The Kyle Bass Interviews: The Billionaire Chinese Dissident

Featuring Miles Kwok

Kyle Bass sits down with infamous Chinese businessman Guo Wengui, also known as known as “Miles Kwok,” to hear a series of shocking accusations and predictions revolving around the Chinese government. Kwok provides his perception of the backstory behind several recent high-profile news items, and touches on the Chinese government’s management of the economy. He also unfurls an alarming forecast about Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. Filmed on October 5, 2018 at an undisclosed location.

Published on
26 October, 2018
China, Financial System, Debt
56 minutes


  • CS

    Chris S.

    13 11 2018 14:13

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    I cannot rate this video because I have no idea what I should think about this. Weirdly fascinating.

  • ML

    M L.

    11 11 2018 13:42

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    Great interview and very bold of RV to host this interview. The death of the HNA chairman was highly suspicious - I remember thinking this before listening to any 'conspiracy theories'. The series of events that China was imposing on the company to delever in the lead up to his death was very telling. His death is not a coincidence. Very fishy.

  • KT

    K T.

    11 11 2018 05:39

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    Was flying to New York when I viewed this video. Couldn't help myself but take a walk past the Bank of China building to go and see if "all the windows is blocked". Looked all normal to me, no shutters or closed blinds(and this was a clear morning strong early day sun right onto the building). Either all you say is true or everything else is called into question.

  • EM

    Ewan M.

    9 11 2018 16:13

    2       1

    What's with all the negative comments? They sound like CCP employees

  • MB

    Michael B.

    9 11 2018 12:31

    0       1

    Putting this interview out lets us make up our own minds
    Kwok may be over exaggerating some information but it gets our attention
    Now we are responsible to find out for ourselves
    The parallels between China's Social Credit system and what Social media is implementing are interesting to say the least
    Forcing churches to replace the cross with a photo of emperor Li, says a lot about who these leaders are

  • DY

    Damian Y.

    8 11 2018 05:40

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    Great interview and it's good to see RV have the balls to show this. Nothing about the CCP really surprises me. When you look at the 20th century and the crime against humanity that these extreme left wing ideologies (communism) have done to innocent people then nothing that the CCP does surprises me. The entire history of the CCP is all about suppressing and controlling people. After traveling to a lot of these ex communist countries, like Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Cambodia and Vietnam, I've seen first hand the effects of what these evil left wing dictators have done to the people, under the name of socialism. Even today the people are still scared to talk about their government. It's very rare to see someone speak against these dictator governments as it normally ends in one way. Whether you believe Miles or not he has very big balls to say this kind of stuff. This is really only the tip of the iceberg with what really goes on in China.
    One question to ask yourself. Why do the rich, educated, elite Chinese go to all sorts of length to get their money out of China? If China is such a great investment then why don't they leave their money in China? Why are these western companies all trying to invest their money into China and calling foul play once they've been ripped off. Do you think the elite Chinese who grew up in China know something that the western's don't?
    As Miles said, westerners are naive and too trusting and if they are shocked by what has been said in this interview then maybe take your next holiday to some of these ex communist countries and talk to the people and read up on the history, Cambodia is a good place to start and spend some time walking around the killing fields.
    These Kyle Bass interview are great and please keep them coming.

  • CL

    Claus L.

    6 11 2018 11:39

    1       0

    I have 3 university degrees, speak 5 languages, spent the largest proportion of my life problem-solving, and yet it I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY only 2 other people here seem to think that this interview (and, yes, I have read the transcript as well) is incomprehensible gobbledegook. Translators do have a purpose on this planet......

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    4 11 2018 16:09

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    Where is my comment?

  • dm

    dan m.

    3 11 2018 17:06

    2       1

    Photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth
    I'm 'bout to call the paparazzi on myself
    Uh, live from the Mercer
    Run up on Yeezy the wrong way, I might murk ya
    Flee in the G four fifty I might surface
    Political refugee, asylum can be purchased
    Uh, everything's for sale, I got five passports
    I'm never going to jail
    - Jay Z

  • LW

    Lei W.

    3 11 2018 07:18

    2       6

    Guo is fucking joker, and most of his words is not the fact.

  • RT

    Rune T.

    3 11 2018 01:19

    6       3

    Reminds me of the Bill Browder interview which turned out to be misleading and personal/political cold war rhetoric. Doubt creeps in for me anytime someone is demonizing another and Miles Kwok was demonizing China. I really like Kyle. But..... we know that Kyle acts as an advisor to the White House in regard to China and we know that Kyle has a thesis in regard to the RMB. We know that the Whitehouse has long been engaged in strategy and behind closed door war games against China and a long time strategy to continue USD hegemony that affects many countries and curriencies negatively. I think what is closer to the truth is that countries such as China and Russia are not looking to ruin the US and the USD but rather would like to be part of a multi-polar world and a global economy that includes them. On the other hand the US is engaged in demonizing countries such as Russia and China to continue it's USD hegemony.

  • pw

    protima w.

    3 11 2018 00:23

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    That should have read China has occupied "12000 square miles of Indian territory illegally and it slowly creeping into India". Which country does territorial expansion in this day and age? Well China is!! That is the truth!

  • pw

    protima w.

    3 11 2018 00:19

    3       1

    Few people in the West know that China has occupied 12000 square miles of Indian territory and they are creeping in further into India. They do not respect treaties made between their neighboring countries and make up their own maps to claim territories. So this is not surprising to me at all. Many countries including Vietnam are saying that China considers "south china sea" and East china sea as its own territory because it has the name China next to the sea.
    The question is how do you implement treaties and international laws when it comes to China? Nobody has ever challenged them and they have become emboldened as years went by.
    How many people in this forum know that they took possession of a port in Sri Lanka under One Belt one road initiative because Sri Lanka could not pay its debt to them.

  • bf

    bart f.

    2 11 2018 17:01

    2       0

    This is how i thought western democraties were operating so no surprise :). more seriously this is all plausible although the scale of the corruption described seems too large to have been sustained for so long. it is good that our governments are waking up to these hard facts but they have been complicite for so long by creating a labour/capital arbitrage through corporate globalization that China alone cannot be blamed. Deglobalization is underway and it will be inflationary.

  • VE

    Viktor E.

    2 11 2018 08:55

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    China is getting scary:

  • dm

    dan m.

    2 11 2018 02:10

    2       0

    What's this? Looks like the set of a Rick Ross music video.

  • CD

    Christopher D.

    2 11 2018 00:15

    6       13

    This is more about Kyle Bass’s agenda. It is such an obvious political play. More loopy right wing White House / Steve Bannon material. The is a negative for RVTV

  • CB

    C B.

    1 11 2018 17:05

    3       0

    Sociopaths the world over should eat a hand full of mushrooms so they can at least have a chance to be connected to the world that they live on. Change your perspective and forget your old contexts so that you can embrace peace and love and leave your addictions to amphetamines and power behind. RealVision is so cool because it is telling us a story about the current fixations of the human species. If we destroy our planet, ecology and one another will we feel remorse? Money is perhaps the most important communication tool in existence today and large players ability to distort the information that money conveys is preventing us from washing away the unproductive allocations of resources. Perhaps new money will repair this issue. The imposition of honesty is the value of gold, crypto and markets! Ooga chaca!

  • SG

    Sherman G.

