Coffee perking up?

Featuring Shawn Hackett

Shawn Hackett, president of Hackett Financial Advisors, discusses his bullish coffee trade. He explains his analysis and the key levels to watch in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on June 4, 2018.

Published on
13 June, 2018
Consumption, Food agriculture
9 minutes
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  • DY

    Dmytro Y.

    28 6 2018 05:56

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    This year a record crop is expected out of Brazil. This guys thesis looks very doubtful at this stage. I am short coffee. Let’s see 3-6 months later how it plays out.

  • CL

    Chris L.

    25 6 2018 19:00

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    So, this was taped the same time as the corn trade but released 5 days later (and I believed filmed couple days before that).

    Trying to time the market with videos? Makes no sense.

  • CL

    Chris L.

    25 6 2018 18:34

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    Maybe this guy just replaced Dennis Gartman as the Commodities King

  • NT

    Nicholas T.

    24 6 2018 22:18

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    This is nonsense.

  • LW

    Luke W.

    15 6 2018 14:13

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    Novice question: If one were to use an ETN/ETF in this trade, would it be appropriate to time the exit by watching the plain old Arabica USD per KG price? Put another way, does the ETF he mentioned diverge or fail to track the USD per KG price in any meaningful way that I am missing?

    Thanks in advance. Always been an equities guy, so trades like this are new (and interesting) to me.

  • JJ

    Justin J.

    14 6 2018 00:44

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    Thank you for changing the trade idea music

  • RK

    Robert K.

    13 6 2018 21:13

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    Interesting is the stock JVA that started moving finally (i am long this one).

    Also, the interviewer is the most beautiful investment fairy.

  • RM

    Robert M.

    13 6 2018 20:43

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    The annual production less demand variability is much bigger than the total China demand. This appears to be the case now and for many years ahead even with China demand steadily growing at 16% per year. That is what will drive coffee futures. So he needs to match this thesis to a retail coffee business in China.

  • CH

    Colin H.

    13 6 2018 17:52

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    I've been long arabica for quite some time now for exactly these reasons.