It’s the difference between watching one of the world’s greatest hedge fund managers… and having a three-hour dinner with them.


The Blacklist gives you direct access to our financial rock stars and a small group of like-minded investors so you can meet, share, discuss, debate, co-invest and explore different investment opportunities together.

Welcome to The Blacklist

The idea is very simple…

The Blacklist gives you direct access to our financial rock stars and a small group of like-minded investors so you can meet, share, discuss, debate, co-invest and explore different investment opportunities.

You can become a member yourself – or you can join on behalf of your firm to generate opportunities for your clients.

Think of it as ‘Real Vision on steroids’.

It all started because time and time again, you’ve asked us for more access to our impossible-to-access guests.

And you don’t mean more videos.

What many of you want is the kind of access that’s normally reserved for the elite of Wall St:

  • Face-to-face access
  • Conversation access
  • Advice access
  • Roundtable access

Or to put it another way, the kind of access you only get if you have $100m to invest.

As you can imagine, creating something like this isn’t easy.

(There’s a reason why they’re described as ‘impossible-to-access guests’).

Then again, Real Vision has never shied away from doing things that the rest of the industry says is impossible.

So we put together a special project team to explore how we can give some of our subscribers direct access to the biggest and smartest names in world finance.

Unprecedented Direct Access

We wanted you to have the chance to hang out with our star contributors and pick their brains about everything from Tesla to the Yankees.

When we say direct access - we mean it.

In our research we found that many of you want to go deeper than is physically possible in a video… or research report… or even a conference.

Sometimes you want to be the ones asking the questions, choosing the topics, or probing the thinking. Other times, you simply want to clarify to be sure you completely understand an opportunity. And then there are times when you just want to be a fly on the wall in a room where these conversations are happening.

As someone told us,“It’s the difference between watching one of the world’s greatest hedge fund managers – and having a three-hour dinner with them”.

We totally understand this. We (of all people) appreciate the incredible value of being able to spend time with the legends of finance, kicking around ideas and piecing together the investment jigsaw.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for us to create this opportunity for our subscribers. Particularly because we knew that if we were going to do this – that we had to make it really special.

Life-changingly special.

As Raoul said to the team at the very first briefing on this project: “I want this to be the difference between going to any old concert – and going to watch your favorite band of all time, at a secret venue, with a backstage pass, plus a ticket to the after- party”.

So no pressure then…

We started with Raoul’s Rolodex.

(OK we admit it – he doesn’t really own one – but you get the idea). We looked at which combination of superstar investors would add most value for you.

Early on, we recognized that meeting random ‘financial savants’ wasn’t going to be enough. (No matter how famous or brilliant they are).

We want to build a ‘dream team’ of talented mentors for you to draw upon.

Either for your own investments  OR –  on behalf of your firm for your clients.

Our concept is for you to think of these brilliant people as your own (very) special group of trusted advisors and mentors.

That means you are going to need a superb macro thinker, a genius geo-political strategist, a world-renowned asset allocation manager, and so on and so on.  Get the picture?

These are the people who will help you go to the next level. They will help you think more widely and open up more opportunities than anything you ever been exposed to before. Think of them as a turbo-charger for your investment thinking.

Once we’d got this concept straight in our heads, we stumbled into something else that has the power to transform your investing.

In our research, you repeatedly told us of your desire to meet other traders and investors.

This wasn’t out of loneliness (!) but because you find it helps you become a better investor. You said that by talking to other investors, you get to test out your ideas, develop your thinking, learn things and sometimes even change your mind.

Most importantly, you said that you discover and share new opportunities that you might never have come across.

This triggered a thought for Raoul who then told us about his Global Macro Insider (GMI) roundtables. These are his annual events, held in castles in Spain or retreats in the Napa Valley with (you guessed it) the people in his Rolodex.

Raoul explained that these roundtable discussions frequently lead to people introducing exciting new start-ups that they’ve discovered, never-before-thought-of opportunities, or ways of looking at companies that completely change their perspective.

These networking discussions are magical and often result in people at the dinners coming together to co-invest or develop ideas quite apart from the event itself.