    1 11 2018 00:08

    4       1

    Great interview. Confirms my suspicions with detail.

  • CA

    Craig A.

    31 10 2018 07:12

    1       1

    Lots of insight. Really shocking stuff.

  • CZ

    Cyprian Z.

    31 10 2018 05:09

    8       0

    the guy clearly has a lot of knowledge but I can't help but think that letting him speak Chinese would have made for a better interview (despite Kyle's great effort).

  • JM

    John M.

    31 10 2018 04:58

    3       0

    I wish we had the opportunity to tweet a copy of this interview. Hope Raul will consider this.

  • DK

    Daniel K.

    31 10 2018 01:57

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    Would he be the Missionary (game theory)?
    Jack Ma have a cult following, I hope he will be left alone as long his teaching doesn’t interfere with the party line. Although he’ll be always dangerous... wish him many years

  • CH

    Colin H.

    30 10 2018 23:49

    0       0

    Miles' English was difficult to understand in some places.
    I think it would have been a good idea to have used the translator more either in the interview or in post.

  • BL

    Brian L.

    30 10 2018 19:54

    6       0

    Fascinating. It confirms suspicions probably most of us had all along. I couldnt help but picture the corollary to that conversation. Somewhere in China, in an airplane hangar, a Chinese Kyle Bass, interviewing some US insider and getting the inside spiel on the US "Mafia families" and financial dirty tricks. Now obviously we are more transparent and such...but...there certainly is some overlap. Human nature is the same worldwide.

  • jm

    jim m.

    30 10 2018 19:12

    12       0

    I respect Bass and enjoyed Kwok. The message to me is that Americans have been and are truly naive as to China's intentions vis a vis the U.S. My view has been and is, is that China is ruthless and has a desire to return to being the principal global power. The U.S. has evidenced an inability to plan and execute. I do not view Kwok as sensationalist, though I can see how some view him to be just that. My sense is that he has been prescient about Ma and others, that he is friendly with some senior Private/Public Senior individuals who were targeted and will be targeted, and that he is acting selflessly in attempting to educate us on the threats we face from China. I value the Real Vision forum and hope that the forum continues to provide perspectives that cut across investments, and geopolitics. Global macro investing relies in part, on an understanding of that which is political and cultural. Good job and good perspective RV.

  • DS

    David S.

    30 10 2018 18:01

    4       0

    The US/China trade dispute started off to end the deficit for the US balance of payments. Has it morphed into negotiating on all levels - trade, technology transfer and industrial subsidy policies? This would be a much different negotiation. Anyone with valid sources or their opinions? DLS

  • SC

    Sau C.

    30 10 2018 17:49

    2       0

    As an Asian American, I have been painfully ignorant of the inner workings of China and the CCP.
    Mr. Kwok is clearly an educated man but I do wish his English was better as that would make his message more meaningful.

    It is a terrible signal for China and the rest of the world if what he is saying about Jack Ma and Alibaba is true. I am sure I was not the only one who was a bit surprised at Jack Ma's announcement

  • RK

    Roger K.

    30 10 2018 17:07

    1       2

    The only question is how the world/ US let the communism continue in China for so long. Why we have started trading full blown with these despicable commies who have no respect for the human life let along the international rule based order. Why we have let them invited into the WTO and now they have SDRs as well. No body challenged this until Trump comes along.

  • ev

    ernie v.

    30 10 2018 16:21

    4       0

    If you take away only one thing from all this. China is not our friend.

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    30 10 2018 15:57

    2       0

    He is right about the simple mindedness of America. These countries are run by the Mafia. They call them selves the Communist party, or the Revolutionary party, or what ever, but they are essentially the modern mafia. Can you imagine living in country run by a mafia? The best hope is that the mafia members start infighting over the declining pie. time will tell. Thank you RV. This is worth the price of admission.

  • ML

    Michael L.

    30 10 2018 07:34

    4       0

    he might have just saved Jack Ma's life with that prediction - as China stays away from Ma just to discredit this guy

  • SC

    Stanley C.

    30 10 2018 05:53

    9       0

    Let me elaborate Mr. Kwok’s “Blue Gold Yellow Plan” , a tool to leverage against you. Blue, hacking your personal information, gold: money to coerce you, Yellow, sex. Let me explain from my China experiences. Many of the hotels in China had 1 or 2 hotel rooms accessible by Police or local government. These rooms have full surveillance equipments. If you are over 50 with 3 tiny hair on top, big belly, a 20 yrs old girl showing interest and would like to follow back to your hotel room. Don’t think you are attractive , you are just targeted. Many Universtiy professors fell for that.

  • AL

    Andrew L.

    30 10 2018 05:09

    0       0

    In light of this conversation a bit of recent local news seems much more sinister.

  • AL

    Andrew L.

    30 10 2018 04:52

    0       0

    I have always wondered what was the motivation for Nixon going to open China in the first place? Of course you will hear the argument of globalization leading to a softening of the communist regime thorough economic inter-dependence. I don't buy that. I am very curious because It seems that the the economic dog, when it really matters, gets wagged by the geo-political/military/security tail. But I have nothing to back that up.

  • DF

    Dominic F.

    30 10 2018 02:19

    1       0

    I wonder if “I just met with Steve Bannon” had anything to do with this interview being agreed to. Stir up the sentiment, self-fulfilling prophecy 🤷‍♂️

  • SS

    Sam S.

    29 10 2018 19:28

    1       2

    2000 people in a smallish high rise-----World Trade Center Buildings pre-911, an engineer mentioned each building held up to 30,000 people each. Go figure.

  • AG

    Adam G.

    29 10 2018 18:16

    11       1

    A controversial interview.
    My interpretation of the agendas of each:
    I suspect Mr Kwok does have some insight into how things work in China and he is not particularly happy for whatever reason and sought refuge in the US and wishes to maintain his status in the US to avoid his enemies in China.
    Mr Bass is attempting to look behind the Chinese curtain to support his ‘short the RMB’ trade.

    The unsubstantiated claims by Mr Kwok are just that. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle but it doesn’t really matter because it is their system. The US also has some serious issues.

    At one point in the interview Mr Bass stated ‘I think you are right because you agree with me…’ I don’t know if Mr Bass was saying this in jest but I question the value of Mr Kwok’s input regarding the short RMB trade. I don’t disagree with Mr Bass’s thesis but question usefulness of this piece because of the emotional content. However, the YEN short trade seemed like a slam dunk but I guess its about timing.

    My observation is that the US primacy (unipolar world) is dwindling. It is losing ground on Brzezinki’s Grand Chessboard. You have ‘Art of the Deal’ vs ‘Tzun Tzu’. You have short term objectives (quarterly reports, US election cycles) vs long term planning. Both have debt issues… the Chinese invented paper money.
    I re-watched the Malmgren interview which I find to be much more useful.
    As mentioned, I don’t disagree with Mr Bass’s thesis but my play for now is long $US.
    Thanks RV

  • TS

    Tyler S.

    29 10 2018 14:48

    1       0

    20% of how many billions, sign me up.

  • DS

    Darryl S.

    29 10 2018 08:11

    0       0


  • JC

    Joel C.

    29 10 2018 05:31

    1       1

    things that make you go hmmm...

  • FL

    Flavia L.

