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Featuring Worth Wray

In the Think Piece series some of the most lateral and brilliant thinkers in modern finance tell us what is on their mind at the moment.

Consider it an informal walk around the inside of their heads.

In this film Worth Wray, Chief Strategist of Mauldin Economics tells us what is on his radar.

Published on
13 October, 2014
Global Outlook, Technology
24 minutes


  • GC

    Gary C.

    29 12 2014 04:31

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    Incredibly prescient perspective for his age. Like a young Grant Williams. A frequent visitation, like with Rainman would be valuable. Like guidance on EM equity after the strong $ washout is over!

  • NS

    Nico S.

    26 12 2014 14:28

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    The struggle I have with his thesis, and frankly others in the marketplace, is the WHEN China hits the wall and the entire financial "ecosystem" implodes. Thoughts on how to play this?

  • MZ

    Mark Z.

    20 10 2014 07:22

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    Good survey of the sources of difficulties, but a fairly full allegiance to staying within the DTCC/EuroClear box of re-hypothecation.

  • FS

    Frank S.

    17 10 2014 21:01

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    Lots of protein, without the hype. Particularly appreciate his macro view of sources of risk as reinforcement of what may be on the horizon

  • SR

    Sam R.

    16 10 2014 10:17

    3       0

    He may be smart, he may have touched on a number of areas, but what did he offer that we hadn't heard elsewhere or didn't already know?

  • MM

    Myles M.

    15 10 2014 16:42

    2       0

    What a great interview! Is there anyone who loves their job as much as Worth?! He's even excited about the prospect of Europe collapsing.

  • GW

    Grant W.

    14 10 2014 07:04

    10       1

    Worth is a brilliant young man. You'll be hearing a LOT more from him

  • EP

    Edward P.

    13 10 2014 21:37

    9       1

    This is the best video on this site. He touches on a wide range of world economic scenarios that exposes how unstable our markets are.