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Stability AI Founder and CEO Emad Mostaque in Conversation with Raoul Pal

How to navigate the convergence of macro, digital assets, and tech


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Emad Mostaque: 
“My Investment Thesis is the Compression of Knowledge”

Stability AI founder and CEO Emad Mostaque is hitting headlines for the $101 million in funding raised for his now-unicorn company — the creator of Stable Diffusion, or “Dall-E on steroids.”

But if you think it’s just about generative art, get ready to think very differently…

AI isn’t coming, it’s already here and it’s not going away. Whether it’s the open-source for all model from Stability AI, or the “behind closed doors” models Big Tech defaults to, it’s clear AI is finally hitting the mainstream.

In this special hour-long conversation for Real Vision, Emad talks to Raoul about:

  • The ethics behind gate-keeping powerful technology
  • Why the entirety of humanity is basically about communication and compression
  • How a kind of “generative Spotify” will capture the music of the world
  • Why Apple will be the biggest AI company in the world in 2 years
  • Exactly why he wants to “force everyone to go open source”
  • The reason he finds Artificial General Intelligence “largely distasteful”
  • And more

So. Much. More. As Raoul says: “Frankly, I’m f*cking staggered at how fast this is moving…”

The Exponential Age is Here... Ready?

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Balaji Network State
Scott Galloway

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“I think it’s time to be optimistic…”

– Raoul Pal on The Exponential Age

We know things are broken, we know the traditional macro world is broken, but we’re seeing the new world developing,” Raoul said. “This is the new opportunity. The next 10 – 20 years is going to witness the exponential adoption of new technologies on a scale and pace at which the world has never seen.”

Yeah, it’s easier to be pessimistic…

And yeah, optimism doesn’t exactly sell “We’re all screwed” newsletters, or get you a clickbait headline on CNBC.

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Source: @pareekhjain, Feb 21 (Twitter)

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