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What the hell is Real Vision?

Real Vision is an on-demand financial TV channel. You can watch it via your mobile, desktop or smart TV. (Just like Netflix)

New videos are released every day, giving you access to the most successful investors on the planet, hot new trade ideas, insight into the biggest investment themes and expert market analysis.

Who is on Real Vision?

We only allow the smartest investors and Traders on Real Vision.

We turn away more people than we accept on the channel.

How often is content added?

Multiple new videos are released every day.

These include everything from actionable trade ideas and big new investment themes to market-relevant documentaries to expert perspectives.

We cover all asset classes and financial topics, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

We will continually be adding and evolving shows to broaden the scope of the product and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

What do I get with a Real Vision Subscription?

Real Vision is on a mission to be the world’s best source of investment analysis and trade ideas.

There are six things that make Real Vision better than anything else you are used to:

We give you access to the greatest investors in the world – people such as Kyle Bass, Jim Rogers, Jeff Gundlach, Mark Yusko, Rick Rule, Jim Grant, Jim Chanos, and on and on.

Every single weekday of the year you get a fully explained, complete and actionable trade idea from a Wall St. professional.

We get you ahead of the biggest and hottest new investment themes with deep dive analysis by the most respected experts in each sector.

We have no bias or agenda. We bring together Bulls and the Bears to look at every investment opportunity from all angles.

We charge an annual subscription, so we don’t have to resort to clickbait or sensationalism to please advertisers.

We are on-demand, so just like Netflix, you can watch what you want, when you want and across any device from mobile to desktop to smart TV.

Why do I need Real Vision?

Because who wouldn’t want to know what the best investors on the planet are thinking?

It can help you make better investment decisions.

Real Vision aims to democratize quality financial research so that everyone, not just the financial elite, can get the honest truth about what’s really going on in the financial markets.

If you’re a retail investor, hedge fund manager, trader, broker, CFA Candidate/Charterholder or economics student, Real Vision will help you to manage investments, identify trade ideas, learn economic tactics and leverage market opportunities.

How Much Does It Cost?

An annual subscription to Real Vision is US$180.

Our subscribers often comment that just watching one of our videos is worth the annual subscription fee because of the return on investments they’ve made as a result.

A one-off payment is made, through our secure online portal, at the start of your subscription.

We also offer discount pricing for CFA Candidates and Charterholders who get an annual subscription for just $160 (you can earn CE credits for watching our content).

How Long is the Free Trial?

On our trial, you can binge-watch Real Vision free for 14 days to get a taste for our content and service.

You will have full access to the entire platform and all the features during your trial period.

Card details are required to start your free trial, but no payment will be taken until the end of the 14th day, at which point your card will be processed for the annual subscription fee of US$180.

If you decide not to continue with your subscription, you can cancel at any time before the end of your trial without having to contact us directly. You simply go to the ‘My Account’ section on your Real Vision dashboard.

How do I Cancel My Free 14-Day Trial?

Your first two weeks of Real Vision are free and can be cancelled at any time by going to the ‘My Account’ page when you’re logged in.  Once your trial ends, no payment will be taken if you have cancelled the subscription.

Where can I watch it?

You can watch Real Vision anywhere, anytime.  From our website to our iOS and Android apps, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Roku.

You can also watch on multiple devices, though only one device can be logged in at a time. Once you log in from a new device, the last device you used will be automatically logged out to protect your privacy.

How do I get in touch?

Whether you’re just browsing, a paying customer, a corporation or media house, we would love to hear from you.  Drop us an email at:


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