Buying the Crypto Bust

Published on
3 October, 2018
Trading, Crypto-currencies
12 minutes
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Buying the Crypto Bust

Featuring Chris Cady

Long-time independent trader Chris Cady says there’s “blood in the streets” in the crypto market — which tells him there may be opportunity. Specifically, he now likes the idea of buying Ethereum on the cheap. He reviews his full thesis in this interview with Brian Price. Filmed on October 1, 2018.

Published on
3 October, 2018
Trading, Crypto-currencies
12 minutes
Asset class


  • JB

    Jason B.

    8 10 2018 01:18

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    The bear argument against Ethereum is that peak demand has been reached for Ethereum as many developed and some developing countries are really cracking down on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and that that was by far the main demand driver for Ethereum. Almost all ICOs were paid for in Ether. And there will be a lot less ICOs going forward. Although that may be a good thing. There was a ton of fraud in the ICO space. I know people who have been in Bitcoin for many years who got de-frauded in ICOs. That's how sophisticated some of the ICO fraud was.

  • DR

    David R.

    7 10 2018 15:31

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    Most of the crypto charts remain bearish. Bear market rallies are clearly corrective and then are followed by selling to ever lower levels. The crypto kooks yell manipulation, lol, it's like a religion or something. Lower prices ahead.

  • SS

    Sean S.

    7 10 2018 11:35

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  • KE

    Kyle E.

    7 10 2018 04:12

    4       1

    This is awful and embarrassing for RV. Full stop.

  • DL

    Dillon L.

    6 10 2018 16:23

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    He contradicts himself a number of times in this interview. He also shows that he "doesn't want a second chance."

  • ss

    sid s.

    6 10 2018 14:30

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  • KA

    Konstantine A.

    5 10 2018 08:21

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    Worst presenter on RV so far. I am in crypto mining and invested in crypto portfolio, but started to think of liquidating all the positions after this guy :)

  • JN

    Jack N.

    4 10 2018 13:05

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    Alabama election has an effect on crypto values? What? Last time I checked BTC was an international market. Do you really think crypto investors were influence by Roy Moore?

  • MT

    Mike T.

    4 10 2018 08:08

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    I'm certainly interested in Crypto 'for academic/bedtime reading purposes' but I'm not qualified to pass judgement on any of the technologies and see little value in communicating by biases to others. However when considering whether or not to put money into Ethereum ( or any other instrument) I consider the following: is there a liquid market? No! Who's my counter party? No idea! Are Ethereum Options or Futures available? No! Until the aforementioned changes I'll stay away.

  • PN

    Pedro N.

    4 10 2018 07:00

    7       4

    This is one of the weakest pitches I have seen in my investment career... the buy argument is “because the asset hasn’t been disproven”? Wow....

    My thesis has been since last year, that Bitcoin and all the other cryptos are a ZERO. There is no chance in the world that if the Crypto market doesnt blow up by its own lack of merit, in the offchance that it goes up again, the Fed (or the Treasurt) will simply make it illegal to transact in Bitcoin.

    Think about it, this is the currency of the dark web, of illegal arms, drugs trade, and of massive TAX evasion. The only power a government has is to print money and to tax people. They are not going to relinquish the power to print money (even if only in a measured amount) to a third party... they may not be able to stop people from mining bitcoins but by making it illegal tender they will “disprove” the asset in a binary event.....

    I shorted Bitcoin at 19,000, covered it in the low 6,000’s. Looking for another opportunity to short again.

    Have spoken with so many bulls and always ask for their bull case to disprove mine. Never had a remotely convincing argument. This things is like religion, its based on faith and faith alone....

  • NR

    Nelson R.

    4 10 2018 05:17

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    Interview Ari Paul or Dan Morehead, this guy has no idea.

  • PN

    Paul N.

    4 10 2018 04:10

    7       0

    Dropping a ton in price isn't much of an investment thesis on its own. So here's why I am bullish on bitcoin:
    [1]: More inroads on getting institutions into crypto, including the Winklevoss Gemini Exchange getting insurance, ICE.N launching a US-based bitcoin futures exchange/clearing house (BAAKT), Boerse Stuttgart launching a crypto trading platform (BISON).
    [2]: More bitcoin-specific payments infrastructure (lightning network, btcpayserver, opennode, blockstream liquid).
    [3]: More on-chain scaling improvements (batching, taproot, schnorr signature aggregation, fee estimation)
    [4]: More privacy enhancements (zerolink using chaumian coinjoin, tumblebit, joinmarket, samurai wallet)
    [5]: More security/decentralization/reliability in infrastructure (fibre, betterhash, samurai muletools for transactions over SMS or mesh networks, blockstream satellite)

  • SA

    Scott A.

