Recession Watch

This Week on Real Vision

22 July 2019

The Interview

Dan Tapiero & Raoul Pal

Trade Ideas

Fahad Khalid

23 July 2019

The Interview

Russell Clark

The Interview

Glenn Reynolds & Vincent Catalano

Trade Ideas

John Jannarone

24 July 2019

The Interview

Josh Wolfe & Raoul Pal

Trade Ideas

Larry McDonald

25 July 2019

The Interview

Daniel Ruiz, Mark Hansen, Paul Hodges, Harris Kupperman, & Keith Jurow

The Interview

Shannon McConaghy

Technical Trader

Michael Oliver

26 July 2019

The Interview

Kiril Sokoloff & Raoul Pal

Trade Ideas

Craig Johnson

27 July 2019

Expert View

Raoul Pal

What I learned from Recession Watch.

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