How To


Your Future.

Aired March 11-22

On Real Vision

How To


Your Future.

Aired March 11-22

On Real Vision

Raoul Pal, Dario Perkins, Beth Kindig, Denise Shull, many more guests, and the RV community

"This is the best of RV."

— Jim M., Florida, USA

"A masterclass."

— Roger S., Kansas, USA

"This is classic RV macro."

— Nivtej D., Victoria, Canada

Anyone else feeling gaslit?

Stocks keep going up, economies keep trundling on, talk about “soft landings” continue.

But yet… wages in the US haven’t gone up in real terms in decades, buying property seems impossible for millions of us, and AI is here to take someone’s lunch.

And, as Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal says, “Governments have just offset debt growth via the printing of money. If they’re debasing by 15% on average, we’re getting 15% poorer. We’ve all become debt slaves because it’s been mutualized to all of us. They could have increased taxes by 15% but they didn’t — they did it this way.”


Last year, Real Vision ran an important 2-week series called How to Unf*ck Your Future, which struck a nerve with hundreds of thousands of people.

This year, we’re doing it again — with a new roster of phenomenal guests, new problems to explore and find solutions for, and the knowledge, tools, and network to help you unf*ck your future.

The Problems

  • DemographicsF*cked
  • GDP trend ratesF*cked
  • GeopoliticsF*cked
  • DebtF*cked
  • Asset prices vs. wagesF*cked
  • Housing prices  — F*cked
  • Central bankingF*cked

Join the network: Get the wisdom of the right crowd

The wisdom of the right crowd is a superpower, and the Real Vision crowd is wiser than most.

When you join us for How to Unf*ck Your Future, we’ll immediately grant you access to the Unf*ck Your Future channel on the new Real Vision platform. That’s where you can meet your fellow members, really get into discussions around the problems we face and the solutions, share trade ideas, and more.

Wondering who the community is? Here’s an insight from RV member Paul: “Joining the Real Vision community has transformed my financial life by providing confidence to develop and follow a plan. The community is insightful, intelligent and genuinely fun. My first year has been a joy and I look forward to being a member of the community for many more to come.”

Oh and if that’s not enough, there might be some pretty substantial giveaways happening in the chat too…

How to Unf*ck Your Future: The Series

Starting on March 11 and running every day through March 22, we’re going on a 2-week journey with a stellar list of guests, to tease through the problems we face right now — and the solutions.


Raoul Pal

CEO & Co-Founder
Real Vision

Julian Brigden

Co-founder & President
MI2 Partners

Beth Kindig

Lead Tech Analyst
I/O Fund

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Finance and Real Estate Professor
Columbia Business School

Dee Smith

Strategic Insight Group

Jacob Shapiro

Partner & Director of Geopolitical Analysis
Cognitive Investments

Denise Shull

Author and Founder
The ReThink Group

Harry Melandri

MI2 Partners

Dario Perkins

MD Global Macro
TS Lombard

Tavi Costa

Partner and Macro Strategist
Crescat Capital

Dr. Gio Valiante

Performance Psychologist

Andreas Steno Larsen

Senior Markets Editor
Real Vision

Bill Kapp, MD

CEO & Co-Founder
Fountain Life

Yat Siu

Chairman & Co-founder
Animoca Brands

Jamie Coutts

Chief Crypto Analyst
Real Vision

Ash Bennington

Senior Host & Editor
Real Vision

Maggie Lake

Managing Editor
Real Vision

Week 1: Teasing through the problems
  • The Big Picture

    With Raoul Pal

  • Election-Year Politics, and AI

    Jacob Shapiro, with Dee Smith

  • The Problem with Central Banks

    Dario Perkins, with Andreas Steno Larsen

  • The Global Affordable Housing Crisis

    Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, with Harry Melandri

  • Does Reflation Mean Tech is F*cked?

    Tavi Costa, with Julian Brigden

I’m a 40+ year industry vet and I can say Wall St. is bereft of this type of analysis and quality thinking… I learn more with each episode.”

James M.

on "The Big Picture"

Week 2: Figuring out the solutions
  • Embrace Your Fear

    Denise Shull and Dr. Gio Valiante, with Steven Goldstein

  • The Blockchain Solution

    Yat Siu, with Raoul Pal

  • Tech Investing

    Beth Kindig, with Jordi Visser

  • Longevity and You

    Bill Kapp MD, with Raoul Pal

  • The Roundup

    Raoul Pal, with Maggie Lake

  • Friday, March 22

    The Workshop

Just Announced

Unf*ck Your Future – The Workshop

Binge-watching Real Vision’s How to Unf*ck Your Future series is going to help any serious investor.

But now we want to go further — with a 1-day online workshop series that takes audience participation to a new level and really digs into the tricky questions.

Like… Should I buy a house as a Millennial? How can I unf*ck my retirement when I’m already close to retirement age? Can I (and should I) use options to try and get ahead? And what role does crypto play in all of this?

How to Unf*ck Your Future – The Workshop will answer these questions and a hell of a lot more — with the help of Raoul Pal, Roger Hirst, Jon and Pete Najarian, Imran Lakha, Jared Dillian, Jamie Coutts, Samuel Burke, Ash Bennington, and more.

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How To


Your Future.

John M.

“Real Vision has always under promised and over delivered…. I have been a subscriber for ten years and plan to continue my subscription. Why? The value provided by RV has exceeded my educational and my financial expectations many times over.”

What our members think about this series...

“Truly brilliant.”

Greg S.
Real Vision member

“Really great stuff! This is classic RV macro.”

Nivtej D.
Real Vision member

“A masterclass!”

Roger S.
Real Vision member

“This interview verbalized some things I had been thinking, and many (many) that I hadn’t. Thanks for the insightful analysis. I am left pondering a few scenarios.”

Mark M.
Real Vision member

“Dario is one of the most thoughtful minds in macro and am always keen to hear what he has to say, not least because of his ability to zoom out and look at the big picture.”

Tom E.
Real Vision member

“Such a good interview — really got me thinking.”

Josie F.
Real Vision member

“Fantastic interview, jaw dropping and mind blowing in scale and scope. Thanks once again to the RV team for providing such a varied and intelligent series.”

Gary W.
Real Vision member

“Really enjoying this series so far and the actionable ideas presented.”

Michael B.
Real Vision member

“For all those who had the opportunity to watch this and chose not to, it will be the worst 59 mins they ever spent.”

Steve D.
Real Vision member

“This one video is worth the price of my annual Pro Macro subscription.”

Charles P.
Real Vision member

“This is the best of RV.”

Jim M.
Real Vision member

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About How to Unf*ck Your Future

In March 2023, Real Vision launched a series that struck a nerve with hundreds of thousands of people. Over two weeks, we brought guests including Emad Mostaque, Peter Zeihan, and Angus Shillington on to Real Vision to work through the problems facing us as individual investors and humanity as a species.

This year, many of last year’s problems remain and we’ve got some new ones too, so Real Vision is going on a new How to Unf*ck Your Future journey…

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