Going Long Gold

Featuring Max Wolff

Max Wolff, chief economist at the Phoenix Group, is a buyer of gold. In this interview with Brian Price, Max says the yellow metal will become more attractive to investors once equity markets take a bearish turn. Max also lays out just how high he sees the ETF rising this year. Filmed on August 21, 2018.

Published on
27 August, 2018
Gold, ETF, Trading
9 minutes
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Commodities, Equities


  • GV

    George V.

    11 9 2018 16:03

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    Please don't have Max on again. This was a total waste of time.

    If I want Trump bashing, I will go to CNN.

  • MH

    Michael H.

    30 8 2018 17:37

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    Lots of thoughts here, a whole bunch of opinion, but nothing at all to support it. This sounds like an outright guess on an oversold bounce...could be right, but bottom fishing garbage in massive downtrends is a tough way to try and turn profits. Until you see some key levels breached to the upside with some demand buying, this is a firm downtrend. Too much opinion, not enough facts in this presentation.

  • RO

    Robert O.

    28 8 2018 04:23

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    Weldon Live
    Spend the time for entertaining recap of what is going on in the world of finance.
    He is positive gold too but the analysis that Weldon gives is much stronger.

  • JM

    Jason M.

    28 8 2018 03:56

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    Let me box this trade for you as Max should have. China just told you their line in the sand. They can certainly defend it. Gold has been highly correlated to RMB in its fall. China is stimulating so the clock is ticking for RMB bears and probably gold bears along with it. If trade deal is cut - RMB goes up; USD down. If trade deal isn't cut - RMB goes nowhere and we get to see how that US equity bubble performs in a real trade war. Stocks fall - gold up. Please feel free to tell me what I'm missing everyone. The risk to all of this is US equity market blow-off top with a strong dollar to boot...but u aren't getting a blow-off top with an escalated China trade war....heck, a US blow-off top was showing us last week that it will wreck most of the world outside the US a couple tech countries. Add some real retaliation from China to that mix?? Nah...not gonna play like that.

  • JM

    John M.

    28 8 2018 02:31

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    Like gold but is he saying that Trump is a disaster and his failed (?) policies will ultimately move gold higher? Is that really going to happen within the time frame of his trade idea?
    BTW Today Trump announced a tentative USA-Mexico free trade deal. It might be more favourable to USA than NAFTA was?

  • DS

    David S.

    27 8 2018 19:40

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    Anyone have an opinion on AAAU Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF vis-a-vis GLD. Long-term gold will be part of my portfolio. I was a little shaken by Dr. Malmgren -who I greatly respect- saying that gold may go down initially in a major market downturn as investors, or their margin holders, need to get cash. DLS

  • DR

    David R.

    27 8 2018 18:54

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    I might agree overall but IMHO he's flying blind - no technical chart or analysis, just some "I think" and a bunch of Trump talk. Amusing but not at all convincing, at least not to me. Also, when he talks about investors flocking to gold from a falling stock market, even if we were to concede the latter, most institutional investors cannot buy gold. Finally, GLD is not really gold; study its documents and/or consult a lawyer... Imagine some year when gold finally soars in a crisis but GLD goes to zero, lol, it could happen!

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    27 8 2018 18:36

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    hyperbola! ad hoc! not very helpful.

  • CT

    Christopher T.

    27 8 2018 16:52

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    Classic Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • AM

    Andrew M.

    27 8 2018 16:13

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    And can we get the old commenting format back please? These huge chunks of text without a line break are rather intimidating / off putting lol

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    27 8 2018 15:16

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    Max I hope your right. I’ve been building a position for two years so to actually generate a respectable profit Gold has a long way to go.
    Riding out the various dips and slides has been nerve racking
    With the opinion that a major correction must come I’ve just watched the markets move forward as gold dithers and stutters has been hard to take. But having done it and maybe
    Payday has arrived. Note MAYBE!!!
    I’m reminded to be cautious daily.
    Be careful what you wish for you might get it.
    Us investors like to wait to pile on so if the market in Gold does start to move up it’ll likely be slow.
    Thanks for your opinions and thanks to RVTV for the constant stream of great service.

  • V!

    Volatimothy !.

    27 8 2018 12:20

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    Max Wolff vs. Tony Greer gold trades. May the best man win. RV has got to recap these two trades for the sport of it.