    3 10 2018 21:24

    10       0

    The worst interview ever. Investment thesis is nothing but a ‘feeling’

  • NG

    Nicolas G.

    3 10 2018 20:32

    2       1 this the only existing solution to the Quantum Computing threat to BTC and ETH and all other cryptos using ECDSA.

  • NG

    Nicolas G.

    3 10 2018 20:28

    4       1

    "... explain it to your family, they will say yes..." selling candy to children or what?? Whoever has allowed this to be recorded and broadcasted in RV should be fired inmediately. Unacceptable!

  • FS

    Fredrik S.

    3 10 2018 19:21

    5       1

    Yet another I a long row of pointless “trade ideas” - didn’t here any thesis - borderline embarrassing. Cmon RealVision you really don’t have to push more nonsense. Stick to the quality stuff which you did so fantastically in the early years!!
    If it wasn’t for the fantastic Druckenmiller piece last week I would almost be about to give up on you!

  • OT

    Ondrej T.

    3 10 2018 19:04

    3       0

    I also think that crypto can go up during the Christmas like last year and sure it can buble a bit. Or not. If there will something like next buble only global crypto adoption can trigger it.
    I also think that ETH is not the best horse to bet on. ETH is outdated technology and there are better one in terms of security and scalability. Successful crypto startups are leaving ETH to its own mainnet, in most cases to compete with ETH. Most of the crypto startup scams based on ETH are now taking out money from ETH as they see sinking ship.
    Some things can change the release of "CASPER" update, but I think it will be too late for ETH.
    If you want go crypto take ETH only as part of your crypto portfolio, not more then 20%.

  • TG

    TEDDY G.

    3 10 2018 16:08

    5       1

    There is someone who looks "jacked" in this video and it's not the market...

  • SS

    Sam S.

    3 10 2018 15:43

    4       8

    What keeps me up at night on Crypto? Every single one of these has been hacked, when the rhetoric from day one has been these blockchains and ledgers can't be hacked and/or every transaction can be traced or verified. Tell that to thousands of account holders who've lost millions of dollars all over the globe. Who the hell wants to chase their digital money which is like chasing Keyser Soza. Lost in thin air for sure. I'll take GOLD and other ASSETS over Crypto.

  • GH

    Gary H.

    3 10 2018 13:30

    20       3

    I really didn't hear a thesis. You have to buy something because it has fallen 90% seems to be the thesis. Not a lot of value in this interview

  • TE

    Tito E.

    3 10 2018 13:09

    2       0

    I disagree with MW comment. What's the difference in the technology between Dec '17 and now? Price and perception is what he's talking about. There's potentially room for trading that.

  • RR

    Rex R.

    3 10 2018 12:49

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    I agree with M.W. below. Cryptos are an important investment arena to cover-- and while Chris Cady's general comments are welcome; they are without depth of knowledge of the space and the tech. See M.W's comments below, with which I agree.

  • PU

    Peter U.

    3 10 2018 12:42

    3       10

    cyrpto is not an asset

  • SP

    Sebastian P.

    3 10 2018 11:35

    7       0

    I kind of have to agree in principle with M W. below. It would seem to me that Real Vision might have the pull to get significant players/commentators in the space and present the kind of in-depth marco / fundamental perspectives that they bring to the markets. As a trader of this stuff on a speculative basis, I for one would love to see Real Vision take the opportunity to present it customers with some deep dive, insight into where the space is, how the infrastructure is developing, and the real use case value long term on some of these crypto projects.

  • GB

    Gerrit B.

    3 10 2018 11:23

    2       0

    Isn't this a too US centric view on the global crypto market?

  • MW

    Moritz W.

    3 10 2018 10:39

    13       7

    Where are Tuur Demester? And Trace Mayer?

    Why are you interviewing these crypto-clowns with no understanding of the underlying technology?

  • MW

    Moritz W.

    3 10 2018 10:36

    9       4

    This guy has no idea about the problems of ethereum!
    It’s a very flawed project - read this:

    The Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue

    For now the only real use case for Blockchain & Cryptoassets is “Digital Store of Value”.
    For me Bitcoin is real internet infrastructure.

    Everything else in the space is completely delusional scammy experiments with absurd valuations - see IOTA or Tron....

  • FG

    Fred G.

    3 10 2018 10:02

    4       6

    Really enjoyed this, thank you!