Our Mission




After the crisis in 2008, people were left feeling betrayed because no one warned them what was about to happen.

  • The banks didn’t want to tell people what was going on because it was destabilizing.
  • The governments didn’t want to say anything because it would start a panic.
  • The financial media, who should have been there for us, filtered the information through sensationalist headlines and clickbait. (After all – they just want to sell advertising.)

As a result, many of us saw our friends and family lose their savings, jobs and businesses. It was devastating and people were angry.

But what has changed with the media?


Sensationalism and biased reporting is at an all-time high. The mistakes of 2008 have been forgotten in the relentless pursuit of ratings through attention-grabbing stories, no matter how inaccurate.

Financial news has continued to degenerate into attention-seeking sound bites that at best are of little value and at worst, downright dangerous.

By 2014, my colleagues and I had got sick and tired of the manipulation of the financial media, so we resolved to change it.

More than that, we wanted to completely disrupt it.

We started with three guiding principles:

  1. We needed to give our audience access to the very smartest brains in finance.
  2. We needed to give those clever people the freedom to say what they REALLY thought.
  3. We couldn’t be funded by advertising because that would make it just too hard to stay unbiased.

The result was Real Vision

It’s where we invite the world’s most successful investors to share their thoughts on video or written research about what’s happening in the markets.

Some people have described it as “TED Talks for Finance.”

Crucial to the success of Real Vision is the fact that it is funded through member subscriptions. This means there is no need to dance to the tune of advertisers or corporate sponsors.

Instead, the smartest brains in finance are free to say what they really think without needing to be sensationalist to drive ratings or be superficial to fit between commercial breaks. Funnily enough, this is also the key reason why so many of the smartest brains in finance choose to speak to Real Vision rather than more traditional financial media outlets.

Real Vision was set up to rebel against the bias and sensationalism of current financial media. This means transparency and honesty are in our DNA.

We seek only the very cleverest people in finance to appear on Real Vision. We give them the time to say what they think is most important, we actively encourage debate and we like contrarian opinions… as long as they’re underpinned by intelligent analysis.

Real Vision has become the place where world class experts in economics and finance have the freedom to say what they really think about the issues that really matter. There’s no political or economic agenda.

Our objective is to present the best analysis available and let you make up your own mind.