Small Caps to Outperform?

Featuring Jay Pelosky

Jay Pelosky, founder of TPW Investment Management, says that as fears related to trade and tariffs grow, one specific small-cap ETF is an attractive buy at current levels. In this interview with Brian Price, Jay cites earnings growth and strong valuations for several small-caps funds as the key catalysts for his thesis. Filmed on June 18, 2018.

Published on
22 June, 2018
ETF, Trading
11 minutes
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  • CL

    Chris L.

    25 6 2018 16:05

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    Well, if you loved IJR on June 22 (.11% from it's all-time high), you'll love it careening lower through $84.

  • IC

    Ibrahim C.

    24 6 2018 04:53

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    What I do not understand, most of the trading ideas here in RV have come about somewhat at their peak and about to reverse their trends. When few of them went well in their way (except the previous Aspen ones), they were well recognized, but what about the whole spectrum and their winning rate as a whole after launching this show? It is very significant to know how much these ideas have achieved per year per category etc.?
    This one is also very speculative having understood all the fundamental backdrop.
    I am not a perma-bear, but the incredible rise in small caps has all been so formidable when you think that 40% of their stocks are junks and having negative EBITAs and another 40% are composed of financials which could easily bust when people will remember the US fiscal problems back again. Can you please tell me what portion is left to drive it upward to the sky?

  • DR

    Daniel R.

    24 6 2018 04:27

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    “Strong valuations” is a new term for me. Do you mean momentum, RSI, or low PEG? This would help me know if this is a good investment for my investment style, which is not momentum but GARP. Thanks!

  • NH

    Neil H.

    22 6 2018 21:24

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    Buy at 83 sell at 82 please explain that strategy to me

  • KC

    Kenneth C.

    22 6 2018 13:23

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    Not a criticism of others, but I too really like the succinctness to Brian's style of interviewing.

  • RK

    Robert K.

    22 6 2018 13:11

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    Thanks for the interview.
    I strongly disagree with the timing of the thesis. Technically this is literally the worst time to enter this trade.
    1. The historical spread against S&P is at significant extreme.
    2. All the macro risks, if manifested, will hit exactly the small caps the strongest (in spite the relatively higher industrial exposure positioning).

    So yes, this was a good trade 3 months ago.

  • SS

    Steve S.

    22 6 2018 12:43

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    Brian, you are doing a great job, keeo it up.