Get Real – Real Vision Television: When Truth Meets Finance


What is Real Vision Television? This short video outlines the concept behind Real Vision and explains why you should think about subscribing to make sure YOU are there when truth meets finance.

Published on
4 September, 2014
2 minutes


  • RM

    R M.

    2 5 2018 21:21

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    Real Vision

  • dn

    duy n.

    27 12 2014 02:35

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    Chromecast only works with Chrome browser and Chromecast extension for the Chrome browser for sites like V.

  • JF

    Jennifer F.

    17 10 2014 08:14

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    I watch it all. I figure no knowledge is every wasted. Great to see some experts I have been following being interviewed as well.

  • JF

    Jasen F.

    5 10 2014 00:40

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    I love it all! Just a suggestion, is there any way to use Chromecast to play on my TV? Also, audio versions to play in the car maybe?