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Featuring Randy Smallwood

Randy Smallwood, President & CEO of Silver Wheaton, sits for a tour de force Think Piece on investing in mining. Randy describes how he invests in silver and gold as by-products of other hard resource mines, the asset race against “Geological Inflation,” and how to manage mining investments in parallel with the effects of a strong dollar.

Published on
15 January, 2016
Business Strategy, Hard Commodities, Investment Framework
11 minutes
Asset class
Equities, Commodities


  • KS

    Kashyap S.

    18 1 2016 11:44

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    This is really a go-to stock for silver, with their excellent OCF and asset portfolio. Not to mention, if Pascua Lama and Navidad ever get permitted, that's an instant double.

  • GK

    Gie-Hun K.

    17 1 2016 22:04

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    4 key Variables of Ressource investments

  • SS

    Scuba S.

    17 1 2016 01:45

    2       0

    Great to see a PM equity company without negative EPS. Like the streaming structure. SLW definitely worth a second look.

  • RA

    Ricardo A.

    16 1 2016 11:04

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    I think all these mining companies have further to fall but I wouldn't forgive myself not having jumped on this train. History will look back as "the" opportunity of a lifetime! But it comes with pain

  • JS

    John S.

    16 1 2016 00:41

    4       0

    Randy, how is your business impacted by the financial distress we are seeing in the major miners with whom you presumably have streaming agreements.?

  • PF

    Preston F.

    16 1 2016 00:24

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    There's a guy who knows what he's talking about.

  • dm

    douglas m.

    15 1 2016 23:47

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    global debt is either leveraging or deleveraging. choose one. if u believe we don't have much more capacity to inc leverage, what makes you think commodity prices have much more capacity to inc price?

  • MD

    Mark D.

    15 1 2016 19:19

    6       0

    Succinct presentation of the precious metals streaming business from the perspective of a seasoned insider. The value proposition exists for those of us daring enough to wear the contrarian's hat.

  • GC

    Gary C.

    15 1 2016 18:51

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    Several issues not discussed,Canadian tax audit, streaming investments by me too hedge funds and Keith Neumeyer, what happens to stream if mine flow drys up..but still a great model..I'm in

  • FS

    Fred S.

    15 1 2016 18:46

    3       0

    Yep, the price has taken a beating. Best time to buy if you believe in the thesis that a big reason gold/silver is off is because they're priced in dollars... which is up 30% or so off the lows.

  • PT

    Philip T.

    15 1 2016 17:51

    3       3

    Excellent company. Excellent management. But . . . just don't look at their stock performance. OK, down 73% from it's high, 48% in '15 alone, while HUI is down 81% and 44% respectively. Timing?

  • LY

    Lim Y.

    15 1 2016 17:10

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    Incisive comments!