    29 10 2018 05:20

    6       0

    Mr. Guo has a worthwhile message and his comments about the economy and the banking system have a lot of merits, but he lost me long before this interview was aired. If you think this is outlandish, you should tune in to his youtube monologues (in Chinese though). He is undermining his own messages with his exaggeration and too-out-there predictions and comments. His predictions about millions of people on the street of Beijing did not turn into reality. Sometimes I feel the naïve ones also include him. What he missed about China is the lack of internal desire for revolutionary change. I don’t know if the economy will worsen enough to tip the scale, but it certainly was not there before. Regarding his comments about China’ grand strategy, is that even a secret? Of course China wants to see a weakened US, wants to challenge dollar’s status, just as US wants a weakened China, a potential challenger to her supremacy, and wants to defend dollar’s rule. What I’m most curious is about his prediction of the party’s downfall in two years. Well, that is serious, every single person here will feel the impact one way or another.

  • GO

    Gary O.

    29 10 2018 04:54

    6       0

    I watched this four times and it is still hard to believe his claims. It is also funny when Miles said 20% of a billion dollars and Kyle almost fell off his chair!! Big balls Real Vision. I am impressed. Again.

  • LC

    Liliana C.

    29 10 2018 04:34

    7       1

    Not much of what Mr. Kwok said surprised me frankly and Most if not all know of those who have lived under oppressive regimes, whether communist or dictators know this. Indeed those regimes work as described by Mr. Kwok. Having said that, I wonder why now are powerful members of the CCP undoing their profitable partnerships with their protégés such as Ma, Mr. Kwok and the Chairman of the insurance company assassinated in Provence? Have the business moguls overstepped their boundaries? Have they cheated their “partners” on their share of the loot? What has changed? That’s the million dollar question in my mind. Thank you Kyle, Mr. Kwok and RVTV!

  • JX

    JIA X.

    29 10 2018 04:31

    2       0

    Wow, it is on RV!

  • SZ

    SALEH Z.

    29 10 2018 01:51

    10       5

    interesting but a lot of sensationalism...firmly in the category of Jim Rickards and Martin Armstrong...

  • jl

    jay l.

    28 10 2018 23:27

    3       0

    john perkins please

  • gg

    georgy g.

    28 10 2018 22:18

    9       0

    When you think about liberal brainwashing at colleges here and watch kgb old playbook here - this is all very believable.

  • PG

    Philippe G.

    28 10 2018 21:26

    10       0

    Well, well...I had a feeling this video wasn't going to be the usual RV interview as soon as I saw the disclaimer and heard "undisclosed aircraft hangar"....

    I try to keep an open mind with all theories on China, so my compliments to RV for sticking their neck out to put this together. Of course, same for Mr. Bass and Mr. Kwok/Wengui

  • CD

    Chris D.

    28 10 2018 20:49

    4       0


  • FG

    Flavio G.

    28 10 2018 20:22

    1       6

    They need to print more money because they have a much higher propensity to save. With growth and given that propensity, they need to print more in order to satisfy hoarding of cash without creating deflation.
    Please stop creating fictional conspiracy theories around M2

  • RM

    Robert M.

    28 10 2018 20:10

    11       0

    Good interview and interesting, although difficult to follow at times. It would be helpful if RealVision could use this material for another piece that goes into greater depth with additional information about the people and events named. In the same piece, RV could clarify and or expand on the points that Guo Wengui made during the interview. Sounds like China and Russia have more similarities than I realised with regards to who controls the wealth and how they acquire it. Funny that China gets away with state sanctioned murders but Saudi Arabia doesn't.

  • PZ

    Petr Z.

    28 10 2018 19:12

    1       0


  • SA

    Sandeep A.

    28 10 2018 17:57

    8       38

    This interview is full of unsubstantiated claims. No country can build an economy as large as China without rule of law and an enduring economic philosophy.

    It appears Raoul/Realvision is providing a political platform to a rabid anti-China elements like this runaway billionaire. Please stick to economics and business perspectives.

  • OS

    Oliver S.

    28 10 2018 17:11

    6       0


  • RS

    Rob S.

    28 10 2018 16:31

    15       2

    Miles, Mate keep your head down! having just returned from China I get the surveilance thing. that was spectacular interview!
    RV bleeping marvellous

  • RS

    Rob S.

    28 10 2018 16:31

    1       2

    Miles, Mate keep your head down! having just returned from China I get the surveilance thing. that was spectacular interview!
    RV bleeping marvellous

  • SR

    Saul R.

    28 10 2018 15:46

    5       1

    Why is this behind a paywall. This interview should be spread far and wide !

  • CM

    C M.

    28 10 2018 14:35

    3       0

    After watching the video yesterday, saw this headline in the South China News this morning: China praises Macau official who fell to his death, calling Zheng Xiaosong a man ‘of integrity’

  • MB

    Matthias B.

    28 10 2018 14:32

    4       0

    just out of curiosity and probably a question to Milton, has this interview attracted the most comments ever? I think I have never seen a video which led to so many arguments in favor/against. Just going through this comments section is worth the RV sub.

  • MK

    Mike K.

    28 10 2018 14:07

    26       0

    This was an absolutely fantastic interview. It’s hard to prove whether the implicit allegations made by Mr Wengui are in fact true, but from my experience, they all seem very plausible. Reading the polarizing comments below – and I urge all viewers to do so, for a broader opinionated view, I felt compelled to offer my own. Growing up in a communist country, one my family and I had to flee from, such allegations are not surprising. I urge all the Americans (and other nationalities), who were fortunate enough to be born in a democracy, and never personally experienced living under such communist regimes, to open their minds and educate themselves. Communist states: Under such conditions human principles do not change, and it’s really no different this time with China.

  • CH

    Curtis H.

    28 10 2018 13:46

    4       2

    I want to register a very strange occurrence twice. I watched this video twice on my iPhone and each time I received a call from Washington DC. Each time a voice mail was left which was in Chinese. I have no idea what the message was. The phone number is 202-609-2917. This is an eerie coincidence because I have never received this sort of spam before.

  • OD

    Orin D.

    28 10 2018 12:18

    11       8

    RV- I want to just point out there is a big difference between this and great expose pieces like that done the Guardian about Cambrige Analytica that had PROOF. These are wild claims that further fuel a growing dysfunctional US-China relationship.

    Media is a powerful thing and there needs to be some sort of proof. Everything he says may be true but what if they arent true? What is the cost???

  • FM

    Fraser M.

    28 10 2018 10:20

    11       2

    I haven’t earned the right to have an opinion on these matters but am grateful to RV for providing access to this darker side of the China narrative.

  • mf

    mark f.

    28 10 2018 09:52

    30       0

    I will be brief: this interview boils down to one of two treatments: 1) if this is false, it was an entertaining and interesting perspective with an agenda; 2) if this is true, it is the most important video RV has ever done, bar none, by virtue of the economic, geo-strategic and market impact and outcomes that likely follow if conclusions transpire.

  • HL


    28 10 2018 09:49

    4       0

    brilliant interview

  • RC

    RJ C.

    28 10 2018 07:10

    3       0

    I will make something very simple for anyone who was wondering whether this is a credible videos, it doesn't matter if the video is 100% true or 0% true. The only thing to determine is the weighing the bet of either.

    1. Price seems to agree, sitting right near the high of 7.
    2. China NEEDS a weaker currency.
    3. Fed tightening policy.

