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NFTs are Ded, Right?

That’s what everyone’s saying.

If they are, the Real Vision community didn’t get the message…

Over the past couple of weeks, we released the Vintage Collection, a free set of iconic images that hold a special place in our heart.

The result?

A collection that was trending on OpenSea and minted out in a matter of minutes.

To put it into perspective, one NFT release minted out in just 4 minutes.

If you’ve been following the Real Vision Collective, it’s not surprising.

For those who haven’t, the Collective is an NFT project that’s on a mission to bring all your favorite NFT communities together while giving you the knowledge you need to navigate Web3.

Throughout the bear market, the Collective has been building and preparing for the market’s next big move.

So let’s spread some of this magic around, shall we?

It’s time to launch Season 2 of the Collective NFTs… with 9 of the most significant projects around… at a price everyone can afford.

And for the first time, we’re adding in something extraordinary that we’re calling The Everything Option. It could give 10 people a pretty amazing start to 2024. More on that in a sec…

Building the Super Community of Web3

By partnering with some of the biggest NFT projects in the space, we’re uniting communities from across the Cryptoverse and transforming them into a single super-charged community.

We support our partners by holding all of the NFTs that comprise our NFT artwork in the Real Vision Vault.

Plus, 10% of all sales and royalties for the next 2 years will go towards buying more of our partners’ NFTs.

It’s all about supporting each other to build one big super community.

For Season 1, we were joined by MFers, XCOPY, Damien Hirst, REKTGUY, The Memes — 6529, Meebits, World of Women, Women and Weapons, and Yinkore.

For Season 2, in the spirit of CC0 Summer (Creative Commons Zero), we are excited to build on artwork exclusively from open-source projects that are dedicated to democratizing digital art…

Larva Lads

Collective Season 2 NFT Utility

By minting a Collective Season 2 NFT, you’ll be joining a powerhouse community who’ve been helping each other through the crypto winter since we launched the Collective. 

We’ve designed a set of NFT holder benefits and community experiences designed to cross-pollinate information, knowledge, and wisdom throughout the Collective, including:

A token-gated Discord filled with over 10,000 brilliant investors and crypto natives.

Exclusive token-gated content that’s focused on helping you navigate the wild world of Web3.

Access to the Real Vision Trading League, where you can compete against other traders to win big prizes, including everything from subscriptions to cash.

Already a Real Vision NFT holder?

If you hold all the Genesis and Collective NFTs, you’ll get access to the forthcoming Visionaries Club.

More information can be found here.

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The Mint Rundown

For Collective Season 2, we’ve streamlined the mint process.

No complicated allowlists. No tight deadlines.

Just a single minting experience for everyone.

On August 4 at 10am ET, the Season 2 Collective mint will go live and allow anyone to mint an NFT for .069ETH or about $125.

The mint will close on August 16 at 9pm ET.

This season’s collection is comprised of 9,696 NFTs that are equally split between 3 distinct artworks.

The artwork for the NFTs is a mash-up of NFTs owned by The Real Vision Collective, each featuring artwork from 3 of our Season 2 partner communities.

While the NFTs may feature different artwork, each NFT entitles holders to the same benefits and utilities.

The NFT artwork will be randomly assigned and revealed on August 18.

Speaking of the artwork...

Click to view...

A mash-up of Nakamigo, CrypToadz, and Smowl.

  • Communities
  • Available
  • Price
    0.069 ETH

Click to view...

A mash-up of Sail-o-bots, CryptoDickbutts, and Larva Lads.

  • Communities
  • Available
  • Price
    0.069 ETH

Click to view...

A mash-up of SeizeTheMeebs, Deadfellaz, and CREYZIES.

  • Communities
  • Available
  • Price
    0.069 ETH
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Introducing… The Everything Option

Think that ETH is only going up for the rest of the year?

With your Collective Season 2 NFT, you get a free option on that.

This gives you a shot at turning $125 into $500,000 (or more).

To give you an idea: If we buy options for $50k at a strike price of $3,000 and ETH doubles by the end of the year, there will be around $1 million in the Prize pool.

Of course, it could go to zero, too, if ETH doesn’t reach $3,000. That’s the game of investing.

