The World in 2020

London’s Calling…

Grant Williams & Damian Horner Are Waiting

You’re invited to Real Vision’s The World in 2020 this December in London’s iconic Covent Garden. This private event is reserved for members of Real Vision’s The Blacklist, which only accepts new members a couple of times a year. One of those times is right now…

On behalf of Grant Williams and Damian Horner, we invite you to The World in 2020, an event like pretty much none other on earth. It takes place from December 5-7 in London, UK.
Why is it an event like no other?
Because the one-and-only Grant Williams will be your guide and host in London, along with Damian Horner…
Because the speakers and attendees will be pooling their thoughts and insights to wargame 2020…
Because you’ll be in the fray of small group discussions, live interviews, Shark Tank style pitches, and other up-close-and-personal formats you just don’t find at other events…

An Inside Look at The Blacklist Summit in Grand Cayman…

Click play to go behind the scenes (and see what’s next)

Because you will be blown away by the line-up of speakers and interviewers, which includes:

Pippa Malmgren

H Robotics co-founder, economist, best-selling author, and ex-presidential advisor

(“Pippa for president, seriously…” – Subscriber Aaron B.)

Diego Parrilla

Managing partner at Quadriga Asset Partners

(“Nothing short of amazing…” – Subscriber Rizwan H.)

Michael Howell

Founder and managing director of Crossborder Capital

(Whenever I see Mr Howell’s name come up I have to drop what I’m doing and watch what his take on current events are!” – Subscriber Jason W.)

Lee Robinson

Founder of Altana Wealth

(“What a baller! Intense riveting interview that would never otherwise be seen.” – RV subscriber Ali A.)

Of course, we have a few more surprises in store…

And this event is also like no other because… well, because there’s tourist London and then there’s the London of your hosts, Grant and Damian.

These two quintessentially English gentlemen are really looking forward to showing you around the quintessential English city.

Think football matches and fish and chips. Rough and ready pubs and private members clubs. Early morning fry-ups and late-night beers.

All wrapped up in 2020 forecasts, investing ideas, and no-holds-barred interviews that only a select few will ever hear. If you’re looking for an investing edge… here’s where you’ll find it.

Think we could sell a few hundred tickets to an event like this?

Yeah, we do too. But you can’t exactly create magic in a room of a few hundred people. Much less go for dinner with the speakers, breakfast with your hosts, and to watch Grant’s football team play.

That’s why this event is reserved for members of Real Vision’s “access all areas” membership – The Blacklist. In fact, there are no tickets for this event at all – because entry is included in the Blacklist membership fee.

The good news is that after being closed to new members for some time, we’re accepting a maximum of 10 new members into finance’s most exhilarating club. If you haven’t heard of it (we keep it kind of hush-hush), let us give you the details.

Rip Up The Rulebook and Get Blacklisted

Exceptional People. Inspiring Locations. Extraordinary Outcomes.

The Blacklist is an invite-only, exclusive club made up of ambitious people with anarchic spirit. It has members from 5 continents and diverse backgrounds. Hedge fund managers, Fixed income traders, Bitcoin millionaires, VCs, entrepreneurs, people in real estate and banking, and more.

When The Blacklist was born earlier this year, its mission was to:

  • Introduce members to the biggest names in finance and business…
  • Create a community where members share ideas and experiences, in various locations around the world…
  • Give members access to the kind of advice and face-time that you normally only get if you have $100 million to invest.

Tall order? Sure.

Did that put us off doing it? Never.

The Blacklists’ first few months have been equal parts heady and hectic:

  • The Global Macro Summit in September in Grand Cayman was the most incredible event in our history (so far)…
  • We held a roundtable on The Future of Finance, which was as mind-blowing as you’d expect from the title…
  • We had REB Capital Management director Josh Ayers, Teddy Vallee and Alex Gurevich lead our first Blacklist Strategy Calls…
  • Raoul had Q&A sessions with Blacklist members, where he answered their questions and asked them his questions…
  • He organized a dinner in New York with several Blacklist members and some hedge fund friends…

There’s a reason Sundar I. said:

“Real Vision’s Blacklist initiative is probably one of THE FINEST initiatives anyone has ever made in the field of finance…”

And the most important thing? We’re just getting started…

Today, You’re invited to Join This Revolutionary Club

It’s not “just” a backstage pass… you’re at the center of the show.

Before we tell you exactly what’s included in your Blacklist membership, we want to share a quick explanation on what the Blacklist is really all about…

Yes, as a member of The Blacklist, you’ll have unprecedented levels of access to people like Kyle Bass, Pippa Malmgren, Mark Hart, Mike Green, Brent Johnson, and many more…

But the most important part of the Blacklist is… you.

