This Week on Real Vision

22 April 2019

Expert View

Sven Henrich

Sven Henrich makes the case that central banks will always come to the rescue of equity markets.

Trade Ideas

Joe Perry

The one thing

The Bullfighter's Lament featuring AK

23 April 2019

The Interview

Gerard Minack

Gerard Minack sits down with Matt Milsom to discuss equities, currencies, monetary policy and all things Aussie.

Trade Ideas

Craig Johnson

24 April 2019

Expert View

Keith Jurow

Keith Jurow explains the unseen risks in the housing market stemming from the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

Trade Ideas

Michael Gayed

Future Fears

Bill Janeway

25 April 2019

Investment Ideas

Marc Chandler

Currency guru Marc Chandler tells us where he sees opportunity in forex today.

Tech Trader

Steve Strazza

Trade Ideas

Kevin Smith

26 April 2019

The Interview

John Hempton

Famed short seller John Hempton on his recent shorts, his new longs, and Tesla.

Trade Ideas

Tavi Costa

Perfect Timing

David Hay

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