/the war (the Chinese would have to fight to the death, back against a river type of thing) and the CCP losing power. China moving through a chaotic patch to, Im not sure what form of government. I hope both sides are ready eek out that narrow road that leads to the best possible outcome. All sides must accept now, the world is too small and methods of destruction too powerful, for a single, be it Chinese, American, or other, hegemon.

  • RM

    R M.

    2 11 2018 15:28

    2       0

    RV: Would like to see alternate views on strategies moving forward with both China and Russia.

    US Voters: The smartest single thing we need to do is to eliminate the pay to play political system in Washington, and halt the buying of influence by foreign entities and wealthy corporations in our government. See Lawrence Lessig for more.

    ALL: How do we meet the real challenges to mankind's survival, if Bannon gets what he wants?

    Prediction: Bannon's views does not equal Trump's views, and that will become apparent over time.

  • MM

    Michael M.

    2 11 2018 15:09

    1       3

    Reminder that Bannon is to certain extent a disciple of John Xenakis whose version of Strauss-Howe's Generational theory predicts a US -China world war with 3 billion+ dead.

  • VC

    Vince C.

    2 11 2018 15:06

    32       41

    Incredibly biased video, so I'll hit back:

    1) Typical American mentality: you vs me. Win vs lose. Zero sum games. The guy is a *stereotypically* "typical" American that most rest of the world can see but "typical" Americans don't.

    2) Chinese mentality: Confuscian values, ying & yang (balance) & guanxi (relationships) pervade every aspect of our lives with people. Note: agriculturally, rice paddy fields in China prospered and fed the people well only when people worked together.

    3) South China Sea: it's called the "China" sea for a reason. Tell me, what would the American government do if any other nation parked just one warship on the doorsteps of either side of the Atlantic?

    4) Comparing the East India Company with China is incredibly offensive, from a Chinese perspective. The East India Company ransacked India, forced the production and trade of Opium, eventually leading into China... causing a huge number of addicted Chinese (estimates up to 41% of the population in some areas) and the displacement of hundreds of millions of ethnic Chinese to the rest of the world. This was considered "good trade" by Imperialist Britain government, and to this day has not been acknowledged.

    5) Politically charged video series. The only people who care about America being "number 1" and militarily deployed world wide are hawkish Americans. I didn't subscribe to Real Vision for this.

    6) Considering the above it helps to look into the eyes of the other, empathise and attempt to understand their mentality and approach. Maybe then, one would realise other people don't think, act or want the same things as you.

  • AM

    Andrew M.

    2 11 2018 15:00

    38       3

    This is phenomenal. Bannon possesses such a depth of knowledge. He is certainly not the buffoon he's portrayed to be. And while he may or may not be a nice guy (I obviously can't say), the relentless smear attacks by almost all the media proves how dangerous his ideas are to the establishment elite. Fantastic.

  • JL

    Johnny L.

    2 11 2018 14:56

    8       1

    These secret hangar talks are brilliant and more informative than almsot anything else in fin media.

  • MM

    Michael M.

    2 11 2018 14:53

    12       0

    I will never not envy people lucky enough to have someone as endlessly curious and intense as Kyle Bass as their employer
    and mentor. I happen to align with Bannon on almost everything, but even if I didn't, the courage to really think, publicly, outside the box will always be admirable. Great job RV. (haven't even watched it yet)

  • KS

    Karen S.

    2 11 2018 14:41

    8       1


  • DB

    David B.

    2 11 2018 14:39

    8       1

    Holy shit.

  • GL

    Geoffrey L.

    2 11 2018 14:13

    7       2

    This might be your best one yet. Truly.

  • JV

    Jens V.

    2 11 2018 14:06

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    Absolutely awesome. It doesn't get better than this.

  • GR

    George R.

    2 11 2018 14:01

    6       0

    I hope Real Vision has strong copyright on this. No doubt CNN will be using this as fodder for their next "story".

  • NG

    Nick G.

    2 11 2018 13:50

    2       14

    Does no one shave any more? I find it difficult to believe the slothful.

  • SU

    Shakeel U.

    2 11 2018 13:39

    19       18

    Another video to bash China because their a threat to American imperialism. It would be good to get pro China perspective to provide a balanced view.

  • NF

    N. F.

    2 11 2018 13:17

    4       17

    Steve Bannon needs to learn when to shut up and let others in a conversation get a word in

  • JD

    John D.

