This Week on Gold vs. Bitcoin

14 October 2019

Expert View

Jim Grant

How extreme central bank interventions has set the stage for gold and bitcoin

15 October 2019

Expert View

Dan Tapiero

How gold and bitcoin fit into the macro framework

Trade Ideas

John Jannarone

16 October 2019

Expert View

Simon Mikhailovich

Gold: the history of money

Expert View

Robert Breedlove

Bitcoin: the history of money

17 October 2019

The Interview

Saifedean Ammous & Marty Bent

An academic look at Austrian economics

Expert View

Marin Katusa

A close look at resource exploration

Technical Trader

Louis Llanes

18 October 2019

Expert View

Meltem Demirors

The Interview

Raoul Pal & Plan B

Trade Ideas

John Kolovos

19 October 2019

Investment Ideas

David Rosenberg

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