Emerging Market Strains

Featuring Jens Nordvig

Jens Nordvig, founder and CEO of Exante Data, presents a bearish view on emerging markets. He explores the factors pressuring developing economies and suggests ways to trade the potential fallout in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on June 14, 2018.

Published on
18 June, 2018
Structural flows, Europe, Emerging markets
13 minutes
Asset class
Bonds/Rates/Credit, Equities, Currencies


  • CY


    19 6 2018 00:00

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    It is always a challenge to short emerging economy currencies such as the rand due to the high carry. However this could be a good note for South Africans to shift their rand to safer harbours while observing the storm.

  • DS

    David S.

    18 6 2018 20:23

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    Trade wars and tariffs make good short-term reelection headlines! It is not wise, however, to throw threats and tariffs at all your friends and foes. New alliances must form. Your current friends may join your foes in their own self-interest. It is even worse when friends and foes own over US$ 6 trillion of your notes and bonds and rates are rising. There must be a better long-term approach. DLS

  • JV

    James V.

    18 6 2018 11:32

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    Smart fellow. Let's get him back for a full Expert View.

  • RP

    Reinaldo P.

    18 6 2018 10:30

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    Any Idea on the parameters of the vulnerability rank that Jens mentions?

    • MS

      Michael S.

      18 6 2018 19:30

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      Usually some combination of CA deficit, structure budget deficit, debt/gdp, inflation, and fx reserves (to GDP or better yet months of imports).

  • LK

    Lyle K.

    18 6 2018 09:36

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    My opinion is by 2019 all of these tariff uncertainties in hindsight is going to look pretty dumb and everyone that’s not overweight equities is going to miss out on the best part of this bull market.