    Getting in front of this cocktail is only possible with small bets, tight stops, and options. The trade, long USD has a huge upside skew because of the possibility of deval, a long term break of 7 in general is a very long term breakout, and finally the underlying CB forces. Bet it either way you like, but fading long term breakouts with this much risk of vol is absolutely the antithesis of anything I would do.

  • JS

    Jerad S.

    28 10 2018 07:02

    5       0

    I really appreciate this unique perspective. Thank you.

  • DR

    Debra R.

    28 10 2018 06:17

    4       9

    Apart from pushing your bearish view on China, how does this help investors?

  • PO

    Paul O.

    28 10 2018 05:31

    7       1

    I would like to hear both Anne Stevenson Yang and Christopher Balding respond to this interview. From what I recall from her interview with Grant is that the CCP is no longer interested in overthrowing the dollar as the world reserve currency.

  • DR

    David R.

    28 10 2018 05:18

    3       2

    Wonderful interview! Well worth the mild difficulty Mr. Wengui has communicating some points. For those with patience, a wealth of insight is tucked in his answers.

  • SD

    S D.

    28 10 2018 04:41

    4       17

    The guys knows Jack Ma is walking dead because he'll be the one pulling the trigger.
    No platform.
    Shame, RV.

  • SD

    S D.

    28 10 2018 04:40

    8       2

    This guy resembles Ahmed Chalabi in key respects: sharp suits, friends in high places, and scandalous scuttlebut that proves impossible to disprove.

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    28 10 2018 04:22

    7       4

    This was superb Kyle! I truly hope you keep on interviewing interesting people in the financial world for RealVision. Thanks a lot!

  • CM

    C M.

    28 10 2018 02:09

    22       0

    As an investor, my biggest takeaway is that he is talking to Bannon, which means it is going to Trump. And while the claims in the interview can not be substaniated and many appear to be exaggerated, Trump drives his foreign policy off this type of information. Thus, his economic war with China may be greater than any of us imagined leading to higher tariffs on January 1st and creating unwanted disruption in the global supply chain. This will impact markets negatively going forward.

  • BP

    Bryce P.

    28 10 2018 01:54

    16       18

    Hey RV does this clown have the same despicable handlers as Bill Browder? Skeptical of who this guy really works for. You like to claim how RV is on the cutting edge of this and that. Then do what you want to claim to be in its entirety. Terribly disappointed in RV that you didn’t give the total backstory to who Bill Browder really is. Shame on you RV and that’s why I’m very skeptical on this clown’s true motives and wondering who he really works for. Did you truly do your due diligence on this guy and Browder? Like who really financed these turds would be a good place to start.

  • GO

    Gary O.

    27 10 2018 23:58

    1       4

    Very, very interesting. Definitely a first for Real Vision. If I was Kyle, I would not hang out with "Miles Kwok"

    Very Very dangerous China kill you!!

    Everyone will have eyes on Jack Ma from now on!

  • AS

    Abi S.

    27 10 2018 23:39

    6       1

    Fantastic. It’s only sensationalistic if you don’t know the reality of the world.

  • EF

    E F.

    27 10 2018 23:04

    3       1

    what's the line on this gentleman disappearing in 1y time

  • NG

    Nick G.

    27 10 2018 22:48

    8       24

    Newsfash: if you start a small business in China or Russia you can grow it into a multi billion operation within 5 years without any political help whatsoever. The system is open and transparent and anyone can make it through sheer hard work. Kissing political ass absolutely not a requirement.
    Thanks for bringing on a crook to tell me the system is crooked. You can always believe a crook when he turns on his own.

  • WS

    William S.

    27 10 2018 22:11

    18       13

    It's impossible to judge Mr. Kwok's veracity, but as I watched the interview, I found myself doubting his reliability as a source. In my opinion, this interview ranks just behind the Bill Browder interview as the most ill-advised decision in RealVision's otherwise stellar history.

  • MB

    Maciej B.

    27 10 2018 21:26

    15       7

    The production is terrible, should’ve let him talk in Chinese with English dub, I feel so much info is not getting through due to the language barrier

  • .

    • DR

      David R.

      28 10 2018 08:54

      1       0

      Published there 3 weeks before RV, interestingly. My spouse also found this vid on Youku Tudou and iQiyi, which are 5X bigger in terms of active users and data streamed than youtube (as most in eastern Asia use something else). Scores of views and comments about this vid. Let's just say the tone there is very different than in here.

  • HF

    Hassan F.

    27 10 2018 18:58

    2       6

    Kyle has now either willingly or inadvertently put himself in harms way. I don't understand how does being on the CCP hit-list does him any favors as he would have been making money hand over fist from the China slowdown.

  • MD

    Marian D.

    27 10 2018 18:48

    5       1

    @Kyle Bass:
    this interview makes it very clear to which lengths you go when working on a thesis and doing your own primary research - very impressive, hats off!
    Is there a more up to date presentation - besides the Hayman Letter of Feb 2016 - of your view what is going on in china you like to share?
    Many thanks for this interview!

  • CW

    Christine W.

    27 10 2018 18:34

    11       1

    As a Journalist, I commend you Real Vision!

  • MC

    Martin C.

    27 10 2018 17:58

    6       1

    Thank you Realvision and Kyle for arranging this candid, open and hard-to-get interview about what’s inside the CCP. In appreciation, you have me as a life-long subscriber. Keep up the fantastic work! Thank you also to Mr Kwok for risking your life to enlighten us. There is much more work to do.

  • rl

    roger l.

    27 10 2018 16:10

    16       10

    One thief accusing another thief. Although some of Mr Kwok's claims can be true but he is still a crook nevertheless. Disappointed that an interview of a person of such dubious nature is put on RV platform.

  • ly

    lena y.

    27 10 2018 15:30

    18       2

    Who is this Mr. Kwok? How he gets this rich in China? Why he has so much inside informations? Was he one of them before? He turns on his colleagues after a fall out? Is there personal interest in his interviews? About Wang Qisan? One can cross check his judgement with that of Ray Dalio who talked about Ray's meetings with Wang in his book The Principles. Whom I believe in?

  • BA

    Bruno A.

    27 10 2018 15:08

    5       4

    It’s a pity this interview was not held in Chinese with English translation . I think that 90% of info was lost because of poor english. We could have made so much more. Still this 10% was amazing, especially about the strange death in Provence and the disappearance of the France based Interpol chief. Comments about RMB printing and non convertibility strengthened my belief that the Chinese created a monetary anchor in RMB by manipulating gold price. By maintaining an artificially low price of gold, and encouraging the ownership of gold by their population, the Chinese can hide the loss of purchasing power of the RMB due to money printing . I think the US is passive on this so far, because the Chinese got themselves into a trap. Whenever the US decides to push the price of gold higher they can create an hyperinflation in China and defeat their opponent..

  • PT

    Patrick T.

    27 10 2018 15:02

    14       6

    RV's best interview ever? No. Crooked Oligarch who has fallen out of favor doing interview for his benefit.

  • GA

    Giedrius A.

    27 10 2018 14:49

    5       3

    Thank you RV for such a great interview. Absolutely shocked about Miles Kwok's warning message to the rest of the world. We did not learn from the past and we easily forget what the Communism is all about. Thank you once again

  • RR

    Robert R.

