Volatility on the Rise?

Featuring Max Wolff

Max Wolff, chief economist at The Phoenix Group, makes the case for betting on rising volatility. He explains the catalysts and lays out his trade in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on May 17, 2018.

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21 May, 2018
Volatility, Trading
9 minutes
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  • sb

    siddharth b.

    22 5 2018 09:04

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    no. just no. the contango will kill us all...
    Also a post below mentioned backwardation, i'd wager that backward VIX curves is a buying opportunity alright, for the SPX and not the VIX ...

  • SH

    Syed H.

    22 5 2018 00:26

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    Buy a grand of $UVXY and wait for it to pop?? Nooooo thanks. Just short $TSLA and ride the Crude train to profitville.

  • AD

    Anthony D.

    21 5 2018 20:51

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    With the decay, what is the "Safe" time frame for a VXZ position, a few days, a week or two?

  • NT

    Nicolas T.

    21 5 2018 20:08

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    Good luck winning money with that strategy. VIX today's at 13.3, August Future is at 15.3... That's already 2 points that you're losing only by waiting. November (6 months) is at 16.45 so you'd be risking 3.15 (16.45-13.3) to win 1.55 (18-16.45) : that's not the best risk/reward, even if the probability were in your favor…
    I'm not saying VIX/volatility will stay low, but you'll need to have an almost perfect timing to make money on this. One possibility would be to wait until the board is in backwardation again, so the term structure works in your favor… Anyway, I would love to hear more about volatility trades, but this is a simplistic trade idea and a lot of factor were left out.

  • SS

    Sam S.

    21 5 2018 16:27

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    Hey Max----any further discussion of the automotive sector? Rapid fire info on the VIX---thanks!

  • SB

    S. B.

    21 5 2018 12:17

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    I agree, but can't you just buy long-dated options, for example, SPY/SPX, to capture the volatility?