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If you want to make serious money and protect your assets, then you need to think and invest like the best in the business.  At Real Vision we give you access to the most successful investors, hedge fund managers and traders, including Stanley F. Druckenmiller, Kyle Bass, Jeff Gundlach, Jim Grant, Mark Cuban, Jim Rogers and many more.

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The Kyle Bass Interviews

In this series, Kyle gives us a peek inside his unique information-gathering process and incredible rolodex.

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We investigate the biggest new investment trends to help you get in early and make the biggest returns

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Every weekday a Wall St. professional gives you a new and complete actionable trade idea.

Jim Grant Series

Legendary financial writer Jim Grant brings the biggest names to Real Vision in candid interviews.

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What’s better than one smart investor?  Three! Finance experts meet up to discuss market relevant topics.


Brilliant original thinkers who help you stretch your mind about the present and future investment ideas.

Expert View

Deep dive analysis from global experts exploring investment risks and opportunities.

Grant Williams In Conversation

Grant Williams visits the world’s greatest investors to mine their deepest insights about markets, finance, and life.

Stanley F. Druckenmiller Interview Highlights

You can make a case that we’re going to have a financial crisis bigger than the last one, because all they did was triple down on what, in my opinion, caused it. Who is the bogeyman this time?  There are zombies out there…will it affect the banking system this time…”

Probably since the 1800s, 1890s, this is the most disruptive economic period in history. But there’s hardly any bankruptcies.”

I like to buy, not in the zero inning and maybe not in the first inning, but no later than the second inning. And I don’t really want to pile on in the third or fourth or fifth inning.”

Because one of the more disturbing things that Powell said in Jackson Hole was his praising of Greenspan in the late 90s in my opinion, and by the way it’s all over the media, what a genius he was for not hiking and letting the thing run. In my opinion that was the original sin.”

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Institutional Investors, Thomson Reuters, CNN, The Economist, Yahoo Finance, Zero Hedge, The New York Times, MarketWatch, Business Insider, Fox Business News, WSJ, CNBC, CNN Money,