    27 10 2018 14:37

    16       0

    I laughed out loud when Kwok said Fan Bingbing was a girlfriend to many...

  • GF

    Guillaume F.

    27 10 2018 13:36

    2       1

    Very interesting!! Thanks a lot for bringing us this interview!

  • IO

    Igor O.

    27 10 2018 12:05

    8       3

    Chinese version of Bill Browder? Same outrageous claims.

  • JS

    John S.

    27 10 2018 11:57

    9       4

    Very worthwhile interview. The west needs to wake up.

  • MG

    Mandeep G.

    27 10 2018 11:39

    32       1

    Could he ever have become rich, connected and with insider information of how power operates in China, without part taking in the system. So of course he is tainted, but does that mean one should not believe the information he is providing. Of course be cynical, but there are ways to come to conclusion that amongst some amount of hyperbole there is also fair bit of truth.
    I can believe the actress taking a cut of the loans she could facilitate, because I have first hand knowledge of that happening with State run banks in India 20-25 years ago (the cut used to be between 5-10% dependent on size of loan), the reason they are saddled with NPL's now.
    Arbitrary arrests on trumped up charges, is easily believable in a country that has no independent judiciary. And happens pretty regularly in countries referred to as emerging markets. Extra judicial killings happen even in a working democracy like India for non-powerful or non-connected , so absolutely believable that this happens in China where CCP has absolute control.
    It is only through absolute control that China can continue the smoke and mirrors effect that is the Chinese economic miracle and financial world, without imploding into hyper-inflation. Else every developing country could run the printing presses and produce the same economic miracle!

  • SG

    Sashi G.

    27 10 2018 10:35

    17       33

    I don't think this sort of interview belongs on RV. More likely on Fox News perhaps. But it seems to add fuel to the points made in the discussion between Grant and Kyle, so maybe that is why this was aired. But still - to what purpose? Investment and "situations" are two different things. Unless you are trying to show ethical values here on RV as well.

  • as

    andrew s.

    27 10 2018 09:05

    18       37

    Pity RV has become so ZeroHedge

  • SK

    Sebastian K.

    27 10 2018 08:56

    5       2

    Kind of hard to Understand all what Miles was saying, but what made me wounder in the last month was, Why is Jack Ma leaving Alibaba suddenly? Why is the Chinese Interpol Chief is suddenly missing? Why is there even an Chinese Interpol Chief by the way? ;-)

    My conclusion was they both must have made enemies with the CPC? They must have fallen to disgrace with someone very powerful.
    I Never owned a Chinese stock behause i don‘t Trust the System at all!

    Last thought, since Miles is in the US, is he working with the CIA? Will he be the next to „disappear? If he does we all know there was something about his Stories.

  • TP

    Tucker P.

    27 10 2018 06:16

    6       2

    Umm... there are large, and seemingly important parts of his narrative I can't understand for the life of me. He seems to be sincere and believable, and what I get from this is quite frightening. But there's a LOT I can't discern from his fractured English.

  • TP

    Tucker P.

    27 10 2018 06:16

    1       2

    Umm... there are large, and seemingly important parts of his narrative I can't understand for the life of me. He seems to be sincere and believable, and what I get from this is quite frightening. But there's a LOT I can't discern from his fractured English.

  • JV

    Jens V.

    27 10 2018 05:42

    12       7

    It’s about time for the world to wake up and see the CCP for what it really is. We all enjoy our cheap stuff from China and it has blinded us. The CCP is no better than Putin’s regime or the Soviet regimes before him. They use the same playbook and they have had the time of their lives growing their economy and power unchecked.
    I see the CCP as the evil power that won. They’ve been in control for almost 70 years now, so we take it for granted. But this is a dangerous organization with values directly opposed to the west. If we wish to keep our values and way of life in the west, we need to fight parties like the CCP. Not trade with them and look the other way as they rob us blind and run their country like George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia. No wonder the book is banned in China.
    Watch Niall Ferguson’s series on modern Chinese history (Triumph and Turmoil) if you don’t already know who these people are and what they come from (the CCP leadership). It’s also instructive to watch the Icarus documentary about Russian olympic cheating to gain insight on the thought process and methods of this type of regime.
    They have benefited tremendously from Western naivety. It has to stop.

  • KS

    Kathleen S.

    27 10 2018 05:01

    20       3

    Wow - let's make it simple -- what Kwok says makes sense when you look at world from right vantge point. How did China Rise from the ashes in early 1970's??? Hmm? Kissinger (Globalist David Rockefeller protege) - totally obvious bad US trade deals that NO doubt hurt US worker and corporations??? What country makes such bad deals- unless you make them because they are an offer you cant refuse. Where is the gold? Look at gold flow west to east -- this was all a globalist set up for the big reset we all know is coming and US has refused to do audit of gold reserves in Fort Knox since 1950's. Next, China is printing money at such an extent it is unfathomable and China has a totally FAKE internal banking system (which Kyle knows is a fact) and what are they doing with this fake system - Oh yeah, LOL One belt One road =Bullshit. Look at Sri Lanka ports, it is the IMF all over again, Debt from nothing and I own you. Bigger picture Rockefeller Bankers Globalist Agenda is the question, these jokers have been in China and supported Mao pre- revolution and post revolution -- Kissinger is a criminal and Trump is actually supporting USA and national sovereignty - like Kyle says. I hope the world wakes up before this all turns on them. I agree with Kwok, China is more evil than most can even imagine. Remember CCP is Mao's party and they murdered 45 million of their own country men. Dont even get me started on David Rockefeller quotes - and there are many about globalist agenda (Rockefeller can't shut his own mouth, has complete contempt for ordinary people and their rights). Raoul you started what was suppose to be a financial channel and what has happened is you have gone down the rabbit hole by asking questions -- thank you for taking us all with you. I tell my students this all the time -- Question Everything and Trust NOBODY. I play golf with an ex - NY FED Banker and she tells me that I have the most cynical mind of anyone she has ever met. But like she also says Nobody she knows asks any questions like I do. And then we both laugh and hit the ball. (Mind you she has given me stock tips on surveillance and AI corporations and I have told her about bitcoin -which of course she sold at the top at 20K - its like you can't make this shit up.

  • MV

    Mark V.

    27 10 2018 04:50

    12       2

    I enjoyed the interview so thanks RV. At first I was shocked like most people but then after doing some very brief reading about Mr Kwok (or whetever his name is) I tend to think this is full of half and partial truths.

    Some of it maybe true but doesn't seem much worse than MBS and the Saudis who we in the West are happy to rub shoulders with.

    As to the grand strategy of derailing the USD as reserve currency I think the current administration is doing a fine job without Chinese help.

    Not sure if that was an American lapel badge that KYle was wearing but if it was imho they should always come with a propaganda warning.

  • SQ

    Shuitai Q.

    27 10 2018 04:02

    14       4

    Most westerners know little about Miles Kwok and believed fake news in the media.
    He was born as one of eight boys in a very poor family, dropped out of school at 13 and started working. He is completely a self-made billionaire. At age 19, his only younger brother was killed by police, which completely changed his life. His initial drive was to be rich and make a private revenge, but later on, he realized that his misfortune was shared by all other Chinese people, rich or poor, who are ruled by the CCP in a society without democracy, without freedom of media, and without rule of law. That's when he started a long-term plan to accumulate fortune, build up connections with all important people, to prepare for this day that he can use all his resources to nail the CCP to coffin!

