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Don't F*ck This Alts Memes NFTs Up

18-19 April 2024
Online, Wherever You Are


Crypto Summer is here… Time to get the sunscamscreen out(!)

We (Real Vision) have partnered with leading crypto exchange Kraken to bring you a timely and actionable online festival to help us all not f*ck this up.

This 2-day online experience will help you navigate the opportunities and risks in digital assets, with a special focus on alts, memecoins, and NFTs.

Some of the many things you will learn:

  • A macro big-picture update from Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal
  • How to be security-smart in the current crypto era
  • Takeaways from a no-holds-barred case study on creating a meme coin
  • 3 ways to invest in the Solana wave
  • Biggest f*ck-ups shared by pros in the space
  • And more

Oh and an important point: this Festival of Learning is completely free.

Extraordinary! World-class applied experience being articulated from some of the most elite people in finance. Nothing remotely like this or even a fraction of it available anywhere in the world.

— Shane T.

Take a bow Raoul and Team Real Vision… felt like a fanboy at a comic con. This has been by far the most edutaining conference I’ve attended, virtual or otherwise.

— Bhaya V.






Of attendees


To join






Of attendees


To join

The Line-Up

Raoul Pal

CEO & Co-founder
Real Vision

Sergio 'Sergito' Silva

Overpass Ventures

Kevin Kelly

Delphi Digital

Josh 'CarpeNoctom' Olszewicz

Market Analyst & Trader

Ovie 'OSF' Faruq


Michael 'Mando' Anderson


Ryan 'chamberofx' Chamberlain

$DFTU Team Member

Money Penny

$DFTU Team Member

Aiden Rich

$DFTU Team Member

Maura Clark

$DFTU Team Member

Thomas Perfumo

Head of Strategy

Ash Bennington

Senior Host & Editor
Real Vision

Nico Brugge

Senior Executive Producer
Real Vision

The Agenda

Day 1

Thursday, April 18

  • The Crypto Big Picture (10am ET)
    With Raoul Pal
  • 3 Ideas: Solana Edition (12pm ET)
    Sergio ‘Sergito’ Silva, with Ash Bennington
  • Wait, But How Do I Do Technical Analysis (1:30pm ET)
    Episode One of Crypto Academy Series 2 with Josh ‘CarpeNoctom’ Olszewicz

Day 2

Friday, April 19

  • My Biggest Crypto F*ck-Up (10am ET)
    Sergio ‘Sergito’ Silva and Kevin Kelly, with Nico Brugge
  • The Degen Trade Doctor (11:30am ET)
    Ovie ‘OSF’ Faruq and Michael ‘Mando’ Anderson, with Samuel Burke
  • How to Create a Meme Coin (1pm ET)
    The $DFTU Team, with Ash Bennington
  • The Future of Centralized Exchanges, with Kraken (2:30pm ET)
    Thomas Perfumo, with Ash Bennington

Who is the Festival of Learning for?

Anyone who’s keen not to f*ck this up this crypto cycle.

This event is curated with a particular focus on those beginning their digital assets journey. But as ever in this space, we’re all learners. So this event is a good fit for:

The Curious

You’ve heard about digital assets beyond BTC and ETH, but you’re not quite sure what all the fuss is about, how they work, and whether they’re all just digital Beanie Babies. But your interest is piqued enough to find out…

This event will give you a crash course in the basics and the wider macro landscape, to help you understand what’s happening, how, and why it matters.

The Beginner

You may have already started investing in digital assets. Maybe you jumped in headfirst in the last big wave, or have been dipping your toe in gradually over time. Either way, before the next big wave you want to learn more about it all.

This event will teach you everything you need to know, from how to secure your assets to what’s happening on Solana to how to start with technical analysis, and more.

The Enthusiast

You’re a digital assets aficionado, but you want to stay up to date on what’s happening right now, you’re keen to improve your technical analysis skills, and you’re always looking for deep-dive conversations that matter rather than the surface-level headlines.

Oh, and you also want actionable investment ideas in the space beyond BTC and ETH.

Enter your email. Get your ticket.

Don't F*ck This Alts, Memes, and NFTs Up

Festival of Learning on April 18-19.

Price: 0 USD

You’ll also get access to Real Vision’s free membership, which includes:

  • In-depth video interviews, expert analysis and discussions
  • Note-taking to record your learnings
  • RV Bot — Your oracle of financial definitions and knowledge

Previously, a ticket for the Festival of Learning cost $399 — and that was not expensive for the sheer wall of value we hit you with.

This year, we’re keeping the value but getting rid of the price.

So you’ll get live access to all of this for free:

  • Full live access to 2 days of sessions — October 12 & 13
  • Networking fun in the live chat and Festival of Learning Discord channels
  • Live Q&A
  • Access to recorded sessions for 30 days
  • Invitation to the Real Vision x Ledger Quest
  • Limited-time access to the new Real Vision platform

Your ticket is included with your Real Vision membersip.

Keep an eye on your inbox and for how to access the event.

What the Hive Mind Say

“I’ve been a RV subscriber for years now… this was the most insightful festival or learning experience!!! It’s like knowledge on steroids!”

Alberto A.

“I’m a trader from Dallas. I bought the RV Pro membership and have learned so much… I loved the Festival of Learning.”

Kevin M.

“Take a bow Raoul and Team Real Vision… felt like a fanboy at a comic con. This has been by far the most edutaining conference I’ve attended, virtual or otherwise.”

Bhavya V.

“Amazing line-up! This is a game-changer — and for everybody to access, not just institutional investors — really a disruption.”

Stefano S.

“Thank you to everyone who made this an unbelievable event. More knowledge share than anywhere else on the planet…”

Kevin H.

“Great conversation. I love hearing from people with some chips in the game with serious experience! Thanks RV!”

Oliver M.

“I’ve found more educational value in the Crypto Gathering and Festival of Learning than I did in entire college semesters.”


“Congratulations Real Vision!! This was an absolutely and incredibly mind-blowing last few days… really exciting and inspiring.”

Benjamin E.

“Real Vision, Raoul, I’m supposed to be working but I spent the entire day listening to this amazing set of speakers. Bravo to you sirs.”


About Real Vision

Real Vision is a financial knowledge and education platform that’s brought truth to finance since 2014.

We help our members with the knowledge, the tools, and the network to succeed on their financial journey.

We bring you honest financial insights from the smartest industry experts, along with time-efficient market tools, an AI concierge, charting, note-taking, and access to a powerful community of like-minded investors and thinkers.

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About Kraken

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a crypto-beginner, Kraken gives you the power to chart your own financial course. Our exchange has an ever-growing number of cryptocurrency pairs for you to invest in and a slew of tools and features for you to leverage as you grow your portfolio.

From over-the-counter trading to personalized white-glove account management, Kraken is the premier cryptocurrency investing solution for institutions of all sizes. We offer exceptional liquidity and competitive pricing for all our markets so you can achieve your investment goals quickly and confidently.


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