A Yearn to Short Yen

Featuring Mark Spiegel

Mark Spiegel, managing member at Stanphyl Capital, likes shorting the Japanese yen. He discusses why the currency should weaken, in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on April 5th, 2018.

Published on
12 April, 2018
Japan, Valuation, FX
8 minutes
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  • AH

    Andy H.

    13 6 2018 02:16

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    I believe either Albert Edwards or Axel Merk said that the long term price for USD/JPY is infinity I.

  • KN

    Kapilan N.

    29 4 2018 10:18

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    if inflation rises from here and rates rises with it, then the real rate of refinancing their debt won't change much. As long as they can grow above the real rate, they will be fine. I like the idea of shorting yen but for different reason.

  • LC

    Luiz C.

    27 4 2018 23:08

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    BoJ just dropped the 2% inflation target mention from their policy statement yesterday... they know too hard a target to reach. Good luck shorting the JPY...