The Mighty Buck

Featuring Mark Newton

U.S. dollar strength has been a consistent trend this year. The question on every investor’s mind is – will it continue? Mark Newton, president and founder of Newton Advisors uses technical analysis to answer the question and lays out his thesis, in this interview with Real Vision’s Ash Bennington. Filmed on October 30, 2018.

Published on
5 November, 2018
Trading, Technical Analysis, US Dollar
14 minutes
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  • EL

    Eriksson L.

    6 11 2018 05:24

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    Sorry all the experts here. I am a newbie here.

    Just wonder what is the correlation between USD and gold?

    Is it better to buy gold now or after the midterm? Thank you in advance.

  • CT

    Christopher T.

    5 11 2018 23:55

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    Fade this. The fact that the dollar can't get above its 2016/2017 highs, despite ALL the tailwinds is a big negative divergence. The tiniest out of consensus development will sink it

  • cr

    cc r.

    5 11 2018 19:01

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    My gut tells me do the opposite of his recommendation.

  • AJ

    Average J.

    5 11 2018 14:01

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    Elections and the Fed will be interesting to watch....

  • mf

    mark f.

    5 11 2018 11:42

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    Milton...Before I say what I am about to say, I must note firstly, I adore Real is a tremendous resource to provide information/views in an informative way away from mainstream media. And, i gave this specific video thumbs up because i like to hear the presenter's view, but the continued critique i will make on Real Vision (and as seen in this video), is on this section/category "The Trade". I come to "The Trade" section of your site to hear punchy trade ideas...the broad-based commentary and general market views are rightly good, but for other sections. The Trade section should be clear, crisp, specific, and actionable ideas. The simple template for the interviewer is to ask the presenter BEFORE the interview is to prepare the following: investment security(s) used for the trade, specific entry price, specific target price, specific stop loss, catalysts, risks to the trade, and time frame. This should be a simple but specific template that all presenters must fill out before the show and told to viewers; they can talk about more than that, but each trade should have each element of the aforementioned. General views--such as this one--is fine in other sections of RV, but please keep the "Trade" section to specific and actionable trades. As a professional trader time is limited, so I want to hear the nuts and bolts of the trade...if i want a more qualitative broad view with those specifics, i can listen to the other interview sections...the trade section should be for traders, where the rubber meets the road, and we are specific. Would greatly appreciate if you can stick to always having those investment criteria as core elements...otherwise, its kind of theoretical/conversational. I have mentioned this feedback before, and editors stuck to it for a while, but now am seeing more slippage again with broad recommendations, non-specific targets/stop loss levels , etc...pls include this suggested minimum criteria for all "The Trades" section pieces, or put if not, put those that don't have it, then put those open-ended recommendations in other sections. Again...don't get me wrong..I love RV..just keep it focused/categorized/actionable in the corresponding sections...thx v much!

  • IC

    Ibrahim C.

    5 11 2018 09:52

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    What happens if Democrats make surprise just through Mid-Term elections and Dollar goes to support of 92sh? Still the same?