Membership FAQ

What is The Blacklist?

“It’s the difference between watching one of the world’s greatest hedge fund managers…and having a three-hour dinner with them”

The Blacklist is an “access all areas” memberships that give you the chance to hang out with our star contributors and pick their brains about everything from Amazon to Asia

Think of these brilliant people as your own (very) special group of trusted advisors and mentors.

But it’s not just about meeting the world’s greatest investors. It’s the chance to do this with your peers and then discuss, debate, explore different investment strategies and opportunities together.  

The Blacklist tier includes several premium benefits that are exclusive to the Blacklist offering.

Who are the “mentors” or Real Vision contributors participating in the events?

The mentors and contributors are hand-picked by Raoul. The mix of people is very important so that our members get the most out of each event.  

We are busy planning every incredible detail and booking guests to attend our scheduled events around the globe, details of which will be shared soon.

How much does a membership cost?

For the first year, The Blacklist costs $25,000, denominated in US dollars for 1-year membership and $40,000 for 2-year membership.

Can I pay in monthly installments?

Membership fees are expected to be paid in full at the time of purchase.  We do not offer monthly installments at this time.

Can I pay via wire transfer, SWIFT or ACH?

Yes. Please contact us at membership@realvision.com and we will help facilitate your domestic or international wire transfer or ACH.

I purchased a membership but have changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

We do not provide credit or refunds for any cancelled Blacklist membership subscriptions so please think carefully before joining.

What is included in The Blacklist membership?

The Blacklist includes:

  1. The Blacklist Live Summits (Quarterly)– One of a kind, roundtable events with Raoul and special guests from the worlds of geopolitics, finance, business and lifestyle. Hear from the founders of trailblazing start-ups, business leaders, hedge fund managers and immerse yourself in discussions about exciting new investment opportunities. Held in extraordinary locations around the world ranging from Caribbean beaches to the world’s Top 50 restaurants.
  2. The Blacklist Strategy Call (Quarterly)– Once a quarter, our hand-picked group of finance superstars act as your advisory team. Join online from anywhere in the world and speak directly with presenters and peers in real time during these live, free- wheeling conversations about investment strategy. Calls will focus on asset allocation, macro strategies, business strategies as well as personal performance.
  3. The Raoul Pal Q&A (Monthly)– Every month, Raoul Pal answers your questions in this 1-hr dial-in call. Send in your questions beforehand or raise them on the call so you can discuss them with Raoul and the other members of The Blacklist.
  4. The Blacklist Network (All year)– This is a private LinkedIn group for Blacklist members only. Connect with each other, grow your network, develop meaningful connections and discuss important articles, research and other learnings. The Real Vision team will also share a special selection of research, stories, newsletters, podcasts, videos and other products or services that they’ve discovered each month.
  5. The Virtual Mentor Event (8 per year)– Join live from anywhere in the world and chat (via our online chat tool) with presenters and engage with other Blacklist members in real time.   Topics and guests will vary but these virtual events will focus on trading strategies, technical analysis and market trends.
  6. The Network Live (Quarterly)– Join Raoul, Real Vision contributors other Blacklist members at our exclusive networking events. These happen once per quarter around the world. Gain access to people, places and ideas that you just can’t get anywhere else.
  7. Your Backstage Pass (All year) – Our special Black Card gets you access to select Real Vision film shoots around the world. Our concierge team will help you with all the details.
  8. The Goodie bag (All year) – Exclusive discounts on all new product and service launches from Real Vision and hand-picked partners. To kick things off, take advantage of a 60% discount on Hedge Eye’s latest newsletter “Demography Unplugged”.
  9. The Package (All year) – Get access to Real Vision, Think Tank and Macro Insiders for free for a full year. If you already subscribe to any of these, you get an additional year added onto the end of your current subscription.

When attending the live events or visiting select film shoots, do members receive free travel & accommodations?

Travel and accommodation is not included in a Blacklist membership. Only entry into the “experience” (read: event or film set) and food and beverage during the experience is included in the membership.

Travel to and from the experience & accommodations are the financial responsibility of the member. For The Blacklist members, we do provide concierge services to help facilitate your plans and are happy to recommend hotels and restaurants near the venue. However, members will have to reserve, book and pay for the hotels or restaurants themselves.

For example – if an event was to take place on a yacht in Grand Cayman and was followed by a private dinner on the beach, your membership includes everything happening at the event that day (food & beverage, yacht hire, transportation from the yacht to the private dinner and dinner itself). Members will only be responsible to pay for their travel and accommodations to and from Grand Cayman.

I don’t live in the U.S. How many events will take place outside the U.S.?

We are planning events around the world. Our goal is to make the events as convenient as possible for the majority of our members. Therefore, if the most of our members reside in Europe, we will host more events in Europe than in other places in the world. Regardless, we will host events across multiple continents throughout the year.

I can’t make an event or phone call. Can I get a one on one meeting with Raoul or the featured contributor?

Unfortunately, no. We will not be able to host “catch up” sessions. However, we will do everything we can to ensure the maximum number of members are able to join each and every call.

During the monthly and quarterly calls, will I get answers to all my questions?

We will do our best to get all questions answered during the call but cannot guarantee every question you have will be answered.

As a Blacklist member, how will I get access to The Network?

Soon after you become a Blacklist member you will receive a welcome email from your membership team. In that email, we will ask you a series of general interest questions and request you provide us with a link to your LinkedIn profile. Shortly thereafter you will receive an invite from us to join our private, unlisted LinkedIn group.

As a Blacklist member, when can I expect to receive my The Black Card?

A few weeks after you join The Blacklist you will receive a welcome package via the post from the Founders of Real Vision. Included in that package will be your personalized Black Card. If your shipping address is different than the address you use at checkout please contact us at membership@realvision.com


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