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Proof-of-Stake is becoming more prevalent as a consensus mechanism in the cryptocurrency world. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and are there downsides? Full deep dive here.

A dead cat bounce is a temporary recovery in asset prices in a secular downtrend or bear market. This price rally is usually brief and within a more prolonged technical decline. It reverses, allowing the bear market to continue.

In the world of crypto assets, PoW is a consensus mechanism that is used in blockchains. Through a process called mining, PoW is used to create new blocks, thereby establishing an ongoing transaction history that prevents double-spending. Its primary purpose is to uphold the cryptocurrency’s network integrity and security.

You will often see online messages and articles talking up the benefits of buying the dip, but is it a good investment strategy? Learn more about this phrase and what it means in practical terms.

A bear trap is common when trading various assets such as stocks, currencies, and commodities. It’s a technical pattern where the price dips or starts falling, then quickly reverses upwards.

A week ago everything changed here at Real Vision as we launched The Real Investing Course, which is part of the new Real Vision Academy. We want to take you behind the curtain to show you how it changes the game for investors.

The concept of the metaverse has risen to prominence, even though it’s not a new term in the tech and gaming worlds. This newly found popularity could be attributed to the rise of blockchain technology, which has made it possible for investors to own virtual land and other goods in the metaverse.

The Taylor rule is a valuable predictive tool for setting the Fed fund rate targets. Despite its limitations, such as the zero-bound, it helps policymakers adjust interest rates to inflation and economic growth changes.

Real Vision today launched The Real Investing Course, a new online learning experience that helps people become better investors – in less than 10 hours.

SBTs’ potential to shake up how things are done in Web3 is truly exciting. Linking SBTs and individual souls leads to more transparency and lower transaction costs, enabling use cases that have so far been barely achievable at scale (like uncollateralized lending).


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