You don’t have to be in the finance business to be a Blacklister. You do need to be an active participant, willing to go on adventures, and keen to chat with other members as well as the financial legends we’ll be bringing to the group.

Because the power is in the network. The community is where the magic happens. We heard this at The Blacklist’s Global Macro Summit in Grand Cayman in September, with Blacklist members telling us…

“The speakers were amazing, but it was talking to the other members that really made it special.”

“It’s like I’ve started to build my own investment team around me.”

“I’ve already agreed to invest with two of the people I’ve met here.”

 “Fascinating people from so many different backgrounds with so many different ideas.”

“An incredible mix of people.”

And it wasn’t just attendees. Praetorian Capital president Harris Kupperman, who spoke at the Global Macro Summit, told a podcast recently that if he wasn’t speaking at a Blacklist event again, he’d pay the membership fee just so he could attend the events.

That’s magic.

And that’s why The World in 2020 summit in London with Grant and Damian will be even more focused on cultivating that magic.

But there’s more to The Blacklist than that.

Get Blacklisted and Get Access To…

When you join The Blacklist, you’ll get:

The Blacklist Live Summits

One-of-a-kind intimate experiences featuring extraordinary special guests from the world of finance, geopolitics, lifestyle or business. Held in brilliant locations around the globe, these private events are a chance to connect with other members and get face time with industry leaders and trailblazers. The first one takes place in Grand Cayman next month – your entry is included in your Blacklist membership. And plans are already well underway for the next summit in London in December (more to be revealed soon).

Guerrilla Events
(Anytime, Anywhere)

This wasn’t in our original Blacklist blueprint, but it quickly developed on its own. The Blacklist members are from 5 different continents… which means that dinners, roundtables, and drinks can happen anytime, anywhere. And they do.

Since inception, we’ve had a last-minute dinner Raoul organized with some of his friends from hedge funds, banks, and The Blacklist members… a roundtable event in New York with guests including Meltem Demirors and Tom Thornton… a 2-hour breakfast with Savneet Singh (who chooses to stay off the Real Vision platform, but as a Blacklist member that barrier is taken down)… and watch this space for more.

The Quarterly Call
with Raoul

Every quarter, Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal hosts a call with Blacklist members. These calls are intentionally a two-way street – with questions firing back and forth between Blacklist members and Raoul in a way that could never happen on a webinar with hundreds of people.

The Blacklist Strategy Call
(8 Per Year)

Join from anywhere in the world and speak directly to our hand-picked finance and business superstars. Calls will focus on asset allocation, macro strategies, geopolitics, business strategies, and personal performance.

Also included in your membership:

The Recap

Don’t have time to attend every Blacklist Quarterly Event? We get it. And while we can’t recreate the experience, we do the next best thing – send you a comprehensive report of each event, complete with detailed summaries of speaker presentations, photos, and more. Not only does it give non-attendee members access to valuable takeaways simply not available to anyone else, it also takes the note-taking pressure off attendees, allowing them to enjoy the moment. Of course, conversations at the bar stay private…

The Bundle

Every year that you’re a Blacklist member, your access to Real Vision, Think Tank and Macro Insiders is included. No messing around with multiple payments – The Blacklist really is “access all areas”…

The Blacklist Network

This is a private, unlisted LinkedIn group for Blacklist members. You will connect with others, grow your network, develop meaningful connections and discuss important articles, research and other learnings. There are some pretty amazing discussions going on in there right now.

The Blacklist Definitely Isn’t For Everyone

Our plans for The Blacklist are big… really big. But our plans for membership are small – In fact, we don’t want to grow too much at all. Membership of The Blacklist will always be highly restricted because having thousands or even several hundreds of members would dilute the value to existing members.

We want to cultivate this world-spanning group of movers and shakers into a tight-knit community that together is even greater than the sum of its parts.

And that’s why at this time, we can welcome just 10 new members to The Blacklist. And it’s also why costs are likely to increase every year.

But right now, you can join for $35,000 for a full year, or $55,000 for two years.

We understand it’s not a small amount of money, but if you attend our Live Summits the membership quickly pays for itself.

Not to mention the fact that you simply can’t put a price on the access you’ll get to financial legends and fellow investors… and the adventures you’ll have around the world…

Are You In?

The Blacklist is not for everyone. Not everyone has the time or inclination to attend a last-minute dinner, book a flight across the world, dial in to regular calls with Real Vision experts, and so on.

What you spend your time on is important, and who you spend your time with is important. It’s all about allocation… and your capital is your quality of life.

So if being part of a revolutionary band of thoughtful, ambitious, like-minded people sounds like something you would like to spend your time on, we’d love to have you on board.

Remember, there are only 10 places available, and we expect them to be taken soon.

Thank you for reading and considering this invitation. We hope to see you in London next month…

The Blacklist Team


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