  • SQ

    Shuitai Q.

    27 10 2018 03:48

    11       3

    Miles Kwok started to reveal the secrets of high-rank Chinese officials and the CCP since Jan 2017. At first, even Chinese were totally shocked! and many thought what he said was insane! Over time, people started to realize, it wasn't him that was crazy, it was the people who got brainwashed by the CCP over the decades and too naive to have believe the CCP!
    After almost two years of brave revelation, most of what Miles had said turned out to be true, be it HNA, be it Wang Qishan, be it Fan Bingbing... Americans have also woken up, the CCP is not only building a Third Reich within the country, but also seeking a global dominance through BYG, though belt-road initiative, and though stealing technology. We've all got to rise and stop them!

  • SD

    S D.

    27 10 2018 03:23

    2       24

    Who is this guy, and why did he agree to an on camera interview?
    What was the point? To call Fan Bingbing a money laundering whore and publicize his political allegiances - in advance of what?
    Seems to me Xi's situation is more perilous than people realise if people like this guy are now publicly agitatingin favour of the old Hu Jintao gang.
    The yuan's dropping like a stone no matter what this guy says.
    Bottom line: his suit was too expensive.

  • VC

    Vince C.

    27 10 2018 02:27

    51       11

    I move against the crowd here (in this instance, RV’s comments section): If you do some digging this guy has a very poor and well known, corrupt reputation in China/East Asia region. He left because of China’s increasing enforcement of anti corruption as Xi Jinping stepped into the government role.

    Respectfully, Kyle is openly falling prey to his own politically charged anti-China/CCP biases. The key thing I’ve learned from Kyle’s recent video series is that all investors/traders - despite the size of their AUM - fall prey to their hubris and human biases.

    Like Kyle’s misrepresented comment with respect to a Chinese minority of Ugyhers in the last video of “1 million Chinese in internment camps”. China does a lot more to respect harmony between religions than many countries and you will see this if you actually visit or better yet, live in China. Do some real digging from Asian sources and you may learn acts of terrorism in China has been concentrated by this Chinese minority group, in a specific region of China.

    I am neither “pro” or “anti” CCP. Nor am I pro or anti democracy. The pro/anti dichotomy is a very westernised concept itself. I just care for what works. There is a lot of politically charged conjecture in Kyle’s recent video series and this needs to be taken into context whilst watching them.

  • KL

    Ken L.

    27 10 2018 02:06

    8       3

    @RV -- Respect for uploading this. It takes guts to present this to the public and the internet. If Jack Ma does get jailed or dies in 2019, I am a believer.

  • DS

    David S.

    27 10 2018 01:32

    7       1

    Knowing the truth about any country run with absolute power is way above my pay grade. While listening I was thinking of all the other powerful dictators acting in a similar way, regardless of hypothetical government type. We have people killed in the UK by foreign spies, we have journalist killed in Turkey, we have citizens killed in and out of North Korea, citizens poisoned in Syria, active terrorist in Europe and the US both home-grown and imported. The list goes on and on. Even worse when these dictators fall, the country is often thrown into total chaos like Yugoslavia and many parts of Africa. The only controls on these powers are a deep-seated rule of law and transparency. These controls on absolute power are also under constant attack. Nuff said. DLS

  • sm

    sayit m.

    27 10 2018 01:32

    3       1

    I believe 100% CCP can do all and even more. No doubt.

  • LS

    Luis S.

    27 10 2018 00:57

    3       0

    I thought to have this video on the background when doing my weekly charts read. It was a bad idea. This guy drove all my attention to what he was saying. Thank you Real Vision for allowing us to access such a perspective. Coming from a Latam country, I would not be surprised to know that the "jail or die" way is a standard in Chinese politics of power.

  • DB

    Derek B.

    27 10 2018 00:34

    1       0

    Bravo! RV

  • my

    markettaker y.

    27 10 2018 00:12

    18       2

    I think it could have been made a bit more clear that Guo Wengui is a thug and Party underworld figure who ran funded the security apparatus, under their protection, working hand in glove with them, and was almost certainly an MSS asset himself. The game he played was that he'd work with security officials to take out business opponents, clean up making billions, and use that money as a secret slush fund to pay for security work. Like the off-the-books banker for his security bosses. He is continuing to play political games here. Given his history of lying his head off, it's unclear that RV should have given him this platform. Interesting anyway. But it would have been a bit more appropriate to first inject some realism into this so we know who we're actually listening to. This is not just some businessman who has gone rogue and is now fighting for democracy. That claim couldn't be further from the truth.

  • RH

    Radwan H.

    27 10 2018 00:06

    9       1

    I just finished putting together what I thought was a long term Chineese stock portfolio. Now I feel nauseous, uncomfortable and confused. I need to digest all of this a bit more and do more research, sooner than later....

  • SM

    Sarit M.

    26 10 2018 23:55

    11       0

    As Grant mentioned, this was definitely one of the most extraordinary interviews I have seen on RV. thanks for the perspectives.

  • .

    • YW

      Yowshi W.

      27 10 2018 00:42

      0       0

      Published 10/05/2018....

  • LH

    Luke H.

    26 10 2018 23:09

    2       0

    This is fascinating!

  • AL

    Andrew L.

    26 10 2018 23:08

    3       2

    Fantastic interview illustrating CCP's strategy against the United States. Its all coming together. As Kyle said: "everything is connected"

  • AA

    Aymman A.

    26 10 2018 22:34

    5       0


  • CC

    Christopher C.

    26 10 2018 22:20

    5       3

    The implications are both, so grandiose and machevelain (that is to say, what I believe to be a deeply underappreciated sino-psychotic capability of megalomania which can not be fully appreciated by the unread, casual, or timid Western mind) as to set to quivering even the stoutest soul. Most will retreat into disbelief, scorn, disdain or outright neglect of the subject matter so as not to be forced to confront not only the immediate, but the long term, global ramifications. Evidence be damned.

  • JK

    John K.

    26 10 2018 22:07

    35       3


    Please consider assessing your IT security and physical security infrastructure and methodologies for you, your family, your employees, and your business, in an effort to identify potential weaknesses, as well as, to educate those around you in proper self defense, as I am quite confident that releasing information such as this (which I am very grateful and thankful for) may expose you and those around you to potential future risks. I am certainly not requesting this to facilitate fear, as often times, the smallest of measures can provide exponential benefits in terms of safety, but rather, it is because I do support you and RealVision leadership in making available conversations like this, and the corresponding exposure that this venue provides, that I position these respectful suggestions in an effort to further your well being and the continuation of the great work that you and your RealVision team is accomplishing.


  • CR

    Cristian R.

    26 10 2018 21:24

    14       1

    Amazing talk. But it would have been better if he spoke mandarin and it was subtitled. I know it would take longer to edit but sometimes I really don't understand what he is trying to say.

  • CD

    Cheryl D.

    26 10 2018 21:07

    3       0


  • WS

    William S.

    26 10 2018 21:00

    15       1

    Fascinating interview. That said, I think there is good reason to remain somewhat skeptical. We are in no position to appreciate Kwok's underlying motives nor to reliably judge the veracity of his sensational allegations.

  • RM

    R M.

