Technical Trading in Bitcoin

Featuring Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf Laidi, CEO of Intermarket Strategy, applies a technical currency strategist’s view to trading Bitcoin, to identify the best entry point for the cryptocurrency. Filmed on July 18, 2017, in London.

Published on
2 August, 2017
Technical Analysis, Crypto-currencies
9 minutes
Asset class
Cash, Currencies


  • DK

    Devon K.

    16 12 2017 23:47

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    BTC hit 20K today!!

  • GM

    Gregor M.

    4 12 2017 09:26

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    As someone who has traded and mined BTC since 2011...crap video. Not informative trying to fit a new asset into an old paradigm...not taking into account limited size vs scope of use etc.

  • JB

    Jose B.

    11 10 2017 01:20

    2       1

    Excellent analysis

  • PS

    PD S.

    17 9 2017 02:55

    0       3

    fascinating topic and i agree with that guy and a lot of his views, but he either needs to learn how to shave properly or get a better razor. you can't put someone looking like that on RV...

  • PS

    Poop S.

    5 9 2017 11:48

    2       3

    Who told this guy those skid marks on the side of his mouth were a good idea?

  • EG

    Eduardo G.

    29 8 2017 12:21

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    I struggle to take this guy seriously after the 'reality show' he did with City Index (look for it in YouTube...or maybe not!). For sure, he may have some knowledge and surely he is more profitable than I am, but I think RV usual presenters are 1000 times better.

  • GS

    GRANT S.

    13 8 2017 00:21

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  • WM

    Will M.

    5 8 2017 15:07

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    Sorry I just don't see that 6 month cycle on your charts. Looks very marginal to me.

  • JK

    Jan K.

    5 8 2017 11:25

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    $3200 today

  • RL

    Rui L.

    4 8 2017 08:28

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    where is the technical analysis ? ps I hv nothing against the person view or narrative, different is good. Maybe the tittle wasn't the best ?

  • AD

    Aaron D.

    3 8 2017 21:23

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  • dj

    daniel j.

    3 8 2017 17:20

    0       1

    What a worthless movie

  • dj

    daniel j.

    3 8 2017 17:20

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    What a worthless movie

  • dj

    daniel j.

    3 8 2017 17:20

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    What a worthless movie

  • VP

    Vincent P.

    3 8 2017 16:14

    7       0

    POS. So wait, he illustrates 900% moves and says, uh, wait until it comes down $100, (ya know about 3%). Can we stay focused on quality actionable and useful presentations for the subscription cost vs junk fillers while it's vacation time or any other time please! Otherwise, you guys are wonderful and we remain loyal.

  • gg

    gurdeep g.

    3 8 2017 09:48

    3       6

    Gives a great alternative view. When it upsets majority of investors judging by the comments, you should want to listen to it more :)

  • FG

    Fred G.

    3 8 2017 07:30

    3       2

    Over the last year Tone Vays has provided the best technical analysis of any market I have ever seen. Would love to see him here too.

  • DB

    Douglas B.

    3 8 2017 02:37

    7       2

    The best analyst I have seen in the Bitcoin/Crypto space is Tone Vays. RV would serve their viewers well by bringing him on.

  • IM

    Il M.

    3 8 2017 00:46

    8       1

    It's ridiculous analysis, where does he see a cycles. Utterly useless.

  • NR

    Nathan R.

    2 8 2017 22:34

    15       2

    Can I have those 8 minutes of my life back? What terrible analysis.

  • CR

    Corey R.

    2 8 2017 17:54

    11       0

    His evidence of cycles is very weak. Look at the chart. Maybe once the cycle peaks in the middle, basically what youd expect by chance

  • GG

    George G.

    2 8 2017 16:44

    2       0

    not your best RV.....presenter does not mention major
    fundamental fact of btc halving in 2016... you might want to get ahead of the curve now with tokens and alt-coins..CV investment and funding in this area has dropped significantly in last year because of alt-coins (over 1.4 billion raised in last few months) The stepchild of crowdfunding will next be disinter mediating the brokers

  • HJ

    Harry J.

    2 8 2017 16:19

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    Ill take the oldest proven currency.
    Personally held gold.
    Here's a better trade....Don't fool with an unknown unless you like the known odds!
    Vegas would be a better place to place your bets! We al

  • TM

    The-First-James M.

    2 8 2017 15:48

    3       9

    Personally, I found this both interesting and helpful. Thanks.

  • JH

    James H.

    2 8 2017 14:20

    1       4

    Bitcoin 6-month cycle

  • ww

    will w.

    2 8 2017 14:19

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    Would you please explain your cryptic comment?

  • PN

    Paul N.

    2 8 2017 13:57

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    To be frank, even though the fundamentals he listed are important in the long term, in the short term the catalysts for bitcoin price action are mostly internal news: Segwit adoption, Layer 2 technologies, Hard fork drama, ICOs, etc. The Segwit short squeeze from $1800 to $2700 should tell you traders out there that focusing on technical charts in such a news-heavy environment is a very dangerous game.

  • PN

    Paul N.

    2 8 2017 13:51

    18       1

    The India/Bitcoin story is interesting because the arguments on both sides make a fair amount of sense. On one side, the introduction of a high tech, regulated, highly efficient, government-endorsed financial system means that a billion Indians can become banked without the need for Bitcoin. If the goal of Bitcoin was to serve the unbanked, this story took a massive chunk of that potential growth away from Bitcoin.

    On the other side, now that cash is banned, the demand for a censorship resistant, private, bearer form of money just skyrocketed. All of the black market and grey market money in India now needs somewhere to go where it can't be taxed or surveilled, and Bitcoin fulfills that niche. The fact that Bitcoin has been trading at a 5-25% premium in India ever since the cash ban occurred is strong evidence of this.

    My own view has always been that blockchain-based systems don't offer an efficiency over centralized regulated systems. They're less efficient by design because every node on the network has to process all of the transactions. The key benefit is the censorship resistance and privacy which is needed for many of the same reasons (good or bad) as cash.

    Also, India has recently decided to regulate and legalize bitcoin so I don't see any imminent regulatory threat to it. I think the most likely scenario is that it simply coexists with the Aadhaar system and even gets a boost in adoption because of it.

  • JB

    Jamie B.

    2 8 2017 13:18

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    Wow - what a worthless video. Real Vision doesnt seem to be able to get any good Bitcoin trading content. Thr fundamental videos are great, but trading not so much.

  • us

    ujjwal s.

    2 8 2017 13:08

    2       3

    some of the smart viewers can you share your idea, when you guys seems to have better knowledge than Ashraf!

  • PU

    Peter U.

    2 8 2017 12:39

    1       2

    Back again! Ha!