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Oligopolies often have strict market parameters that prevent new players from entering the market, which limits competition. In an oligopoly, no one firm dominates the market. Instead, two or more firms share access to the market, which often leads to higher prices and less industry innovation.

Monetary policy is the underpinning of any nation’s economy and its impact affects everyone, from large corporations to consumers.

Real Vision members loved the series, so — given current market conditions — we thought we’d share some of the key takeaways.

Gold was a popular medium of exchange in the past, and it was super effective as a store of value. Although many things have changed, financial analysts and investors are still interested in the gold standard.

The concept of Fitness Finance has taken off the moment it hit the market. The possibility to earn crypto while working out blew people’s minds and attracted a large number of users to the space.

Ultra combines traditional gaming services with blockchain technology that allows it to offer both gamers and developers a higher degree of autonomy.

With the crypto space still growing out of its infancy and largely unregulated, investors need protection for their investments. This is where cryptocurrency insurance enters the picture.

It’s been an incredibly difficult week for crypto, as total market value plunged below $1 trillion with multiple big names in the space making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

With the advent of blockchain technology, another technology has gained popularity: smart contracts. A smart contract is a self-executing contract in which the contents of the agreement are written directly into the lines of code.

Ethereum killers are alternative open-source blockchains that seek to solve Ethereum’s current shortcomings, like exorbitantly high gas fees and the low number of transactions per second the blockchain is able to process.


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