    26 10 2018 20:52

    5       0

    RV: I would really like to hear Kyle’s take on this and other conversations he has had with Miles. We know Kyle is famously short the RMB, but what are the downstream implications that we small time investors can take from this? The last interview with Kyle was cut short just as it was getting interesting. Pleas have Kyle back on soon!

  • SS

    Sam S.

    26 10 2018 20:52

    2       5

    Holly Crap! Bank of China 2000 employees under the nose of the FBI and more----got to believe US Security knows something
    about this. Soros may not be the only one funding the disruption in the USA??? Not going to have my back to the door next time I go out for Chinese food----mafia, kill Americans, damn.

  • JB

    Jason B.

    26 10 2018 20:47

    12       2

    What Miles said in this interview about how things are done in China is very similar to what I heard in an off-the-record conversation with an entrepreneur from mainland China, (who says he marched at Tienanmen and then moved to the US), who was at a crypto currency conference I went to this year. The guy told me that the large Chinese technology companies run themselves basically like drug cartels/mafias/crime syndicates in mainland China. If they see a tiny company or IP in China they like they make the Chinese entrepreneur an "offer they can't refuse." And apparently the entrepreneur has 48 hours to take a large check, give away his company and his ideas or his or her family will never find their body. The guy I spoke to said he had 2 friends who didn't take the money and sure enough both of his former friends were never seen or heard from ever again 48 hours later. No body to bury at a funeral...

  • SR

    Steve R.

    26 10 2018 20:06

    7       1

    Forgot to add - if you suddenly find the RV website goes 'offline' for a while you'll know why.
    I hope you have fantastic cyber threat security, you may well need it soon!

  • SR

    Steve R.

    26 10 2018 19:53

    6       1

    Awesome interview! But the risk factor is off the scale!
    I can only echo what some others have previous said - China does not take kindly to anything seen as negative towards them. In my country a lady who published a damning report last year got her laptops and phone stolen, and a 'visit' from the 'you must be nice to China' police. This is real and it happens all the time. Raoul, Grant, Kyle - you will need to take great care in the future, Chinese agents are very patient and everywhere!

  • SS

    Simeon S.

    26 10 2018 19:50

    1       1

    Certainly refreshing interview. Thanks!

    I really tried to focus on sorting out potential unknown facts from speculation (or unverifiable insider anecdotes) ... I gave up when he sent his people... NYPD... to investigate in Provence... and French police did not hand out the videos.... strange, if you send la Gendarmerie to investigate in NY it’s usually open doors... ;)

  • MB

    Mike B.

    26 10 2018 19:47

    4       0

    This was a fascinating interview but I am perplexed as to why he would agree to this interview if the stakes were this high. you would think that he would make himself vanish in America and never be heard from again. The only rationale I can surmise is he would give up his life if it meant the end of the corrupt regime in China. Did Kyle get the movie rights?

  • zy

    zhang y.

    26 10 2018 19:41

    6       0

    Brave men

  • ZH

    Zayd H.

    26 10 2018 19:41

    6       0

    Highly compelling tales of the Communist Party underworld aside, isn't the most important part of this interview Kyle/Guo's repeated assertion that 45% of all loans in China are bad? That statistic seems absurd. But if even half true, the implication is surely that global depression is at our doorstep.

  • GH

    Gary H.

    26 10 2018 19:21

    0       0

    Wow. That's all I can say

  • BH

    Bin H.

    26 10 2018 19:04

    7       1

    He was once a member of the so called "vested interest" he hated so much. He never talked about that he earned billions the same way as the vested interest did. He probably heard something and knew something from his circle. By no means he is an expert on this subject. Of course, the enemy's enemy is friend. On China issue, Michael Pettis is a way much better candidate.

  • AS

    Alan S.

    26 10 2018 18:46

    4       3

    Given the high credibility of RVP, once this video is viewed over the weekend by many more people in the brokerage business, I sincerely believe, this may well be one of the catalysts that takes this market down. If you believe half of what was said, how can you not sell once viewed?

  • AK

    Ai K.

    26 10 2018 18:42

    14       2

    Regardless what he is saying, I admire his courage to take on the system. This guy is quite amazing. I hope he will be safe.

  • JH

    Jesse H.

    26 10 2018 18:37

    3       0

    Holy Cow!! Even with the language difficulties this blew my mind! This is the stuff of Hollywood action movies and Bond flicks, if even half of what Miles is saying is true.

  • SD

    Sebastien D.

    26 10 2018 18:27

    3       1

    Maybe a bit moderate but long format interview with Michael Pettis would be quite intersting.

  • LA

    Linda A.

    26 10 2018 18:27

    4       2

    Would like to hear other China experts' opinion as well. I remember your previous guest, Yang (analyst) stating that she moved out of China due to corruption & jailing of innocent people. That's what makes this interview so credible.

  • rr

    rlw r.

    26 10 2018 18:10

    11       1

    RV this is Ballsy stuff, and its why we luv ya.

  • bm

    brian m.

    26 10 2018 17:42

    0       0

    Less than a year ago, a real vision member warned us all about wanker Sean,...and what a wanker he turned out to be..

  • DR

    David R.

    26 10 2018 17:37

    13       12

    Equal time please for the heroic American dissident Eric Snowden to diss USA. Every single comprehensive survey and poll since 2013 has shown that most people around the world regard USA as the world's biggest threat to peace and humanity (per BBC, Pew Research, Gallup, Der Spiegel, NY Post,...). Except in USA where currently most pick Iran, and in India where most pick Pakistan (clearly the EU and especially Germany strongly disagree with the Americans' view of Iran given the EU's scathing objections to US sanctions of Iran and Europe's order to all organizations operating in Europe to defy US sanctions of Iran or be legally liable in European court for consequential damages).

  • DD

    Daniel D.

    26 10 2018 17:37

    5       0

    This has inspired me to want to go home and watch a James Bond movie! But why, when I can watch this. Holy cow!

  • dj

    daniel j.

    26 10 2018 17:35

    2       0

    Wonderfull rvtv

  • ja

    juan a.

    26 10 2018 16:51

    10       1

    Great interview, you guys should schedule a conversation between Kiril and Kyle, they have both antagonist views on china... will be very interesting seeing those guys argue abut the future of china.

  • MP

    Matthew P.

    26 10 2018 16:50

    35       9

    My intuition tells me not to trust him. The hesitation of condemning the LEADER (Xi) of the ccp while simultaneously criticizing every other high ranking official is a huge red flag.

    If he is truly is "in fear for his life" it makes no sense to withhold evidence corroborating his story for a future press release. He suggests that he has recordings of high ranking ccp threatening/blackmailing him that is being withheld, that would substantially improve his credibility. Obviously there's more to the story but for someone in constant fear he has a suprising lack of humility. The tip toeing of ccp only criticism (not xi) seems like theres an outcome he believes in that he is not being fully authentic about, which makes it more likely that as most ppl he speaking in half truths and half lies for his own benefit.

  • CB

    C B.

    26 10 2018 16:47

    2       1

    When you combine this expose with an analysis of the ownership structure of some of the largest listed Chinese companies, it's enough to put you off investing in China altogether. Unfortunately, China represents 30% of the MSCI EM index, so hard to avoid unless you find an active manager with insights like this.

  • VB

    Vishrut B.

