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Jack Schwager, author of the Market Wizards series and co-founder of Fundseeder, explains why emotional decision-making can lead to bad trading, explores the subprime crisis in 2008 as an example of bad risk measurement being worse than no risk measurement, and explains the disinter mediating trading platform Fundseeder and the Undiscovered Market Wizards book to follow.

Published on
29 August, 2015
Investment Framework, Risk Management, Volatility
29 minutes


  • SL

    Sandy L.

    24 12 2015 17:37

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    excellent, more interviews like this please - real traders who have risked their own skin in the game

  • SJ

    Suzanne J.

    2 9 2015 02:58

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    Excellent commentary on volatility and risk. And the Fundseeder idea will open a new world for unknown traders and investors. Great idea. Thanks again for another fine interview.

  • RS

    Ryan S.

    31 8 2015 04:39

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    Fundseeder sounds just like Collective2 - what's the difference?

  • A1

    Animal 1.

    30 8 2015 12:51

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    Brilliant content. Excellent insight into trading psychology and position sizing. Thanks Jack and RVTV team.

  • db

    don b.

    29 8 2015 18:58

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    Great presentation. Small cap equities in the PM and Oil space represent one of the great trades of the last decade. if you can pick a company that has been volatile but will in fact survive & thrive.

  • JN

    John N.

    28 8 2015 23:45

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    One of the more luminous points he touched on was the inability of the market to allocate capital to the most talented managers, and by default we can infer the inefficiencies which exist as a result.

  • WM

    Will M.

    28 8 2015 21:37

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    Very interesting presentation with a focus psychology or risk, loss and volatility. Saw my worst loss explained.... Yet another different approach by RV to educate subscribers. Good stuff!

  • JP

    Jeronimo P.

    28 8 2015 17:19

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    Absolutely fantastic. Many people have been waiting for Jack to appear on Realvision - more like expecting really. Fantastic for understanding trading aspects so easily taken for granted.