Quickly, we realized that by combining direct access to our ‘impossible-to-access’ guests with the opportunity to network with other investors in private, small groups we could create something…life-changingly special.

It’s not just meeting the world’s greatest investors or even talking to them that makes the difference. It is the chance to do this with other people and then discuss what has been said, that leads to true financial alchemy.

The magic comes from confidential debate, evolution of  thinking, the synapses firing all around the room, reaching a deeper understanding of themes and unexpected twists in the conversation.

You can’t recreate this. You have to be there.

The next thing we had to work out was where and how to do it.

We knew that we wanted people to be able to meet in person. Simply because there is a dynamic that comes from discussing things face-to-face that you can’t always replicate online.

Raoul’s view was that we had to get people out of the office and away from conference rooms.

He was pretty adamant (shock horror) that it had to be an out-of-this-world experience in its own right.

“Like what?” we asked.

“Like a small group of us meeting with a legend of finance on Grand Cayman island, going to the bay where the Stingrays swim and then in the evening, returning for dinner followed by a bonfire on the white sandy beach complete with cigars and the best rum cocktails you’ve ever had” he replied with a smile.

“Oh” we said. “That kind of amazing experience…er… wow!”

Once we had that image in our heads it was pretty hard to shake off. So from that moment onwards the team scoured the earth and spoke to ‘the kind of people who know this stuff’ to create a list of mind-blowing experiences. 

We now have that list. (And yes it is mind-blowing).

Finally we were ready to launch The Blacklist.

Then Raoul decided to go over the top.

“I want to go further” he said. “I want to include a monthly call with the members of The Blacklist. One where I can talk to them about what’s going on in the markets and they can ask me questions directly”.

“Monthly? Are you sure?”

“Absolutely – if we are going to do this I want it to be the best service there is.”

“OK then.”

“And one more thing – I want to bring along a few surprise heavy hitters to the events…”

The project team panicked slightly at the idea of ‘surprises’ but the gleam in Raoul’s eye quickly re-assured them.  


NOW is your chance to join a small group of financial rockstars and like-minded investors to meet, share, discuss, debate, co-invest and explore different investment opportunities together.

How do you join The Blacklist?

Well, before we get into that, maybe we should outline in more detail what you get as a member of this special group.


The ultimate level of access giving you face-to-face meetings, discussions, presentations and experiences with the world’s smartest investors

The Blacklist Live Summits (Quarterly)

Join us for one-of-a-kind intimate experiences featuring extraordinary special guests from the world of finance, geopolitics, lifestyle or business. Held in brilliant locations around the globe, these private events are a chance to connect with other members and get face time with industry leaders and trailblazers.

The Blacklist Strategy Call
(8 Per Year)

Join from anywhere in the world and speak directly to our hand-picked finance and business superstars. Calls will focus on asset allocation, macro strategies, geopolitics, business strategies, and personal performance.

The Raoul Pal Q&A

Every month, Raoul Pal answers your questions during this 1-hour call.

The Blacklist Network
(All year)

This is a private, unlisted LinkedIn group for Blacklist members. Connect with others, grow your network, develop meaningful connections and discuss important articles, research and other learnings.

The Goodie Bag
(All Year)

Exclusive discounts on new product and service launches from Real Vision and hand-picked partners.

The Package
(All year)

Get access to Real Vision, Think Tank and Macro Insiders for free for a full year.


Places are assigned strictly on a first come – first serve basis. New places will only be available on a ‘one in/one out’ basis.

If you have any questions or want to talk about membership in a little more detail, please visit our FAQs or contact us at membership@realvision.com.

We can then fix up for Raoul to give you a call personally to talk it through – no pressure and no hard-sell… Just a chat so that you can ask any questions you want.


The Blacklist

This is for investors who want to meet the biggest names in finance and business.

To pick their brains and discuss their insights, face-to-face with small groups of like-minded people in cool locations around the world.

It will massively deepen your understanding of finance and business and open up a constant stream of new ideas and investment opportunities for you to debate and consider.

Think of it as your personal dream team of mentors and advisors.

You can sign up now for one year and become a member for $25,000.


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