    26 10 2018 16:29

    8       1

    We need a Kiril interview...with either one or both of these guys to get the other side...RV gets another dub. Congratulations to the whole team

  • LA

    Linda A.

    26 10 2018 16:23

    7       2

    Thank u Miles for your heroic efforts! Kyle, for yrs I knew China was a big fraud & once u became vocal China tried to squeeze u out of your trades. Their actions & rebuttals revealed themselves. Jack Ma also disappeared suddenly. CCP are diabolical master illusionists & a MAFIA indeed. I pray for Trump to keep squeezing China on trade in order to save our IP & the people of China. I find Trump repugnant but I am with him on IP theft, trade & immigration. This is one of the best, eye opening interviews. Thank u RV XOXO!

  • KJ

    Kulbir J.

    26 10 2018 16:09

    6       1

    A few days ago China's head representative to Macao, Zheng Xiaosong apparently killed himself after falling out of his residential building and its been reported that he was suffering from depression. He was probably murdered the same way the HNA chairman was.

    Miles is quite right that the CCP is going after entrepreneurs. Billionaires are being kidnapped and 'questioned' all too frequently and even from Hong Kong too.

    I seriously worry for Miles Kwok's life.

  • AB

    Andy B.

    26 10 2018 15:52

    19       23

    Do you really want to be controversial? Why not interviewing someone like Noam Chomsky? No need for bulletproof mercedes, private jets or secret locations. I'm sure Kyle will have the chance to learn all the beautiful things his fellow Americans have done for decades not at all dissimilar to the CCP.

  • SL

    Suqin L.

    26 10 2018 15:51

    26       3

    When you listen to a person like him, better ask a few questions before you think of trust. Like ,
    What is his background?
    How did he get rich?
    How does his money transferred out China?
    Who he connects with? Is he clean?
    What is his purpose to make all these noises? Since when?
    Money laundering from China is public secret. He himself probably is one of those bad guys. Most probably is a wolf crying.
    One thing for sure, he is not for the Chinese people’s benefits.

  • CM

    Christopher M.

    26 10 2018 15:45

    6       2

    At exactly the point Miles turned to the translator for confirmation before speaking about Xi the video started "buffering". First thought "oh there we go Chinese hackers have shutdown RV" and they have my bank details. Great!

    So much of this segue into EpsilonTheory more recent pieces "why I am I seeing this now?"

  • MN

    Maverick N.

    26 10 2018 15:28

    9       2

    Many in the western world will find some things that were said hard to believe. But if you spend five years in a third world country, you will find that this is pretty much the way of life. But what is different here is that the party goes after the nation's best entrepreneurs, which makes it the outlier. Those who create value and offer direct stability to the rulers as a consequence usually rise to the top of the food chain; they don't get "disappeared" or "retired". That is a strategic error.

  • MS

    Mark S.

    26 10 2018 15:21

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    Outstanding interview. It would be good to have someone review the main points of the interview as there are many points that I did not grasp the implications although I could appreciate they were significant, perhaps Kyle and Grant

  • ZH

    Zayd H.

    26 10 2018 15:09

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    A bombshell interview by Kyle. More like Vice News than RealVision (in an undisclosed location with a Gulfstream jet and bulletproof Mercedes in the backdrop!). Wildly entertaining to hear the Chinese billionaire class spilling the beans on each other. Tales of hookers ("sexy"), blackmail, murder, theft, and on and on. All with one intention...for the billionaire communist party elite steal as much money as they can and get themselves out of China before the nation is bled dry. Based on this interview, can't imagine there would be a better reality show than the Communist Party Hunger Games. As far as I can tell, the only guy winning so far is Miles Kwok (according to him, even Jack Ma will be killed or jailed within the next year). In the famous words of the Wayans brothers, "Two Thumbs Up in a Circle!".

  • TL

    Tianyun L.

    26 10 2018 14:51

    11       1

    Some of the accusation are probably true, but this guy also says some crazy stuff like the CCP shot down Malaysia air 270 to cover up a organ harvesting scheme. I mean, maybe sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, but it is really hard to know if this is real or just a personal grudge.

  • TM

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    26 10 2018 14:45

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    RealVision and Kyle Bass are game changers. I want to hear more from Kyle about where I should be looking to learn truth about China.

  • WE

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    26 10 2018 14:44

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    History may not repeat BUT "it does rhyme"... Germany's build up to WWII was financed by the Western World. We were hopeful they would rebuild from WWI, be a consumer of goods and be a fine European neighbor; obviously, the West was wrong and great price was paid. Hopefully, nothing between China and the rest of the world will ever go "Kenetic" but its power and capability was made possible by the Western World; period. We had great hope for something that would look more democratic and act according to "rule of law" but it didn't happen. Appears we will get to live the curse of "May you live in interesting times"... Best of luck to ALL of us. Thanks RV & Kyle.

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    Entertaining to be sure. But worthy of a RealVision interview? I think not. There is no way of discerning whether anything the interviewee said is true. And if the reasoning is, we feel we need to put it out there for the viewer to decide for himself, then I suppose anything goes. It seems the real message is, we'll post an interview of any billionaire who supports the narrative of one of our other favorite billionaires. RealVision has to have some standard other than the balance sheet of the interviewee.

  • SW

    Scott W.

    26 10 2018 14:31

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    Thank you RV. What Mr. Kwok shares is really no great surprise. The depth of deceit and subterfuge exercised by totalitarian regimes is well documented, as is the sheer volume of murder, abuse and torture. Read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Warning the the West" to get a sense for the Kafkaesque insanity of daily life in the former USSR, and then imagine daily life in China with its mandatory social media scoring system. Care to ruin your day? Poke around a bit on what "they" did/do to political prisoners - in N. Korea, in China (especially under Mao), in the USSR... Talk to somebody who managed to flee Vietnam, or who lived under communism in eastern Europe. Find somebody that grew up in Hong Kong and get his perspective. Then compare that to what somebody with family in mainland China will generally say about the CCP. You'll likely find that the HK expat is far more forthcoming than the mainlander, because the mainlander "knows" his family is not safe should he speak out of turn - even to a white US citizen on US soil. Communism is always totalitarianism and it is never benign. It is ALWAYS evil. It always (unless on a small Pennsylvania farm) leads to misery. And God willing, it will continue to fail.

  • SS

    Steve S.

    26 10 2018 14:17

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    It is frightening to see authoritarian regimes - Russia, Saudi Arabia, & China - murdering people in broad daylight, anywhere in the world.

  • SS

    Steve S.

    26 10 2018 14:14

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    That is scary. I hope this information about the CCP becomes more widely known. I was against the trade tariffs in the beginning, but I am quickly changing my mind on that.

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  • MM

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    I will be forever jealous of the people who get to have someone as intense and endlessly curious as Kyle Bass for their mentor. This is great, I suppose we'll see quickly enough how it all plays out.

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    Oh man that was great!!
    Please don't hesitate covering more stuff like this...
    Great Work RV

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    Man if you get into high-stakes geopolitics you better stay safe out there Raoul, Grant and Kyle. This is not like writing newsletters in your Bloomberg, sipping sangria in Alicante... this is another level. Someone of the stature of Kyle Bass and you could sense his nervousness there, calling him friend but you could see he was not fully at ease.

    That said, thank you very much for taking the risks and allowing us to have access to this information. There is no way I am not renewing my RV subscription next year!

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