Raoul knows this feeling all too well…

In 2021, he placed ETH calls at what would end up being the top of the market. Over the next few months, he watched in agony as the market collapsed and his options expired worthless.

Let’s see if this time is different.

How will it work?

When you mint a Season 2 NFT for just .069ETH (about $125), you’ll have the opportunity to enter into a pool that gives you a chance at securing some life-changing ETH.

After the mint closes on August 11, we will transfer 5% of the proceeds (in ETH) to our Deribit account. We’ve selected options with an expiration of December 29, 2023, and a strike price of $3,000.

To reduce the impact on the market, we will buy the options over the course of a few days.

Registration for the Everything Option will open on September 1, 2023, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, and Telegram, or drop your email below to stay in the loop with when, where and how to sign-up for the Everything Option.

Alternatively, you can bookmark and look for updates there.

Mint closed

Registration Details

  • After the expiration of those calls, we will randomly select ten (10) Season 2 NFT holders as recipients of the funds from the prize pool.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of the prize money will be split evenly between nine (9) of the selected recipients. The remaining 50% of the prize money will go to one (1) grand prize recipient.
  • To enter the pool, you’ll need to hold a Season 2 NFT at the time of expiration AND register ahead of the drawing.
  • Each Season 2 Collective NFT serves as one entry ticket. So, buying more than 1 NFT increases your odds of being selected. Please note: If the ETH option contracts expire out of the money, there will be no prize to divide.
  • You can track the current prices of the options on Deribit here, but they are currently around $20.
  • Registration is linked to the NFT, so if you choose to sell your NFT, you will forfeit any future gains associated with it. Furthermore, if you purchase an NFT on the secondary market, it is your responsibility to make sure it is registered.
  • You can read all the terms and conditions here.

What This Is Really All About...

Web3 and NFTs are all about community. As humans, we all crave to belong to “our” group, where we feel at home and welcomed by people with like-minded interests and passions with whom we might share a mission or vision. Community is what glues us all together in this globalized, work-from-home, digital age.

The Real Vision Collective is an exciting and innovative NFT super-community pass from Real Vision – the leading platform at the nexus of finance, crypto, and Web3.

The Real Vision Collective aims at eventually bringing together the different communities within the Web3 ecosystem, including pfps, art, music NFTs, DAOs, cryptocurrencies, community tokens, and digital ID.

Our artwork represents the spirit of community, and each NFT is a mash-up of 3 unique projects (more to be revealed in due course). We will initially feature 3 Seasons of NFTs, with each season having 3 unique and collectible NFTs.

We want ownership to be broad, not just for fanatic collectors. We want to grow the Web3 space and are uniquely positioned to do it.

In short — Nothing exists like the Real Vision Collective.

The Real Vision

The Super Community of NFT Communities

Here’s What the Hive’s Been Saying About the Collective

“This collective is about to EXPLODE!!”

— Iceberg

“I’m one of the early adopters and really enjoy the community. I don’t intend to ever sell my RV Genesis or Collective.”

— Hazah

“The real value comes from active participation in the community. The learning comes from contributing and sharing along with others in the hive mind.”

— Bumbu

“The RV Collective = The Experienced Finance ChatGPT.”

— Pinturicchio.eth

Our Mission

Our sole purpose at Real Vision is to help our members build their financial world across Web3, crypto, and macro. Because we see a world where everyone should be able to keep their promises to their “future self” — the ever-evolving aspirational identity of how we see ourselves in the future.

The Real Vision Collective plays a crucial role in achieving this vision. By serving as the hub for the entire Web3 community, we can support members in their journeys within the Web3 landscape, along with their broader financial journey, while also facilitating the growth and advancement of the Web3 community, which we all passionately believe in

Our Values

  • Collaboration — We are in this together. We are sharing ideas together. We are participating together. We level the playing field across macro, crypto, and Web3 together.
  • Bravery — We live outside our comfort zone. We take calculated risks. We get excited to learn new things. We don’t mind falling down if it means improving in some way.
  • Drive — We work hard to build the world we want to live in. We push the boundaries of innovation.

If this sounds like your kind of community, please join us and be a part of a fun, irreverent, and innovative culture where success and failure are celebrated, and socialization and communication are encouraged.

Mint closed

The Real Vision


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