Kiril Sokoloff

Chairman and founder of 13D Research and Strategy

Kiril Sokoloff is a global investment strategist and thought leader who has been an advisor to many of the largest pools of global capital for over 30 years. He is the Chairman and Founder of 13D Research, Inc., an independent institutional global research firm.

Who is…

  • Under Kiril’s leadership, 13D Research has a nearly 40-year track record of detecting changes that will impact businesses and investments around the world, interpreting agnostically what the markets are telling us, and applying a unique and open perspective to finding investment opportunities for clients.
  • 13D Research publishes English-language and Mandarin Chinese international weekly newsletters, which have a global following of institutional investors, political leaders, and corporate executives.
  • Kiril also publishes What Are The Markets Telling Us (WATMTU), a weekly compilation of chart analysis focused on intermediate- and long-term market trends.
  • Kiril has authored several books including: Street Smart Investing (1984), Is Inflation Ending? Are you Ready? (1983) and Thinking Investor’s Guide to the Stock Market (1978).

Kiril Sokoloff on Real Vision

Who is Kiril Sokoloff?

Kiril Sokoloff is one of the most sought-after independent thinkers and strategists on Wall Street. He has been involved in almost every aspect of finance, from hedge fund management to venture capital to private equity investment. Unafraid to take extreme views, he forecasted the five great secular trends of the last 40 years that have defined investment performance and business opportunity.

What is he known for?

Kiril is known for his prescient ideas and literary sensibility. Focusing on emotions and instinct, he tries to pinpoint important anomalies that signal secular shifts across politics, economics, markets and history. He has famously called the big shifts in the world over several decades, from the growth of post-Tiananmen China to the rise of the tech sector in the mid-1990s.

Kiril was one of the first foreign professional investors to invest in Hong Kong, opening an office there in 1992, which introduced many of the largest money management firms in the U.S. to the historic investment opportunity in Hong Kong/China.

In 1994, he cofounded one of the first pure technology funds. Kiril fully understood how significant the rise of the Internet and ecommerce would be to the world and advised his clients to go big in tech. He resigned the fund later that decade as he thought price increases, speculation, and complacency had reached a dangerous level.

Kiril’s current prediction, which he named in 2015, is that “the last will be first.” He believes the market losers from the deflationary era that started in 2008 or 2011—including emerging-markets, currencies, commodities, commodity stocks—will become the new winners, while the winners from that period will be the new losers. His view is that these trends could accelerate sharply if/when the U.S. dollar finally peaks and the euro bottoms.

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