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Featuring Lakshman Achuthan

Lakshman Achuthan, Co-Founder & COO of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, returns to describe how his business cycle assessment doesn’t currently suggest potential global growth, explaining the overlap with secular growth deflation and the limitations the Fed face when prescribing monetary policy.

Published on
21 January, 2016
Research, Monetary policy, Recession
31 minutes
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Currencies, Bonds/Rates/Credit, Commodities


  • WM

    Will M.

    1 4 2016 14:25

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    Some good solid logical discussion. Very objective speaker.

  • DH

    Dale H.

    1 2 2016 00:49

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    Excellent. An interview would also be good. Intelligent. Enjoyed it. And a talk like this is still good if no interview possible because I would like more in any format.

  • SD

    Stephen D.

    25 1 2016 05:06

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    Laksham is a very clever man and is very clear on what he is seeing. But this would have been much better if Grant or Raoul had been interviewing him, and drilled down on several critical issues.

  • EB

    E B.

    23 1 2016 21:02

    8       4

    He was walking on eggshells dedicating way too much time to bullish tidbits. Lakshman, you're not in polite company here. This is realvision. We all know how bad a mess we'll have a year from now.

  • db

    don b.

    23 1 2016 16:48

    2       2

    Nobody seems to get that lowflation is exactly what the central banks want. I am tired of hearing the Fed is trying to get inflation. The Fed is willing to to see people get hurt to achieve their goal

  • TH

    Timo H.

    23 1 2016 06:15

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    Careful and objective wording that nevertheless conveyed a very clear message. Fed has very probably made a major policy error.

    Thanks again, Lakshman and RV! I feel privileged.

  • LA

    Linda A.

    22 1 2016 20:28

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    His voice is so soothing even with dismal facts. Love that he is objective.

  • BM

    B. M.

    22 1 2016 17:54

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    repeat update in 6 months please

  • DS

    DAVID S.

    22 1 2016 16:51

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    Very good demonstration on how to rational a situation using and interpreting the leading indicators. 6-12 month leading GDP with a 85% historical correlation is not to be undermined VS CNBC :0) :0)

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    22 1 2016 09:38

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    Another brilliant piece from Lakshman. He is so right that the Fed is behind the curve. RV definitely keeping its viewers ahead of the curve. Thank you.

  • FS

    Fred S.

    21 1 2016 14:53

    26       2

    I like Lakshman a lot. He tells it like it is without the political spin being shoved down our throats by mass media and speeches by political leaders. Thanks for having him back.

  • PH

    Philip H.

    21 1 2016 14:39

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    Lakshman clearly is a very bright guy and the long term view is pretty dismal but if you close your eyes you can hear Jeff Goldblum......just saying