A Crude Awakening

Featuring Bob Iaccino

Bob Iaccino, co-founder and chief market strategist of Path Trading Partners, reviews why crude oil may be ready for a tumble over the coming months. He discusses the trade and what to watch out for, in this interview with Brian Price. Filmed on September 7, 2018.

Published on
11 September, 2018
Energy Commodities, Technology, Oil
17 minutes
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  • SB

    Stewart B.

    12 9 2018 07:03

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    Nice one. One of the best in the series. Thanks!

  • DS

    David S.

    11 9 2018 19:38

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    The US administration believes that the US does not need to trade with the rest of the world to grow the economy and provide higher paying jobs. The Chinese administration believes it is better trading with the rest of the world. Who do you think will win this trade war? DLS

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    11 9 2018 18:21

    4       0

    This is getting to close to gambling.
    Long term value with dividend flow seems better.
    At least for my money!
    If I decide to gamble I’ll go to Vegas where I can enjoy good food and see a good show. Then if the house takes my money it’s not like watching an option contract expire worthless!!

  • RA

    Robert A.

    11 9 2018 16:45

    2       1

    Excellent job by Brian and Bob. Lloks like Bob has a similar view as Raoul re Oil.

  • MD

    Michael D.

    11 9 2018 16:24

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    What is the next best non-futures instrument to trade to get the WTI-type exposure?

  • NH

    Neil H.

    11 9 2018 14:37

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    lower dollar, lower oil, closing the shipping channels, drop in Iranian production, not sure I followed the logic to shorting oil.

  • PU

    Peter U.

    11 9 2018 12:49

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    nice to see your interviewing skills develop even further Brian. Nice job!

  • CT

    Christopher T.

    11 9 2018 12:14

    4       0

    Dollar sell off, EM rally. Everyone offsides