Episode Three: Travels – Pakistan: The Miracle Kid

Featuring Jawad Mian

Jawad Mian from Stray Reflections takes Episode Three of the globetrotting Travels Series to Pakistan, which had one of the best performing stock markets in the past 15 years, despite the tumultuous political crisis and terror. With valuations still low, Jawad draws on the insight of local experts, Maheen Rahman, Dr. Amjad Waheed and Mosharraf Zaidi, to assess future opportunities for ‘The Miracle Kid’. Filmed in Karachi and Islamabad on March 15 & 24, 2017.

Published on
24 April, 2017
Frontier Markets, Emerging markets, Global Investment
60 minutes
Asset class
Equities, Currencies, Commodities


  • BP

    Benton P.

    22 11 2017 01:07

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    In the reclassification, it's interesting how the outflows from the frontier market funds were actually greater than inflows from the emerging market funds.

  • YJ

    Yaokai J.

    5 6 2017 10:08

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    So much virtual signaling... All the talk about "diversity"... Look at the prosperous countries, they all have a DOMINATE country / people during their ascendance.

  • p5

    peel 5.

    6 5 2017 20:03

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    Should have done this in India.
    India has huge growth potential whereas Pakistan has not developed and will have hard time developing given its situation

  • T~

    Tshort63 ~.

    5 5 2017 04:56

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    Another great episode. Thank you, Jawad for allowing me to experience the broader global perspective through your eyes. Truly a gift. :-)

  • AH

    Ahmed H.

    30 4 2017 12:01

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    Pakistan is one of the key areas in OBOR. At last it gets featured on RV.

  • AH

    Ahmed H.

    30 4 2017 12:01

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    Pakistan is one of the key areas in OBOR. At last it gets featured on RV.

  • KH

    Kanwal H.

    30 4 2017 04:34

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    how does Pakistan's abominably low literacy rate fit into the equation? Yes we talk about the favorable demographics and the nation's "resilience", but can the valuations really re-rate in a sustainable way with low quality human capital?

  • SC

    Sajad C.

    25 4 2017 20:17

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    The travel series is a great watch. Really opens the mind on areas often overlooked. Pakistan only started life in 1947 but on the ground the country has Chinese and a lot of overseas investment.

  • SV

    Stefan V.

    25 4 2017 20:14

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    Outstanding work, Jawad, thank you. I particularly appreciated your little moment of perspective shift reminding us that leading a richer life may not have all that much to do with money.

  • MM

    Mark M.

    25 4 2017 08:46

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    From observing the people around Jawad's journey, I see a grit amongst them due to circumstance. This combined with a build up of pressure, waiting for release towards a better life and opportunity.

  • SD

    Stephen D.

    25 4 2017 05:05

    3       6

    hmmm. "we're running out of reasons why Pakistan trades at a discount to India and Vietnam" The only story I can find on Pakistan today, April 25th is of a journalism student at the Mardan Unibersity beaten and killed for blasphemy by his fellow students. As his father, Iqbal Khan lamented “Universities are places of learning and knowledge,” Iqbal said. “If such incidents are taking place there, what can we expect from the rest of society?”

  • PD

    Peter D.

    25 4 2017 00:19

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    Fantastic Jawal.
    Where RV really adds value is when it provides views that one can't find elsewhere. I'd have never thought about Pakistan before watching this piece. Next Stop: Iran?

  • MM

    Michael M.

    24 4 2017 21:45

    3       3

    At 1810 is this guy seriously saying that not 'electing trump' and not'voting ourselves out of brexit' somehow put pakistan ahead of the countries that did do these things? It truly amazes me again and again how the wealthy really do live in a little bubble all of their own making. Shocking, really.

  • KO

    K O.

    24 4 2017 21:30

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    How did you guys get Francis Ford Coppola out of retirement?

  • AD

    Aaron D.

    24 4 2017 18:41

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    @ TL. IG will give you access to PAK and XBAK.L

  • AD

    Aaron D.

    24 4 2017 18:39

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    This is an example of the quality of Real Vision. Fantastic!

  • TL

    T L.

    24 4 2017 18:39

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    Can get quite windy... seriously, how to trade Pakistan? Which broker etc?

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    24 4 2017 17:54

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    Fantastic production! Highly entertaining and informative. Thanks a lot

  • HA

    Hammad A.

    24 4 2017 17:50

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    It is amazing to hear the story of resilience of Pakistan despite all the upheavals. The market has generated exceptional equity returns and it would be interesting to see more coverage on the micro level opportunities and actionable ideas.

  • RP

    Raoul P.

    24 4 2017 17:47

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    Fabulous job Jawad. Really sets the benchmark for RV.

  • PM

    Patrick M.

    24 4 2017 16:55

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    I sure do enjoy the travel series.