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Jay Lichter, Managing Director of Avalon Ventures provides honest insight into the Biotech industry and shares his concerns on the politicization of drug pricing and discusses the risks with investing in the biotech market.

Published on
24 November, 2015
US Economy
14 minutes
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  • FT

    Frank T.

    9 1 2016 18:33

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    I do enjoy seeing STEM educated people take on economics. There is always an over reaction to news on the Street. Not to mention the brain drain by the private sector; foreign disparity in pricing.

  • FT

    Frank T.

    9 1 2016 18:19

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    We certainly have to see taxpayer money was used to map the fruit fly, which has so much in common with the human genome. Then the healthcare market is so distorted by the K Street payola machine.

  • RL

    Roel L.

    3 12 2015 18:54

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    Big pharma is squeezing the health system

  • AC

    Andrew C.

    29 11 2015 03:28

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    Fantastic interview with some great general investing tips. Thanks.
    What's the diff b/n biotech and big pharma (no such thing as a dumb question)?

  • CL

    Chewy L.

    26 11 2015 11:04

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    Great insights. It would have been interesting to know his take in VRX

  • GT

    Graham T.

    25 11 2015 18:26

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    Outstanding. Thank you Milton.

  • CP

    Charles P.

    24 11 2015 16:11

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    I love these segments reflecting smart thinking about bio tech and technology. Would enjoy seeing more viewpoints from Silicon Valley, and thoughts about emerging tech.

  • WM

    Will M.

    24 11 2015 15:58

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    I was better educated through watching this segment. Its all too easy to slam big pharma for drug pricing, however, they have to make back their investment and some profit or why bother at all.