Emerging Profits

Published on
December 4th, 2018
ETF, Emerging markets, Trading
7 minutes

Emerging Profits

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Featuring Jens Nordvig

Published on: December 4th, 2018 • Duration: 7 minutes • Topic: ETF, Emerging markets, Trading

Jens Nordvig, founder and CEO of Exante Data, returns to discuss the emerging market call he got spot-on for Real Vision back in June. In this interview with Justine Underhill, he updates the trade, reviews the market’s last six months, and predicts where emerging markets are headed next. Filmed on November 30, 2018.


  • DR
    David R.
    4 December 2018 @ 22:10
    In sum, it's a B-wave in Elliot terms.
  • DR
    David R.
    4 December 2018 @ 22:08
    The time to have bought ex-China Asian EM assets & bonds in local currencies was on/after Aug 15. By now, as of today, many of these are already up 50% - 100% in dollar terms, as the dollar has lost a lot too since then (the EEM isn't because it has a China weight? .... I never use EEM as it's a poor proxy). The long EM Asia ex-China trade might be getting long in the tooth with most of the money having already been made. A couple EM fx already surged 10% against USD in just the past week-plus. Bear in mind that a number of countries have been surging for months as they are beneficiaries of the trade dispute, as companies relocate ops from China to them (companies sure as hell will never go to US with its ridiculously high taxes, extremely burdensome regulations and massively overpriced militant labor - think fight for 15 and now Fight for 20, sheesh!) Also it's curious that while Mr Nordvig was making his valid point about oil and EM markets, someone was showing WTI price charts which are actually irrelevant, because these EM markets all use the BRENT price for buying & selling (like 90% of the world uses Brent). The WTI-Brent spread can and sometimes does fluctuate a lot. Congrats on the short and good luck with the long but don't press it IMO. It's a reactionary bounce? As Europe is falling into recession and US will follow along with the world... Think "global synchronized downturn" next. Better polish up our trading and tech analysis skills as many in this biz could be laid off before long and then need to trade own capital for a living.