Momentum in medical devices

Featuring J.C. Parets

J.C. Parets, founder of All Star Charts, explains why he’s bullish on medical device stocks. He highlights one company to watch and discusses the technical catalysts behind the trade in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on July 23, 2018.

Published on
26 July, 2018
Micro, Technical Analysis, Trading
9 minutes
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  • SK

    Stuart K.

    29 8 2018 18:21

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    "we are talking 40-50% gains...and I think it's happening immediately"... that is a slightly heroic assertion...I look forward to observing the results!

  • BE

    Bruce E.

    7 8 2018 02:08

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    I have worked in Hospital device and supply sales since 1990. The cost containment pressures have never been greater. This is not a rip roaring business, it is greatly pressured, and in price deflation. Everyone is squeezed, without exception. Fundamentals, I know, but caveat emptor.

  • AF

    Andrew F.

    27 7 2018 14:45

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    Thanks for another view on Medical devices. I'm with you.

  • SH

    Steve H.

    26 7 2018 18:43

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    Mr. Parets thinks 'we're living in the most peaceful time known to homo sapiens'. I suppose that's because he doesn't live in Syria. Or Iraq. Or Yemen. Or Afghanistan. or Pakistan. Or Myanmar. Or sub-Saharan Africa. Or Central America.

  • AH

    Andrew H.

    26 7 2018 14:32

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    C'mon... "Price is the only truth". In the world of QE? This is one of the worst times to ever make this statement.