JULY  26-29, 2021


Jason Buck
Alex Gurevich
Vincent Deluard
Carson Block
Mike Green

The Return of The Blacklist

You’re invited to Real Vision’s Blacklist Summit this July in the iconic Napa Valley in California. This private event is reserved for members of Real Vision’s Blacklist, which has not publicly invited new members to join since October 2019.

Now, the Blacklist is back. And we’re planning to make up for lost pandemic time with a summit like no other from July 26-29 in Yountville, Napa Valley.

Why is it a summit like no other?

Because you’ll be in the fray of small group discussions, group dinners and winery visits, live interviews, and other up-close-and-personal formats you just don’t find at other events…

Because we’ll be discussing topics that matter to Blacklist members…

And because you will be joining fellow Blacklist members and renowned investors including:

Alex Gurevich

Vincent Deluard

Carson Block

Mike Green

Jason Buck

Think we could sell a few hundred tickets to an event like this?

Yeah, we do too. But Blacklist has the kind of magic that doesn’t scale to a room of a few hundred people.

And that’s why there are no tickets for this event at all – because entry is included in the Blacklist membership fee.

The good news is that after being closed to new members since October 2019, we’re accepting a maximum of 10 new members into finance’s most exhilarating club. If you haven’t heard of it (we keep it kind of hush-hush), let us give you the details.

Exceptional People. Inspiring Locations. Extraordinary Outcomes.

The Blacklist is an invite-only, exclusive club made up of ambitious people with anarchic spirit. It has members from 5 continents and diverse backgrounds. Hedge fund managers, fixed income traders, Bitcoin millionaires, VCs, entrepreneurs, people in real estate and banking, and more.

When The Blacklist was born, its mission was to:

  • Introduce members to the biggest names in finance and business…
  • Create a community where members share ideas and experiences, in various locations around the world…
  • Give members access to the kind of advice and face-time that you normally only get if you have $100 million to invest.

Tall order? Sure.

Did that put us off doing it? Never.

And with summits in Grand Cayman and London, frequent smaller in-person events around the world, online wine-tastings, strategy calls with everyone from Alex Gurevich to Hugh Hendry to Diego Parilla to Chris Cole, Q&As and private dinners with Raoul, and more… Blacklist is fulfilling its mission statement.

Of course, Covid took away the lifeblood of the Blacklist – our in-person meet-ups, but we kept the fire going online, and at smaller in-person events in Aspen, Dallas and more.

Now, the Blacklist is back. And it’s a spectacular return.

Just a sample of previous Blacklist exclusive events…

Grand Cayman.
Featuring the likes of Raoul Pal, Brent Johnson, Mike Green.

London, England.
Featuring the likes of Grant William, Pippa Malmgren, and Diego Parilla.

And there’s even more in the works that we’re keeping under wraps for now.

There’s a reason Sundar I. said:

“Real Vision’s Blacklist initiative is probably one of THE FINEST initiatives anyone has ever made in the field of finance…”

Today, You’re Invited to Join This Revolutionary Club

It’s not “just” a backstage pass… you’re at the center of the show.

As a member of The Blacklist, you’ll have unprecedented levels of access to people like Kyle Bass, Pippa Malmgren, Mark Hart, Mike Green, Brent Johnson, and many more…

But the most important part of the Blacklist is… you.

You don’t have to be in the finance business to be a member. You do need to be an active participant, willing to go on adventures, and keen to chat with other members as well as the financial legends we bring to the group.

Because the power is in the network.The community is where the magic happens. We heard this at previous member events, with Blacklist members telling us…

“The speakers were amazing, but it was talking to the other members that really made it special.”

“It’s like I’ve started to build my own investment team around me.”

“I’ve already agreed to invest with two of the people I’ve met here.”

 “Fascinating people from so many different backgrounds with so many different ideas.”

“An incredible mix of people.”

And it’s not just attendees. Praetorian Capital president Harris Kupperman, who spoke at the Global Macro Summit, told a podcast that if he wasn’t speaking at a Blacklist event again, he’d pay the membership fee just so he could attend the events.

The Blacklist Definitely Isn’t For Everyone

Our plans for The Blacklist are big… really big.

But our plans for membership are small – In fact, we don’t want to grow too much at all. Membership of The Blacklist will always be highly restricted because having thousands or even several hundred members would dilute the value to existing members.

We want to cultivate this world-spanning group of movers and shakers into a tight-knit community that together is even greater than the sum of its parts.

And that’s why at this time, we can welcome just 10 new members to The Blacklist.

What next?

What you spend your time on is important, and who you spend your time with is important. It’s all about allocation… and your capital is your quality of life.

So, if being part of a revolutionary band of thoughtful, ambitious, like-minded people sounds like something you would like to spend your time on, we’d love to have you on board.

Drop us a line at and one of the team will be happy to chat more about the Blacklist and your membership options, as well as answer your questions.

Remember, there are only 10 places available, and we expect them to be taken soon.

Thank you for reading. We hope to see you in Napa (or New York, or London…) soon…

The Blacklist Team

Grand Cayman



Raoul Pal // Brent Johnson // Mike Green // Harris Kupperman // Adam Rodman // Mark Hart III // Tony Nash

What better way to start an experience like no other, than with welcoming cocktails on the Ritz-Carlton Grand Ballroom Balcony, taking in the exquisite views of an evening on Grand Cayman, with like-minded people.

The next day? Breakfast with Blacklist members and speakers alike, followed by a day of in-depth discussions, mentor sessions, and live up-close-and-personal interviews. Then it’s off to the renowned “Tasting Room” to unwind for the evening and share experiences.

How would you follow this? A morning of idea sharing and in-person conversations, followed by a sunset cruise around the island.

London, England



Grant William // Damian Horner // Pippa Malmgren // Diego Parilla // Michael Howell // Lee Robinson… and more.

In late 2019, Blacklist members were treated to a London experience, in which the one-and-only Grant Williams was both Host and Guide, along with the resplendent Damian Horner.

Dinner and drinks for members, together with speakers, on Thursday evening, was followed by a full day of small group discussions, live interviews, Shark Tank style pitches, and other up-close-and-personal formats with legends of the investing world that you just don’t find at other events.

To finish off this incredible gathering, was a trip to watch Grant Williams’ football team (Fulham F.C.), play at their home venue of Craven Cottage, but not before some pre-game fun with Fulham F.C. fans at a local pub, followed by lunch in a Private Suite at Craven Cottage.


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