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Featuring Elle Hawkins

In the Think Piece series some of the most lateral and brilliant thinkers in modern finance tell us what is on their mind at the moment. Consider it an informal walk around the inside of their heads. This week Elle Hawkins, Principal and CIO at Meritas Advisors, tells us what’s on her radar.

Published on
19 December, 2014
Global Outlook
29 minutes


  • JW

    J W.

    13 1 2015 08:54

    2       4

    Bluntness shouldn't be confused with brilliance. She makes a number of stumbles in the interview, and does not seem as prepared as most of the rest of the interviewees.

  • SR

    Sam R.

    6 1 2015 09:57

    3       1

    She does a wonderful job using cogent, real-world and understandable analyses to explain what PhD's would need several books to articulate! Priceless.

  • KS

    Kashyap S.

    1 1 2015 03:29

    3       0

    Great point that rising asset prices is not wealth creation.

  • RR

    Reagan R.

    23 12 2014 05:43

    5       2

    She's well spoken, thoughtful, and blunt. Her coffee and cocaine references, to Branislav's point, make me think she may have a deep familiarity with vices, which suggests she is authentic.

  • TH

    Timo H.

    22 12 2014 11:06

    2       0

    Clear thinking combined with outstanding communication skills. Sure beats yELLEn's press conference any day...

  • NS

    Nico S.

    21 12 2014 14:56

    3       0

    Some obvious ideas, some not so obvious. Nice interplay between simple, basic economic principals and just plain street smarts that drive investment themes. Nice job.

  • JH

    John H.

    20 12 2014 23:04

    4       0

    nothing new here. but I did like the Ike and Tina reference.

  • PT

    Philip T.

    19 12 2014 17:06

    18       2

    Takes fundamental economic principles, applies them to the real world today, and extrapolates sage investing advice. One of the best.