    2 11 2018 13:09

    5       13

    Great Conversation... Bannon raises some great points however he fails to see Trump as an "elitist" who at the end of the day cares only about his own wealth and ego, and this will prevent him from doing what needs to be done to "Make America Great"

  • BG

    Bruno G.

    2 11 2018 13:00

    2       0

    KB: And no one's going to take RMB.
    SB: Well, this is going to be the great question we're going to have in front of us.

    Can i please have the video and/or transcripts of what followed the above? Thanks

  • BG

    Bruno G.

    2 11 2018 12:54

    42       2

    Kyle is a terrific interviewer. None of the fluff like tell me about your early years or things that helped shape you as a young man...all BS.
    He knows what he wants to asks because he is well versed on the subject and then just gets right down to the nitty gritty
    Loved it. Thanks everyone for bringing it to us

  • WP

    William P.

    2 11 2018 12:41

    13       1

    Another first rate interview by Kyle. Great job. Go Frogs!

  • NH

    Nigel H.

    2 11 2018 12:27

    6       2

    Really great. RIP MSM!

  • HL


    2 11 2018 12:06

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    wonderful interview

  • FC

    Fractal C.

    2 11 2018 12:05

    12       9

    Brilliant job, Kyle! Bannon is a genius and him, along with Trump have been far ahead of the curve on this topic. Here is my fear though: My fear is that Trump will make a weak and half ass deal with China and call it a victory. I hope I am wrong on this. Why do I feel that way? Look at what he did on the healthcare issue - he didn't fundamentally solve the healthcare issue. He put a weak band aid on Obamacare and called it a victory. Again, I hope I am wrong but that is my fear.

  • SD

    Sebastien D.

    2 11 2018 11:57

    9       4

    Great interview, thanks Kyle and RV for bringing this kind of content.

    If I may, you have us pretty pumped against China lately, one or two more like this and I'll start thinking it's better just to nuke them asap (and do Russia on the way). Do you you plan to balance the views? Looks like I am criticizing but it's a genuine question.

  • RK

    Richard K.

    2 11 2018 11:54

    8       2

    Lenin said “the capitalists will sell you the rope to hang them with”. I think it applies here.

  • RS

    Roy S.

    2 11 2018 11:25

    5       2

    looks like Kyle will take down China himself !!!

  • gg

    georgy g.

    2 11 2018 11:17

    9       1

    Kyle Bass interview with Bannon is a must watch. I wish RV puts more pieces of this interview in a public domain for all to watch to understand what Trump is fighting for. This is why any deal with China most likely will be cosmetic and not substantive yet. Would be great to have Kyle Bass discuss such potential deal. So depending on how much enthusiasm the market gets you may have to sell it

  • TH

    Thomas H.

    2 11 2018 11:08

    2       0

    Is our military strategy allowing China to further its strategy. We pay to police the world with our large military budget. They have to spend far less on their military as a result. They can use these savings to accomplish their strategy. They know that it is just a matter of time before our deficit bankrupts our economy. I do not know the answer. I would like to see this discussion on Real Vision.

  • EP

    Eli P.

    2 11 2018 10:49

    6       1

    wow -realvision !!!!!!

  • PN

    Paul N.

    2 11 2018 10:49

    36       0

    More people should take the time to listen to their political opposites in long form conversations like this, rather than through media soundbites. Thanks for this.

  • AN

    Andrew N.

    2 11 2018 10:28

    4       0

    Amazing. Thank you!

  • AZ

    Aamer Z.

    2 11 2018 10:19

    12       3

    Bannon is a smart man and his analysis is accurate except that it is equally applicable to the rise of the US in the past....and to believe that Trumps White House is not run by the 'elite' is either naive or dishonest. The proof is that the only guy who was a non elitist in his team now outside of the WH....Bannon !

    Kissinger is and remains an advisor to Trump...and Putin also.

    Great interview and eye opening. Pity Bannon is in exile...

  • tn

    tung n.

    2 11 2018 10:16

    0       0

    Not available for download ?

  • AZ

    Aamer Z.

    2 11 2018 09:34

    17       35

    Just started watching the video. My initial comment is that you have a China basher being interviewed by a smart China basher..... You should have included another person with a less negative view of China asking questions or challenging Bass.