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Featuring Todd Edgar

In the Think Piece series some of the most lateral and brilliant thinkers in modern finance tell us what is on their mind at the moment. Consider it an informal walk around the inside of their heads. In this film Todd Edgar, Founder and C.I.O. of Atreaus Capital tells us what is on his radar.

Published on
20 October, 2014
Food agriculture, Global Outlook
25 minutes
Asset class
Commodities, Currencies


  • tw

    tam w.

    10 2 2018 07:59

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    Never heard of him? What is his track record ? Sounds like just another self promoting salesman.
    All we are told is that he is CIO of Some hedge fund.... big deal, that doesn’t mean much without some achievement history.

  • RG

    Ric G.

    22 10 2014 02:03

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    Enjoyed a Trader's view the commodities - observations re volatility very interesting. Would enjoy more from Todd.

  • RR

    Rusty R.

    21 10 2014 18:09

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    It's interesting the amount of guys who see the US as somewhat of a growth engine but does not attribute that growth to QE.

  • DB

    Duncan B.

    21 10 2014 12:07

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    Hmmmmm - not so sure that I learnt anything more that that these guys don't predict - they just react. Hmmmmm.

  • RB

    Roy B.

    20 10 2014 21:45

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    Po;ar vortex good for crops